Where Does Donald Trump Find the Most Support?

According to 24/7 Wall St.com the 10 states with the Most Hate Groups are:

  1. Louisiana
  2. Virginia
  3. Kentucky
  4. Alabama
  5. South Carolina
  6. Tennessee
  7. New Jersey
  8. Idaho
  9. Arkansas
  10. Mississippi

Then there are the top 10 states with the most gun violence:

  1. Tennessee
  2. New Mexico
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Wyoming
  5. Arkansas
  6. Montana
  7. Alabama
  8. Mississippi
  9. Louisiana
  10. Alaska

How many of those states, according to Nate Silver’s Forecast on FiveThirtyEight.com (on 10-8 @ 9:46 a.m.) support Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton and what are the odds.

Only New Jersey (95.9 percent to 4.1 percent for Donald Trump), New Mexico (93 percent to 6.2 percent for Trump), and Virgina (90.1 percent to 9.1 percent for Trump) are forecast to support Hillary Clinton.

The rest of the top 10 most racist and gun violent states are all solidly behind Donald Trump helping explain why they support this racist, bully, misogynistic, serial liar, and fraud.

  1. Alaska (71.8 percent) and Mississippi (94.1 percent)
  2. Louisiana (96 percent) and Arkansas (98 percent)
  3. Mississippi (see 1st place) and Idaho (98.8 percent)
  4. Alabama (99.6 percent)
  5. Montana (98 percent) and Tennessee (96.3 percent)
  6. Arkansas (see 2nd place) and South Carolina (86.1 percent)
  7. Wyoming (98 percent) and Alabama (see 4th place)
  8. Oklahoma (99.3 percent) and Kentucky (96.6 percent)
  9. Both New Mexico and Virginia are forecast to support Hillary Clinton
  10. Tennessee (see 5th place) and Louisiana (see 2nd place)

What about the ten most uneducated states? For that answer I take you back to 24/7 WallSt.com.

Starting with last place:

  1. West Virginia (the forecast is 99.1 percent for Trump)
    49. Mississippi (the forecast is 95.1 percent for Trump)
    48. Arkansas (the forecast is 98 percent for Trump)
    47. Kentucky (the forecast is 96.6 percent for Trump)
    46. Louisiana (the forecast is 96 percent for Trump)
    45. Nevada (the forecast is 31.2 percent for Trump)
    44. Alabama (the forecast is 99.6 percent for Trump)
    43. Oklahoma (the forecast is 99.3 percent for Trump)
    42. Indiana (the forecast is 89.1 percent for Trump)
    41. Idaho (the forecast is 98.9 percent for Trump)

Now that you have these facts, what do you think the reason is that Trump has so much support in most of these top ten most violent, most racist and least educated states?


Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran, with a BA in journalism and an MFA in writing, who taught in the public schools for thirty years (1975 – 2005).

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2 thoughts on “Where Does Donald Trump Find the Most Support?

  1. Although what you have researched is obvious, it must be said over and over. Those who support him are ignorant haters of everyone who they feel are different from them. Instead of understanding the real reasons for America’s problems, they focus on blaming scapegoats–Illegals (they took my job), Muslims (all terrorists), gays (all pedophiles), castrating women (also took my job), and Planned Parenthood (they are going to kill my baby). This is about 40 percent of America and we must stop them from ever getting control of our government. Trumps playbook was done before. This original book should be read by these fools–Mein Kampf.

    • I agree that many of Trump’s supporters are what you describe, but Pew Research reports that 53 percent of the voters who say they are voting for Trump claim they aren’t voting for him but they’re voting against Hillary Clinton. I think that 53 percent is lying to themselves.

      An odd way of reasoning, I know. Maybe they are using this flawed logic to excuse themselves for voting for a fraud, a con-man, a psychopath, a bully, A super narcissist, a misogynist, a racist, a want-to-be dictator, a pervert, a sexist, a serial liar, etc.

      For instance, an old friend of mind that I don’t communicate with much anymore because he became a preaching, far-right, born-again, fundamentalist Christian, Liberation sent me an e-mail pointing out all the horrible things about Trump listed above, but he ended by saying he’ll vote for him anyway to vote against Hillary. I replied and said why not vote for Johnson. He’s a libertarian like you. He said he didn’t want to throw his vote away. I pointed out that he lived in California and Trump had less than a 1 percent change of winning California according to the Forecasts. If you don’t vote for Johnson, I wrote, you will miss the chance to make a statement. He didn’t reply.


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