The Infected Republican Party

I’ve been asking myself for several years if insanity is contagious like a bacterial or virus infection (COVID, Polio, HIV, et al), so I decided to find out.

And, here’s what I learned today. “Recent studies in the medical literature conclude that mental health may be highly contagious, much like infectious diseases.” – National Library of Medicine, October 2012.

Yes, you read that right. The mental health community has known for about a decade that mental health may be highly contagious, and now we have proof that it is extremely malignant.

The epicenter of this specific contagious mental disease that has infected about half of Republican voters can be traced back to June 16, 2015, when Traitor Trump rode down a golden escalator and announced he was running for president.

The Guardian reported on that moment when the traitor said the first lie of his campaign followed by an endless stream of lies that haven’t stopped yet. 

“Four years ago, on 16 June 2015, after Trump had slowly descended a golden escalator to the basement of his eponymous New York tower, he clambered on to a makeshift stage and began his announcement speech.

“Wow. Woah. That is some group of people. Thousands!” Trump said, looking out towards a bank of TV cameras.

“Except that’s not how people who were there remember it.

“There were a few dozen people lining the area leading down to the escalator, and then there were a couple dozen downstairs where the event actually took place,” said Alana Wise, who covered the campaign launch for Reuters news agency.”

I think it’s safe to say that the traitor lies to himself and the public daily and never misses an opportunity to lie. Those lies are the virus spreading this traitor’s mental insanity.

It’s now been almost 7 years since Traitor Trump started to spread his specific strain of insanity beyond his family and those that worked for him, and so far, that traitor has infecting 20 – 30 million Americans.

If I listed all the known, documented symptoms of this specific mental plague I’d be sitting here for hours, so I decided to keep it simple.

The basic symptoms of the infected: they still believe Traitor Trump’s Big Lie that he won the 2020 election and President Biden cheated, and/or they will vote for the traitor if he runs for president in 2024.

I also decided to call the traitor’s contagious mental illness Fac America Magna Iterum Insania (Latin). If you have a better idea, please share it in a comment.


9 responses to “The Infected Republican Party”

  1. If it weren’t so difficult to read I’d reblog it. (The green and tiny type and old age)

    1. What size screen do you have? It is possible to increase the size of text on most if not all devices even smart phones. If you don’t know how to do it on your device, you may find a video on YouTube where someone will show you how. It’s amazing how much help I get from YouTubers.

      Since I’m nearing 77, my eyes have the same challenges with tiny type, so I got really large screens (three) and enlarge the the images until the text is huge and easy to read.

      1. I’m swamped and I’ll forget how right away. But you may want to reconsider the dark green background. Great post.

      2. I will attempt to make the print larger. I have never learned how to use WordPress’s new confusing (to me) block editor properly, and that confusion has drastically cut back on the number of blog posts I’m publishing these days. I despise the block editor and it isn’t as if I didn’t try to learn how. I lost count of the number of videos I’ve watched and the time I’ve lost.

        I do not think the Block Editor is easier to use than the former editor WordPress had, the one I learned how to use more than a decade ago when my aging mind was more flexible to learn new things.

      3. Well, now I’m stressed, frustrated and tense again with this “STUPID” block editor (that’s what I think) after getting nowhere while looking for how to change the font and make it larger and not finding how to do it easily. Doing that simple task was so easy in the old editing program.

    2. Dear Lloyd and Nan,

      On the whole, the sobering implications of the current state of affairs whose chaos and disruptions are very topical areas for exploring the many outstanding tensions between (the sociopsychological states of) sanity/stability and insanity/instability, affecting not just reproductive freedoms but also the very existence and survival of humanity. There is plenty to explore regarding the escalating conflicts between the two major parties. Any reasonable and discerning person can conclude that the USA has been plagued by ignorance, dogma, falsity, blind faith, spiritual stagnation and epistemological impasse . . . . .

      Apart from what you have discussed in your post, even just the fallouts of the main event regarding the SCOTUS’ decisions on abortion and its striking down Roe v. Wade can have various implications and ramifications for the following:

      Reproductive freedoms…
      LGBTQ freedoms…
      Contraceptive freedoms…
      Migrants freedoms…
      The freedom of liberty (common sense gun safety, and police reform)…
      The right to vote…

      We have been witnessing so clearly the insidious nature of Trumpism, Machiavellian conservatism and inimical illiberalism perverting democracy for nefarious purposes and for justifying, obfuscating or muddying the waters of systemic sexism, racism, historical negationism, discrimination, marginalization and curtailment of civil rights. Given your position and concerns, you are hereby invited to peruse my latest post entitled “🏛️⚖️ The Facile and Labile Nature of Law: Beyond the Supreme Court and Its Ruling on Controversial Matters 🗽🗳️🔫🤰🧑‍🤝‍🧑💉“, as I am certainly very keen and curious about what you will make of my said post published at

      Wishing both of you a wonderfully productive August doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most!

      Yours sincerely,

    3. Dear Lloyd and Nan,

      Continuing from my previous comment, without proper education, the overall situation and trajectory of democracy and humanity seem to be rather bleak, and even science and politics can provide little comfort in reducing the severity and frequency of some of those outstanding issues, for there are two major Achilles’ heels: Viral Falsity and Paleolithic Emotions. In addition, my own multidisciplinary perspective proposes that four of the most insidious and corrosive conditions have exacerbated these issues dramatically:

      (1) The prevailing anti-intellectualism
      (2) The cult of anti-expertise sentiment
      (3) The politicization of science
      (4) The prevalent manifestation of populism

      You are welcome to find out much more about these four conditions at my extensive and analytical post entitled “Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity“, which has been revamped and which you can easily locate from the Home page of my blog. The post deals with untruth-oriented epistemology, social epistemology, the media landscape and information ecosystem, as well as a large series of detailed discussions and analyses (distributed over twelve sections, each of which is instantly accessible via a navigational menu) in the domains of Behavioural Science, Cognitive Science, Critical Thinking, Cultural Studies, Environmentalism, Epistemology, Ethics, Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology, History, Human Nature, Information Science, Journalism, Logic, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Media and Social Science. I welcome your feedback there, as I am certainly very keen and curious about what you will make of my said post.

      Gathering all the diverse and important strands together in the grand finale of the said post, I have attempted to sum up and reflect deeply the state of affairs with hard truths, especially in the twelfth and last section named “Denouement: Democracy, Education, Legislation & Sustainability“, which even gives a very dire warning of what humanity is heading towards if there is still no concerted, meaningful and large-scale change for the better.

      Now, regarding the aforementioned Paleolithic Emotions, it pertains to one of the most important and crucial life lessons involving the awareness of and willingness in availing oneself to explore and understand as much as possible the complex issues that We have Paleolithic Emotions; Medieval Institutions; and God-like Technology, as discussed in great detail in my other expansive post available at

      I welcome your input and feedback in these two aforementioned posts, as well as the other one mentioned in my previous comment. Please enjoy!

      Yours sincerely,

      1. Thank you. I’m swamped at this time but plan to read your posts when time permits.

      2. I do believe that we are on he same side! Smile

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