The Kremlin’s Agent Orange Donald Trump wants to execute all drug dealers

Trump has already fired his first “PURGE” round. He wants to execute all the drug dealers in the U.S. (not mentioned is that fact that Mao did this to end drug use in China – under Mao, over a million alleged drug dealers were rounded up and executed without a trial in a 24 hour period. All alleged drug users, the clients of those alleged drug dealers, were sent to special camps to dry out knowing that if they didn’t, they would also be executed).

In the next video, does this mean that Trump would be willing to execute the Sackler family that has been linked to the opioid crises in the US?

Forbes estimates that the combined value of the drug operations, as well as accumulated dividends over the years, puts the Sackler family’s net worth at a conservative $14 billion.  Richard Sacker had donated money to a neoconservative think tank called the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

On October 30, 2017, The New Yorker published a multi-page exposé on Raymond Sackler, Purdue Pharma, and the Sackler family as a whole. The article linked Raymond and Arthur Sackler’s business acumen with the rise of direct pharmaceutical marketing and eventually to the rise of addiction to OxyContin in the United States. The article implied that Raymond Sackler bears some moral responsibility for the opioid epidemic in the United States.

Discover more about the Sackler family:

Does Donald Trump know anything about what the U.S. Constitution says about due process rights? The Fifth Amendment says to the federal government that no one shall be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, uses the same eleven words, called the Due Process Clause, to describe a legal obligation of all states.

In other words, ending up on a list that alleges you are a drug dealer is not enough evidence to get you executed.

Due process means “fair treatment through the normal judicial system.”


Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam combat veteran with a BA in journalism and an MFA in writing, who taught in the public schools for thirty years (1975 – 2005).

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126 responses to “The Kremlin’s Agent Orange Donald Trump wants to execute all drug dealers”

  1. No man is an island definition. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. ???????
    Meaning for me ( ?

    1. That’s about right. Even though a few try to live in isoaltion, it’s pretty much impossible.

      1. Where you could go if you where me ?
        I’m not sure if I understand that

      2. I can’t be you. Only you can be you. What I’m doing for me is focusing during daily mediation to accept that there are things in the world, like Donald Trump, that I can’t change by myself. As one element of many (there are tens of millions of us that despise the Donald) I do what I can to stop the spread of evil represented by the Donald Trumps of this world, and this evil is legion. Only by working with the many can we stop few that are evil.

      3. etaphor?
        Metaphor – “No man is an island, entire of itself.” This line compares a man to an island. Saying one can thrive on their own, without other people one man cannot achieve anything. … Metaphor – “Each is a piece of the continent.

        Meaning for me ?

      4. Jun 24, 2016 · Donne’s “Meditation 17” is one of a series of essays he wrote when he was seriously ill in the winter of 1623, and has since been popularly remembered for one excerpt: No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, … In his meditation on death, Donne writes that all beings are one with God.

        Lloyd I like this , do you like it to ?

      5. I don’t think of this concept as something that I like or dislike. It is something to learn from — that he thought this means we are not alone because we can also think what he was thinking. Instead, I focus on the journey I’m and accept that all the other individuals are on their journies too. We all have something in common because we are all on a journey. That’s why no one is alone even though we are alone because no mortal can crawl inside our skin and become one with us. But we are also not alone of we accept that there is an immortal creature out there watching us during our journeys. Religions call that creature God. I don’t think we need a religion to tell us who God is. We can discover that on our own during our journey if we accept the fact that God is with all of us. God is not a religion and that is why I reject all religions and cults but accept that God is out there.

      6. That is what talking about it , I know you believe in God and the fact is that you have been doing a lot more than you know, because only God knows more than you and you should know what you have been done , for others and I

      7. Kim’s Message for Trump: China Is Back on Our Side – Bloomberg

      8. That’s the simple translation, but knowing a little about how the Chinese think, it is more complex than that. China has never been on anyone’s side. China is on its own side and it will flow in the direction that benefits it most. Right now, thanks to Trump and the Republuican Party, the US is caustic, poisionous and the entire world is starting to notice and many are turning away from the inssnr asylum called the United States where the inmates are in charge — not the doctors and guards.

      9. Trump, like the Nero myth of fiddling while Rome burns, is also fiddling. but Trump fiddles with pornstars and his ignorance based insanity dreams of America burning.

      10. Lloyd .
        Good morning , I remember you told me the more you read , the more you learn ,,,,,,
        Please Lloyd I cannot find your complete sentences

      11. I think that’s about it. I don’t remember anything else about that one.

      12. Wait, I think this is the rest of it. The more you learn, the more you are aware of what you don’t know. No matter how much we read and how much we learn, What we know is like 1 percent of the total. Imagine what it is like to be a person that doesn’t even know one-tenth of one percent of the total. This is Trump and the people that blindly support him no matter what he says or does.

      13. Lloyd your too much ! But I think the original quote from you was, the more you read, the more you learn because when you think you know everything, you will stop studying or reading and we are going to end up being stupid. (Remember that Trump doesn’t read a lot) for that reason, he cannot learn much about running the country 🤷🏻‍♂️

      14. Trump is the perfect anti-roll model for ignorance and arrogance. A turd has more compassion then he has. His greed has no limits. He is a bully and his mouth spouts endless verbal diarrhea.


        Lloyd almost I get recruited by ANWAY I won’t be part of the pirámide , DeVos no way Lloyd I won’t even read this ,,,

      16. I highly recommend USANA. Even though I haven’t worked to recruit people for my USANA business, I still take the product because it’s that good and USANA still pays my for the downline of associates and preferred customers I built more than sixteen years ago when I stopped working it.

      17. Interesting Lloyd , please Lloyd can you tell a little bit about the USANA business, I’m pretty sure you have good product but I would like to learn more about it .
        Thanks very much Lloyd you always very kind person. I appreciate it!
        Who that work Lloyd ? Please can you send me a little more details?
        Have a good night Lloyd , I’m sorry I replay late I was seated with some people’s talking about the way to make a group of friends and family to join us to propuse give advices to parents to protect the public schools plus provide ? Spread how the Charters Schools are a bad choice, I have to much information to help people, I learn how those corporations- business fraudulent work , I don’t have money , I have something equal the knowledge and if I go with wisdom, Oh money it’s not going be never compare with wisdom , you are Wise and smart , May God bless your life Lloyd.
        We are blessed to have you, Worldpress with our you it’s not Worldpress, Diane should be very happy with you 🙂
        You are unique and people knows that,,,

      18. USANA develops (With their own scientists and research), produces and distributes nutritional products for the body and skin. The company is headquartered near Salt Lake City. I’ve toured their main plant. They also have plants in other areas of the world because they do business all over the world, even mainland China and Taiwan. Their unique nutritional products are pharmaceutical grade. That means the production quality is the same as the medications doctors prescribe.

        USANA is a network marketing company but if someone only wants to use the products, they don’t have to become a sales associate with their own business that sells USANA’s products. They can become a preferred customer. Although I stopped working my USANA business about 16 years ago, I have kept taking the products because I think they are that good. In fact, when my mother was alive, I bought the Essential for her and I still buy some of the USANA products my 85-year-old sister takes so she can afford them. She didn’t want to sell USANA so she is a preferred customer but on her limited retirement income, she couldn’t afford to buy what she wanted so I make up the difference and pay for some of what she uses. I also still pay for the USANA my previous wife still takes. We’ve been divorced since 2105 and I still pay for her USANA because we are friends and i want her to be healthy.

        IF you are interested to learn more, click the link and explore all the info USANA offers at their site.

        Click to access CA-ENJumpstartMag.pdf

      19. Lloyd thanks very much I appreciate it a lot , Lloyd I am sure that the product is of the highest quality, because you have been using it for 16 years. wow, as well your sister and your lovely mother, and your ex-wife , I’m impressed by your kindness and if you show it, since 2015 you get divorced and still you care about her, you born to help becsuse you have been helping me with priceless information, Thanks Lloyd, I will open the link to read about USANA.

      20. I started using USANA in 1997. It’s been 16 years since I worked the business as an associate.

      21. Hello Lloyd , I’m going through a lot of stress since I start learning how Charters schools work , I start very agresiva legally , until my Lawyer let me down and never refund my money after he discontinued the case to get rid of the huge problem I know he back up after he found out that the defenders ( Chairs of Owners ) the Mayor city as well many others public figures , as soon I revived the letter from my Lawyer , I start as Pro-se , I complain at the Charter Pius Clildren and Famiky as well the city of hialeah for bee conected they atack me as I was the problem, I was very upset to the point where I spend all my recourse to show them that thet are the problem, now I’m in the situation where my back Acount balance most of the time is with a couples dollars , but well that is not the big deal because I have inside a very stressful situation where I can beat then in court or start a new way of making money because I need cameras , to protect my house plus , I’m thinking to start a healthy diet with supplements from USANA .
        I need some vitamins or something that help my nerves sistem came back as much as posible to get rid of this PTSD
        Well I was diagnosed with PTSD after this huge storm, The Insider Movie , the bloger expose corruption and I did the education is inside of Corruption individuals such of the Gánster of the tabacalera industry used his Connection and abuse of power to stop the por Father that loss everything even he get paid nothing ( no employment )
        The same situation I going through I meet to start a new life 1- no stress
        2- No worries
        3- Keep moving with this huge case
        I think I should start a new way to get mentally Stringer , I need a good nutrition, let’s see how I can get strong enough to be as I was before I start to expose those Individuals frauds , crimes etc , agains students, tax-payer money and that affect everything,
        The product I need , the supplement need the best natural ingredients to make me focus better , stay calm and learn how to manage my disorder , I cannot wait to start because there is a ot OF thing I have to keep in this area , I have been reached my you , to the point where I can start a new project or something like Suport the students and parents ,

      22. Nutrition, no matter how high the quality and science is behind it, isn’t a magic pill. Dr. Wentz, USANA’s founder had said that supplements are just one corner for balanced health.

        1. healthy lifestyle (healthy food and lots of water) It helps to know what a healthy diet really means. For instance, if I continued to eat what I did as a teenager, I’d probably be dead now.

        2. manage stress and reduce it as much as possible: through a variety of strategies: yoga, meditation, mindfulness’s, and the right kind of music (I like all of Grace VanderWaal’s music and all of Missy Higgins work, some of Ed Sheeran and some of Taylor Swift but not all of theirs). The VA has done research with music and discovered that “the right” music changed the chemistry in the brain that helps but “the right” music for one person might not work for another

        3. regular exercise with weights, aerobics, bicycle, walking …

        4. then supplements might help.

        Here are three that work for me.

        I exercise 30 minuted to 2 hours every day. I start my day with music from Grace and end it with music from her and others before I sleep.

        And I don’t want to leave out Camila Cabello and “Havana”. Pay attention to the guy with the trumpet. The pretty girls can cause a guy to miss what he’s doing in the background.

      23. The stress disorder and pressure is not necessary if I can replace it , PTSD many veterans are inside that disorder , how can I know how to handle and came back .
        I appreciate your kindness

      24. That four-part list is what most combat vets do to deal with their PTSD — at least those that are making an effort to cotnrol their own PTSD instead of letting it control them.


        Lloyd I appreciate this. Now I discovered with Lloyd. I have good judgement, thanks Jehovah God and Jesus, you fill my expectations on what a friend should look like. You benefit me and many people.

      26. “It’s obvious that no matter how old men are, they go after younger women,” and “The higher a man’s salary, the more women will like him.”

        Brad is one of my best friends and Brad was fooled by a Younger women , sadly Brad not only loss a lot of money , loss his Lawyer license , loss a restaurant, after he fall in love with a 27 years old women from Panama , Brad Alexander is an American and moved to panama and trust in a women that became the beginning of his fall , after he came back from Panama a MOGH after he moved back to Miami , Biscane, Brad is almost 65 years old , very close to, brad stayed at my house for 45 days because he was alone and my family helped him to get rid of his deception and trauma, after 45 days I went with my friend to help him to rent a luxury apartment by Biscane on 2013 , brad visit us every week and we enjoy a lot , brad it’s a great person very polite and Lloyd sadly Lloyd became fooled again , he moved to Tailandia hoked by another women that don’t want to be with Brad because she love him , no I told him don’t go brad , I want you remember what the Girl from Panama did to you .
        Brad once told me that he was filed to the point where he called himself an ATM mashing after he realized his doom mistake .
        I’m preaching for brad I want my friend came back from where he is at , where is brad ? I miss my friend , brad called me his brother , where is brad ? Maybe dead or broke or missing this city , I chose to fight agains evils I told brad that he wasn’t helping the schooll sistem and was waisting his life with women’s lovers of money no lovers of him .
        I loss my friend and I find you a very good friend , I wish I could be able to see Brad and tell him that he should be like you , Lloyd you are a blessing person that is a God given give , you earned your wisdom and knowledge and Brad trough everything away .
        Lloyd I think you are the 0.5 % of Person on Earth that is olmost perfect, May God bless you and Thanks for teach me how to live a better life .
        Take care Lloyd , if people like you don’t enter in Paradize I won’t be able to see the promise land:)

      27. I fear that it would be too easy to follow in Brad’s footsteps. The libido, no matter how old we get, has a way to take us over and cloud our judgment when a female we see as eye candy flirts with us. Our mind goes blank. We become putty in their hands. I can spend days alone and I”m just fine but once I’m out there with other people, and a pretty young woman smiles at me, I turn to putty. So, my best defense is to live like I’m a monk hermit as much as possible and I hope my best defense against gold diggers is my age and the fact that I’m not wealthy enough for most pretty young gold diggers.

      28. You knows to much about this Guy ,
        You send me this >>>Trump, like the Nero myth of fiddling while Rome burns, is also fiddling. but Trump fiddles with pornstars and his ignorance based insanity dreams of America burning <<<<

        ( pornstars )
        F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen – The New York Times

        Lloyd you know to much about the most criticized President Trump ,
        Lloyd who was more crooked, Nixon or
        Trump, like the Nero myth of fiddling while Rome burns, is also fiddling. but Trump fiddles with pornstars and his ignorance based insanity dreams of America burning. I think you told me once that you dressed up as Nixon in Halloween, and I know you don’t celebrate halloween anymore because you have healthy snacks to kids and a kid mother told you, you were greedy.
        Wow you knows that sugar is not good and that mother told you Freddy , ignorant people , wow 😮
        Nixon is a crook lol

      29. Trump is more crooked than Satan. Nixon is a saint compared to Trump.

      30. Lloyd I exchange a lot about you, with hundreds of people and I would dare to say that the figure has surpassed a thousand people, Lloyd like you could describe this president long before the vast majority of people in Unired States, I have never seen someone With as much vision and knowledge as you, Lloyd tell me something I have learned so much about you that I have told my wife and my daughter that you are a brother, father and the best friend I have had in the whole nation, I would like that you understand me I have lived in 3 worlds, Cuba for 21 years, I grew up among Russian tenegers, Cuba is an Iska that housed tens of thousands of Russians (when that is united by the Soviet Union) I noticed something always in the people of Russia they are like people of other powers, I could say that the most dangerous potency that has pedrominado for almost a century, Russians are characterized by believing themselves stronger and better than others, I do not mean that all Russian people whether or not they were Means, if those who thwarted Cuba, Leninist and Castrist ideology, I came to the United States and I have no family here my wife and I on April 25, 1994, we got married and left the island, in an escape very rusty, I worked in Soviet ships and in the military system the Soviets saw us as if we were inferior to them, I could never have met any soviet in Cuba that was not arrogant, the United States has been my second home, my children were born here, Daniel who just turned 20 years ago 2 months ago and my daughter on July 1 is 15 years old, my wife had no idea, not only my wife, about 10 million Cubans do not have the slightest idea as the Soviets think , as they premeditate things and as they like or enjoy being the center of the universe, I had a horrible experience, my life was divided when I stepped foot in the United States, in Cuba they deceived me and those evil people ins, Castristas- Soviet Communists were not only braggart, they also passed themselves off as angels and were devils in olive green uniforms, the Soviets have used Cuba to promote their totalitarian system and destroyed it, Cuba is in Ruins, thanks to the Soviets and the Castros, I also just discovered that the Russians are blackmailers, this president adores Putin because they are both diabolical people, the whole world is under constant stress because the Russos (Soviets – Krelin – have a heart of stone, Rrusia Stole trillions America, Russia again took the power that it had before but 70% more powerful than when the Cold War, Lloyd Russia (Union Soviet was 90 years behind compared to the United States, How can you explain where they got the money and technology that Do those Russian Diabolics of the government have? Lloyd I have never met someone who has described a person like you, Lloyd everything you have learned about Trump and his GOP is fulfilling your prophecy, Kloyd you are a very happy man, millions or billions do not have the vision that you have, Lloyd, have you thought about your history? Do you know the great person you are? Do you know that you are a man that does not abound? Do you know who you really are? It is possible that you yourself do not know as much as you know God and as I know you, Lloyd my wife talks about you and my daughter jokingly tells me that I spend time with her uncle, Lloyd the only person I love is God, and the only person or rather the only person who knows the AZ of united states of America are you, and the world in general? Well you know so much of China that there are few who know as much as you in this country and many more, but Lloyd the point is this, that this city has learned, everything that I have learned that I have heard from you has been as if your you could predict what was coming to the white house, here in this county Dade County there are many prominent Cubans and all of them have been so impressed, I was transmitting your ideas and what you saw coming that the respect they have for me, not what I won, it was a gift from God and he used you to let this whole city know who was really Donald Trump, Lloyd my daughter told me that you did not see any good qualities to Trump, how is it possible that my daughter sees you as her uncle ? My wife sees you as my best friend and teacher, Lloyd, what do you think of the myth that two humans agree or agree on the vast majority of things? Could you say that we have lived another life? If you can answer, my answer is or I said what I think is that I have not lived another life than this, now I have seen people that I am sure I have known but not in any country, how is that possible?
        Thanks for the aswer , Trump it’s Satán , Nixon was an Evil and Putín?
        Wow unbelievable that Rusia take the power at that scale I mean more Dangerous than ever !!!!

      31. I’m just a simple person. Nothing special about me.

      32. You are a humble person that is a very special quality and a kind person , take the credit . Lloyd take the credit ,,,

      33. Claiming credit for anything is dangerous. It can go to our heads and corrupt us. Look at all the lies Trump says as he claims credit for so many things he has not done while he never admits the horrible things he has caused to others.

      34. The difference between claiming and taken is huge , claiming credibility or credit shows what we really are , about Trump he claimed because he had no credit or credibility, that is what I have learn from you Lloyd and you almost never make mistakes, I have a good friend by the way he he was my boss when I came from Cuba a great person , Issac Benjamin he owns by there a shoes company and teach me a lot of good things , he trusted in me I don’t know why , because he was a very rich person and he give me the authority to run his business and the trust to bring his children’s home because of that I still asking me why God is been doing a great person with me that is inexplicable Lloyd, I’m not body you knows what I have been passing through , thanks God and you I know more about myself,,,

      35. The public education / the world ) will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything ― Albert Einstein never will be forgotten by his bights quotes but specially for his love for the good education , it’s time to start talking about the greaters Ginues .
        We have the same time as well Einstein , Picaso , betoben , Dianie or Lloyd .
        We should learn from those people and expose the true as well Dianie is been doing with not fear, Diane or Lloyd Louthouse , People are , we are learning.
        Wake up Americans

      36. People should put on others shoes and I don’t want to many shoes , it’s clear , Diane calling to fight the evils whose name are here in Florida and a lot , I’m talking about that Florida resistance it’s the weakest in the nation , I know what I’m talking about yes I do , ungrateful Carbaljo and his body’s who paid bad to me even I give to him what he don’t want to tell on public, he have no merit I deserve it , Carbajo is the Miami Dade Public Schools Superintendent and declined I mean back up his reputation is on decline because he was not humble and he knew because I told him that the way he was running was weak and now after I expose the Corruption of Pubic Educations destroyers , Carbajo want make believe that he start the fight?
        He should knows that when he visited Hialeah Gardens Hight my daughter is the top ones students and he give a shit , I will do the same thing he ignored me I’ll tell the true !!
        I’m not alone because I never been a traitor or negotiated with Charters Supporter, Diane should make a phone call to him and ask what is going on ?
        Carbajo it’s not better than that


        Join Superintendent of Schools Alberto M. Carvalho for a Community Engagement Meeting to discuss student achievement, school safety and protection, the 21st Century Schools Bond / Construction Program Bonus / Construction Program and the funds for education. Find out about our progress and the role you play in
        the improvement and maintenance of our schools. Parents, members of the PTA / PTSA, students, employees, graduates, community groups, taxpayers and all those interested in education are invited.

        Thursday, April 12, 2018
        6:30 pm. – 8:30 pm.
        Westland Hialeah Senior High
        4000 W. 18th Avenue • Hialeah, FL 33012

        Confirm your attendance at Westland Hialeah Senior (305) 818-3000

        Carbaljo ignoren that I mean he has bern ungrateful to the point, pride it’s when he found what I did and he want to take the credit or be the hero , he made $350 K a year and a huge team is runing his office it’s funny that he sought that I don’t know what he is been doing to to protect his reputation and people of his gabinete are on my side he have no clue what I was told about what he thinks about us yes , tell Diane or you Lloyd speak on my behalf and teach Carbajo that never Should bite the hand that the hand that gives him food and back him up is this nobody but he told that I’m a crazy person that believe that world press and Diane and you are mediocre I will ask for a Meting with him I need that he told me that face to face , I have videos where he did wrongs things , if he think I’m weak or doom he is doomed and weaker because I’m fighting alone here and he is playing in deferents teams , he better change that doom idea that he think he will be the Dade County Mayor I’m sure he knows how he is moving pieces ,,, Ungrateful Carbaljo , thanks Lloyd , I’m been saving information since his last meeting at my Daughter school.
        I will tell him that he should learn from you and Diane because here he is a mediocre because he is walking with mediocres

      38. I think he won’t listen. Crooks and frauds like Trump and this buy are arrogant psychos. They think they are better than everyone.

      39. Thanks very much Lloyd I appreciate your realist and the Aswer to many of my questions and concerns , I feel here like you told me once no Man is and Island but I’m in a deserts in the state that never will shine again , I’m so happy for you you are not arrogant as the people who are trining the State and Dade County, they think they know more than everyone but they have no clue they will understand maybe to late , the problem is huge here , Thanks and when you could say Thanks God it’s a blessing and a privilege stay away from here , California your home sweet home ,,,
        Thanks and this arrogant Superintendent and his body’s will loss not only they reputation, more than that they own freedom,,,
        You said a lot in a short sentence ,,

      40. HOW is a person honored? Treating it with consideration and respect. In general, we honor people who have done something to deserve it!

      41. One person honors who you are … for what you say and do. Another person curses and condemns you for the same things.

      42. I’m have nothing to stay in the same boat I mean what I have done in the last 3 years put me in a bad field position because those cursed can’t not stop us Lloyd , what I have done is done ✅

      43. You are included in >>>They never use their position for personal gain, but seek opportunities to help others, especially those in need. They follow the advice: “Do not forget to do good and share things with others, because such sacrifices are very pleasing to God” (Hebrews 13:16). Therefore, they see in themselves the truth of Jesus’ words: “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35).
        One way to be grateful is to recognize that someone is superior to ourselves and I tell you truthfully. Thanks for everything you have done for me and millions more !!

      44. Millions? I’m not sure about that number. Maybe a few that I can count on one hand.

      45. Who fix more here? I mean God knows that you don’t fits in this suit and what about little finger ?
        Little finger fits here? then this suit is not for a simple person?
        2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, presumptuous, haughty, * blasphemers, * disobedient to parents, + ungrateful, disloyal, + 3 without having natural affection, + not willing to any agreement, * + slanderers, * + without self-control, fierce, * + without love of good, + 4 treacherous, + stubborn, swollen [of pride], + lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, + 5 having a form of pious devotion, * + but being false to your power; + and from these move away. +
        I hope you understand my incoherence is obvious Lloyd <<>>Trump is not a simple person,,

      46. When we really get to know a person is anyone a “simple person” since no matter how long we know someone, we never get to know all of them. Everyone holds back something of who they are … something they don’t want others to know because of guilt and/or embarrassment.

      47. Well Lloyd make senses but to me I wish I could get the courage to said what I did good and the weakness to hide when I do wrong things!

      48. Does it matter if we reveal the things we have done that we regret when we know that God knows everything we’ve done and we can’t hide that from Him? God is our only judge after this life ends. No religion or other human has the right to judge us but God. Of course, we can be judged in a human court of law but that isn’t the same as being judged by God at the moment of our death.

      49. Lloyd good morning , what happened if the Democrats take the control ?
        Meaning take the control ?
        Can you please tell me how that work ?
        I have no clue , you have to much knowledge ENAFF to be a President, by the way can anyone be postulate to be part of the presidential elections?
        Thanks and here I send this link to you .
        Reibel C.👍
        for Republicans, who risk losing control of the House.

      50. This video explains how the US government is supposed to work. Trump is so corrupt and such a liar and fraud that he is challenging this process and the US Constitution. If he succeeds, then the checks and balances as spelled out in the US Constitution to protect all the people will probably fail and the US will no longer be protected by the US Constitution. If you think Cuba under Castro was bad, if Trump causes a Constitutional crisis and he wins, living in the US will become a total nightmare filled with fear and violence.


      52. That’s not smart. It is being informed, but the more I know, the more I learn that I don’t know.

      53. IMG_3280.MP4
        Hoy has tenido un día malo ?
        Are you having a bad day?

        Enjoy and your right Lloyd the more we don’t know what is happening the more peace of Main we will have , I know how your feeling about the problem it’s here , I really understand you Lloyd ,
        Brother remember you did a lot and sometimes it’s the time the watch the fight and think you are been inside worts bloody wars , I’m telling you because no many people Lloyd put in others people shoes .

      54. I was attempting to quote Albert Einstein who said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

        I should have looked the quote up instead of guessing.

      55. Socrates quotes (showing 1-30 of 309) “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” “The unexamined life is not worth living.” “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” “I cannot teach anybody anything

        Albert Einstein
        · The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything ―

        King Salomon ~
        Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry
        about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” “king Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth for riches and for wisdom. 1KI10.24 And all the earth sought to Solomon, to hear his wisdom, which God had put in his heart.”

        As a preacher, Jesus was powerful. He had a way of speaking that captivated the curious, infuriated the righteous and ennobled the weak.

        Today, Jesus’ simple sayings drill to the heart of what it means to be a Christian. Here are 8 famous sayings of Jesus. His words—both then and now—are as timeless as ever.

        Do not let your left hand know what the right hand is doing
        Taken from Matthew 6:3, Jesus urges us to give to others without advertising our kindness.
        Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
        Appearing in the Gospels of Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31, Jesus invites you to treat others as you would like to be treated.
        Turn the other cheek
        This instruction, appearing in Matthew 5:39 and Luke 6:29, discourages us from seeking revenge.
        Judge not, lest you be judged
        In Matthew 7:1, Jesus urges us not to pass judgment on others.
        An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
        Jesus quotes the ancient standard of Jewish justice in his Sermon on the Mount appearing in Matthew 5:38-39. He enjoins all of us to forsake seeking revenge on those who have hurt you.
        Love your neighbor as yourself
        Jesus urged his listeners to treat others with mercy, love and compassion—the standard for all interaction with others. This saying appears in Matthew 22:39 and Mark 12:31.
        The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
        This saying, appearing in Matthew 26:40-41 and Mark 14:37-38, describes the night before Jesus died. Although he encouraged his disciples to remain awake while he prayed, they couldn’t. Jesus encourages us to follow through on our promises to him, not just pay lip service to him.
        O ye of little faith!
        As Jesus walked on water, he urged Peter to come to him. Peter got out of the boat and walked on water until he realized what was happening. He became afraid and began to sink. Jesus advises us to have faith in him—always—even in the middle of the storms of lif

        God quotes

        May people know that you , whose name is ( Lloyd
        May people that you , whose name is Lord ?

        18 May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah,v
        You alone are the Most High over all the earth.

        The most I read the most I sang to share with you

      57. Poll finds millions of Americans are joining protests a 1 in 5 Americans have joined protests or rallies in past two years, often in reaction to Trump, ?
        Lloyd 1in 5 has been joined protest , them in one more year 4 in 5 OF American will be involved in protesting?
        Wow 😮 this Guy has changed this nation , May God make his will ,,,

        reaction to Trump – The Washington Post

      58. You told me that Trump it’s one of the horses of the Apocalypse. 🤔

      59. I’m beginning to think that Trump might be worse than one of those horsemen. I also think that is the reason that so many fundamentalist Christians support him and ignore all the horrible things he says, has done and is doing.

      60. Thanks Lloyd Jehovah Wiseness should be excluded from that list because the history prove that Jehovah Wiseness are been victims of evils for what ? For do what is right ?
        It’s clear that Jehovah Wiseness are not part of any political Parties

      61. The Jehovah’s Witnesses was founded in 1870 and has no evidecne that this religious orgnaizaion existed before that time.

        Judiasm’s earliest relationship with God is so old it is difficult to date. The Tanakh is an account of the Israelites’ relationship with God from their earliest history until the building of the Second Temple (c. 535 BCE). Abraham is hailed as the first Hebrew and the father of the Jewish people. The Abraham story cannot be definitively related to any specific time, and it is widely agreed that the patriarchal age, along with the exodus and the period of the judges, is a late literary construct that does not relate to any period in actual history.[4] A common hypothesis among scholars is that it was composed in the early Persian period (late 6th century BCE) as a result of tensions between Jewish landowners who had stayed in Judah during the Babylonian captivity and traced their right to the land through their “father Abraham”, and the returning exiles who based their counter-claim on Moses and the Exodus tradition.

        First, scholars now agree that the term Chaldeans is almost assuredly an anachronism, as it refers to a Semitic people who didn’t show up in Ur until the 7th century B.C Abraham, by contrast, would have lived 1,300 years earlier, closer to 2,000 B.C.

        If it is true that Abraham was the father of Judiasm, then the Jews can trace their history back more than 4,000 years — not 148 years. Anything the the leadership of the Witnesses claims before 1870 is a claim withotu evidence.

      62. There is no reason to doubt that what was found in that tomb was actually there, but they mention this was in the 1st century AD, more than a hundred years after Christ’s crucifixion. Does it matter what name is used when referring to God since there are so many languages?

        Every translation from the original Hebrew brings with it the bias of the author that translated the original into another language. Whatever was written in that tomb reflects the beliefs of the person that is buried there or possibly his children who buried him or her.

        From what I’ve learned, the Old Testament started out as historical tales repeated around campfires for about 3,000 years before someone first wrote them down. Imagine how changed the original tales were by that time and how much did the first authors change it again.

        The process by which scriptures became canons and Bibles was a long one, and its complexities account for the many different Old Testaments which exist today. Timothy H. Lim, a professor of Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism at the University of Edinburgh, identifies the Old Testament as “a collection of authoritative texts of apparently divine origin that went through a human process of writing and editing.”[4] He states that it is not a magical book, nor was it literally written by God and passed to mankind. By about the 5th century BC Jews saw the five books of the Torah (the Old Testament Pentateuch) as having authoritative status; by the 2nd century BC the Prophets had a similar status, although without quite the same level of respect as the Torah; beyond that, the Jewish scriptures were fluid, with different groups seeing authority in different books.[16]

      63. Thanks Lloyd was found , now I have no dough because the Internet spread fake news you know, I appreciate it Lloyd

      64. I’ve read that about North Carolina. It is horrible what’s happening there. What’s happening to that state’s government is a preview of what will happen to this country if the Koch brothers cabal of extreme right fake libertarians achieves all their goals to turn the United States into a kleptocracy ruled by Christian extremists that all think the Earth is flat and life started several thousand years ago all at once with humans walking side by side with dinosaurs. About a third of Trump’s cabinet and appointments are Koch minions doing what the twin brothers want them to do to destroy.

      65. Lloyd I told you plenty of time how much I appreciate everything you have done for me, Lloyd I would like do something that would make me feel better I cannot do much I miss a lot those days when Brad and my Son sat together and we Enjoy was very good memories, Brad was for me as my brother and my son it’s my son I cannot find where is brad I can’t go to my Son house because he move to another city after I complain and file a law sue to those Charters Runners , Brad and I protected him , Lloyd Brad moved to another continent , now I cannot Pro-se I least I want the city of Hialeah paid for all damages and suffering that they cause to my people, it’s the only way I could start over and joining my family and travel at least once away from this city .
        Well Lloyd you hear this over and over and I did not did what I should I appreciate it .
        Lloyd May God bless you ah I forgot to tell you this ( and please remember I don’t trasmite ideas the way I can in Spanish ok Lloyd ? )
        If I where you meditate everything God have done for you , what your Mom did for you , I cannot forget when the evil schooll administrador told you retarder and your mom heard that idiot and stupid guy , your Mom feelings hurts to tell point she went crying from there to home , she love you Lloyd , I understand that she is not here anymore but you are , I think you should share with your self or someone you think is going to feel the same you feel , share only good memories Lloyd, I know how frustrating is watch how the country you fight for, it’s real the country it’s in bad field position but you have the choice to stay in the field but not in the position those crooked are , the 49’s San Francisco are been in good and bad field position but The 49’s Got the most complete quarter back ( Brady from New England , Joe Montana the San Francisco quoter back won 4 super balls , Brady just broke his record with 5 rings , move the page brother , it’s time to watch the fall of the GOP .
        Let them blain each other’s , let go and beside that have fun ( meaning ) Enjoy they dooms and stupidly ideas , I’m pretty sure if you do that you will understand me and I can tell you will start a new way of doing things betters and let God push them to fight Againts The’r false god’s , money , they are not happy , they are not friend they don’t trust each other’s . Enjoy the movie it’s the best I can tell you,, I’m sorry I just told you what I think it’s better for you Lloyd ah remember , don’t hate me you are my body . Yes I mean you are a good person,,, don’t worry be happy 😃 👌🏻👍💪🏻

      66. The more you read, the more you learn , that you don’t know everything,, something like that .

      67. Trump wants to start the fire that burns the United States to the ground and he isn’t alone. There is also Bannon, Richard Mercer, the Koch brothers and the 2,000 some members of their ALEC machine, the Wal-Mart Walton family ,et. al. What is it about these people that were born into wealth, power and privialage, that they end up hating the U.S. Constitution and the Republic it created and protects and the working people in the country?

      68. Lloyd ?
        In his meditation on death, Donne writes that all beings are one with God.

  2. Tell me something about this .


  3. Lloyd Castro DID the same this dude want to , he don’t deserve be called a President, litlefinger , or Crooked or Donald Doom .


    1. Donald Turmp is the Kremlin’s Agent Orange and his task is the spread chaos and suffering in the free world to break it so Putin can become the world’s strongest leader. Putin is ruthless and he has no soul.

  4. Fidel Castro did the same by the way Castro’s brothers also did what this Guy and Devil want I mean DiVos give weapons to teachers . Lloyd we are inside a communist country or is coming ? Castro’s Putin and Trump are Evils


    1. The US isn’t becoming a communist country. It’s becoming a corporate, totalitarian, fascist, racist, hate-filled, dominionist kleptocracy. That is going to be much worse than even Stalin or Castro were.

      At least in a socialist or communist state, everyone has health care.

      1. Something is wrong because a of people don’t want to do ANYTHING.
        The world will be not
        by people who do Evils
        The world will be
        By people who see Evils people
        doing evils thing and don’t do

      2. There are many people doing things. For instance, the student walk out yesterday by about 1-million to protest the need for firearm legislation. But the small number of oligarchs that are behind what is happening have billions of dolalrs and probably trillions and they are using that to control most of the media to keep their facscit, racissit, hate filled, greed based agenda alive, and smother the voices of tens of of millions of people who are speaking out and protesting..

      3. Boss what is this ?
        True or bs ?

      4. I think it is 100-percent true. This is just more evidence to support my calling Trump the Kremlin’s Agent Orange. Trump is a monster. He can’t be trusted about anything. If he opens his mouth and speaks, he is a liar and/or a bully. If his fingers are sending tweets, he is a liar and/or a bully. Trump is a malignant narcissist and a psychopath and if the world blew up and killed everyone because of him, he would feel no guilt. In fact, he would blame someone else as he died too.

      5. Long history short . I can’t predict the future but this Guy Called President it’s in a stressful life.
        Remember when 2 people’s ( Presidents dialogue , the world was on they dialogue?
        There are not many people wise ENAFF .
        You can understand me , no many’s can .
        Why ?
        Take care boss

      6. No one can predict the future with 100-percent accuracy but we can guess and be close to the truth. This I know, if Trump, the Koch brothers and their secretive ALEC machine in addition to the dominionists are not stopped, the entire human race is doomed along with them.

        Dominion Theology: Extremist Right-Wing Christianity

        Koch Brothers – The Kochtopus

      7. the Russia investigation AGAIN by firing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe — and Republicans said NOTHING. I’m appalled.

        SIGN MY PETITION: I need 5O,OOO immediate signatures CONDEMNING Trump and his Republicans’ dangerous attacks on the Russia investigation. >>

        NAME: Reibel Castillo
        Petition Signature: SIGN ON >>

        Sign Your Name >>

        I have no doubt this President is hiding something, Reibel.

        That’s why I urgently need you to sign my petition CONDEMNING Trump’s dangerous interference in the Russia investigation. >>

        I’ve watched President Trump and his Republicans go to extreme lengths to undermine the Russia investigation.

        – Trump FIRED FBI Director James Comey
        – He ATTACKED Special Counsel Robert Mueller
        – House Republicans prematurely ENDED their Russia investigation
        – And now, Trump just FIRED FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

        Let me be clear, Reibel: This disturbing series of events threatens the very fabric of our democracy and the safety of every election we hold.

        Republicans are clearly too cowardly to hold this President accountable — so it’s up to us.

        I need your immediate signature on my petition to DEMAND Trump stop interfering in the Russia investigation. I’m counting on 5O,OOO names. >>

        Every single American deserves to know the truth, and I won’t rest until you get it.

        Thank you,


      8. Elected Republicans aren’t cowards. They are bought and paid for traitors to the oath they took to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign. Putin is a foreign enemy. Trump is a domestic enemy.

      9. Lloyed this is what happened I exposed to the schooll sistem and the goberment and they did anything . I exposed long time ago ?
        I told you no one do ANYTHING,
        You care , I care but no many’s care or don’t want help because they don’t care about anything

        Mr. Granados .
        We were extremely grateful for your cordial & professional attention last Friday, our conversation was clear and cordial.
        The success of the school system is based on good communication between parents and schools. It has always played a very important role since the beginning of the public school system of this nation.

        Last Friday, you, as well as the security staff at Hialiah Gardens Hight schooll, briefly analyzed my concerns. Melanie Castillo plenty of time has felt insecure; feral ; the student Kevin Morales has been bothering my Daughter, Melanie has been bulling, she has felt a lot of insecurity , because Kevin Morales has not respected the religion practiced by our daughter; Kevin Morales was suspended for only 10 days; he said he enjoy and rejoice in the way the Jews were executed during the Nacis olocaust; describe quite accurately the way the victims were murdered, Jehovah’s Witnesses died, where executed , as well Jews , and a lot of others people .
        Kevin said to my daughter , his wish wish is that our daughter should be deported by Donald Trump, it is very sad that our daughter has suffered from those directly comments , she is a Jehovah’s Witness and Kevin very well knows . No one should be taken from the country where she was born and the constitution does not allow anyone to be discriminated against because of her beliefs .
        1st Amendment
        *Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and *Petition

        Mr. Granados..
        Kevin’s favorite – 2nd Amendment
        Right to Keep, Bear Arms . Kevin should not pointed over and over , that the 2do Amendment is the 2do One Right to Keep, Bear Arms is favorite amended ; Kevin Morales should not say that he knows how the vast majority of weapons are used, Kevin Should not say that killing innocents was something that he enjoyed, kevin can not be mixed or fomenting hatred, Kevin was directly related to another student who painted the swastika symbol, Kevin never said he keep as most secretly posible , that another student painted ( mark ) The swastika symbol and Kevin maintained a defiant stance of not reporting that there was someone else fomenting hatred. The school already had a very serious situation, a certain Latino student, went to the school wearing a T-shirt with this mesages-GREEN GO I’M LEGAL-

        We are facing ( this nation ) we are dealing with a huge problem racial hatred, religious hatred in this nation , and ethnic groups hatred .
        Hialeah Gardens Hight schooll / Hialeah Gardens Midlle schooll have the obligation to exchange incidents like those I exposed ; my daughter exposed as well others staff members exposed . We feel that the school system is under such pressure and it’s very hard for all of us !
        Student should be protected; it is a very serious threat; there is still the problem inside the schooll where my daughter assist?
        Is the serious problem still at the school where Melanie Castillo attends ? . Is there still a problem where more than three thousand students attend in addition to employees, etc?
        We do not authorize as parents that our daughter Melanie Castillo, be questioned; or call to give any report without our consent, we hope that the problem is analyzed in the appropriate way; our daughter has already suffered on other occasions and has been informed at federal scales; the school district has been informed as well; the board of Director of Hialeah Gardens midlle schoool; Mr. Sergio; Mss. David and Mss. Jimenez can give you more information.

        Thank you very much
        we appreciate your cooperation. Sincerely Reibel Castillo Melanie’a Dad !

        I feel an immense desire to continue helping, to continue supporting our family our students in the hole nation .
        That is one of my page in the social media .
        Face book etc !

      10. Everything I’ve read about Florida indicates that the state belongs to Jeb Bush and his political machine. The state is controlled by a branch of the extreme, conservative Alt-Right hate machine. It is GOP land until the middle class and lower socioeconomic people that vote in Florida wake up and recognize that voting for most if not all Republicans is against their own interest and safety. Until that happens, the state is basically in the hands of a cabal of morally and legally corrupt mobsters. Those frauds and liars will never be fair. They will lie. They will invent conspiracy theories. They will steal from the public at every opportunity. They are crooks and they have a vast propaganda media machine to fool and influence voters. Anyone that stands publicly against them is fighting an uphill battle. To fight them alone and to succeed alone is almost impossible. The only way to fight them is to find organized groups in Florida struggling to fight back and join them.

      11. Organized groups ? Or start to organized league or are some league than fighting legally agains those evils and corrupt individuals?
        Because you right , Thanks God I went to farm and I’m struggling but no given up .
        More support, thanks Lloyd .
        I hope you understand, I’m running with the enemy !
        Take care .
        It’s CORRUTION and corruption in Florida and Dade County , the capital of the Corruption!

      12. Can you image ? What company was hired to build this bridge ? Who signed the deal ? How much money could really cost to build a security bridge ?
        What city inspectors are gong to be charge ? How many public figures are going to be investigated and prosecuted?
        This is the most recently tragedy I never seen something like this , a brad new bridge colapse , minutes after been opened, by the way Carbajo the miami Dade public schools superintendent, could be responsible for not be aware of some irregularities in case they have been involved?
        Dade County and Florida it’s not for me !
        Take care !

      13. Thanks Lloyd your a loyal friend and I appreciate your advices , since I became the first person to fight legally the Mayor city and his body’s . Hialeah Education Academy. Inc . Charter fraudulent and academy same names where named , Cuban Regimes Castro’s brothers . The firts group started with academy’s , sound like Charters leaders are worts than Castro .
        I never imaged ghat things like this happen to me in America

      14. Anything can happen in the United States. Even some serial lying, woman molesting fraud and traitor like Donald Trump becoming president.

      15. Thanks Lloyd.
        I’m very happy for you and you deserve to be more happy and God knows your heart no one else knows you more than yourself ( I could say that God knows more about ourselves than we are self , you are been very nice and Jehovah and Jesus knows what you have done for help me and thousands more , millions I could said because you and Diane are been exposed the truth long time ago , I have nothing to paid you and those who are helped my family, May God bless you Lloyd and just in case if you can say to Diane I will appreciate if you can’t I will understand.
        Tell Diane I thanks God for KNOWS a lot about the schooll sistem , I been very sad, stressed and with my family as the Movie The Insider !
        The era of the Tabacalera Indudtries corruption is gone , now we are inside the worts era , evils and enemies of God destroying our family , our states, County’s and City’s , Thanks very much all of you for be so honest and help us with a lit or a lot , everyone can help as well the por widow that put a few penny’s put more than everyone else !
        You are an excellent example to the world ( Worldpress with out you will be not more the same Worldpress is the true)
        May God bless you all of you !
        The righteousness will be able to see God and the evils one also will see God , the difference is huge , righteous and evils .
        On the right side of God people like you and on the left Evils like the one who are involved destroyed our family!
        I hope I could be count on the seat of the right side of God , The evils one will be seated in the last Judgement with the best and Legitimate and real judge . God !
        Thanks for everything you have done for me and I hope you understand that I don’t want to quit !
        I’m failing to the point where I can think that I’m fighting with powerful enemies and I’m DAVID inside Goliat
        I mean Reibel vs Florida !
        I have no many chance to win , almost impossible I understand and thanks but Lloyd almost . There is still hope .
        Thanks very much and May God bless you forever .
        I never gorget this and your mom can see you in the Paradize don’t judge her for be part of the Jehovah Wiseness organization , meditate and then thanks GOD that your Mom never became an evil and supported any Crocked .
        I can tell she never supported the evil of the president Richard Nixon and if your Mom resuscitate today she will not support Danald Trump ether .
        Because she was a great person and had a great ( has ) Som you !

      16. How many times did David kill Goliath?

        How many times have people joined together throughout history to fight tyranny and succeeded?

      17. A bunch of the human history Sr .
        David killed Goliat once time .
        I got the point . Sr.
        Meaning bunch of time , Evils ( Giants super powerful potente have been defeated by David’s ( Underdog army’s )
        Maje sense my illustrations or metaphors?
        You are very Smart to at lest catch up my idea .
        Lloyd please can asked you a question ?
        I mean can you aswer this question , have you seen the way I try trasmite mesages , like I’m an NONSENSE PERSON ?
        Or you can in me another quality that could help others ?
        I’m not even close to your knowledge, I want to know if I could fix inside people like you if I divide to move from this city ?
        I speak good English enaf but this city , the stress plus always Spanish my ascent is not good .
        I’m able to be successful?
        Thanks for your time .

      18. I don’t know how to answer your questions?

      19. The fist time than a bridge collapsed in opening day!
        What material quality is need to pass the inspection ? Almost thousands ton !
        The best bridges are in California and the best state is California, Florida vs California it’s like Haiti vs USA

      20. Loyd but California is shaking all the time , earthquakes , I was in California I was watching a play off baseball game , LA Dodgers vs Filadelfia , I was told that don’t get nervous if I feel the earth moving that was kind of crazy,
        maybe bridges in California Collapsed , because the earth shaking but here in Florida the earth don’t shaking, Sharks 🦈
        Yes money 💰

      21. The odds are that most of Florida will be under water in a few decades. Not much of a risk for that in California.

      22. Lloyd of course, Dade County it’d builded on top of the Everglade, humans stolen Fron Mother Nation / God Creation , them Mother nation always way but came back to where she belongs!

        This city it’s water and the heat it’s to Hight because humans should respect the fauna’s ( alegatos , plus , and stolen The’r places ,
        God don’t Ike that , and you should tell me who is the most dangerous person to destroy Mother nation or God Creation ?
        Call by Mamés .
        Thanks and I deserve you the best , exchange mesages with you it’s a privileges you are a professional person .
        I’m a blessed person to be able to meet you !
        I’m here for you I wish I could say hello to you and It would be a pleasure to hold you and a handshake, you are a very close petsona and resl, thsbls God

      23. The only person who are been always in touch helping the good education it’s you .
        Lloyd , have a great weekend!

      24. Hello Lloyd .
        The odds are that most of Florida will be under water in a few decades.
        Are you serious ?
        few decades . OMG 😯

      25. This alarming map shows what might be left of Florida when the sea level rises.

        “Given what we know now about how the ocean expands as it warms and how ice sheets and glaciers are adding water to the seas, it’s pretty certain we are locked into at least 3 feet of sea level rise, and probably more,” said Steve Nerem of the University of Colorado, Boulder, and lead of the Sea Level Change Team, a NASA collaboration. “But we don’t know whether it will happen within a century or somewhat longer.”

        Not all of Florida but the southeast is at a high risk

      26. Lloyd is the question I cannot aswer , Why Cuban people build a city on top of the Everglade ?
        We are dooms because it’s not inside of my main scape from an Island with maintains and build on the water , someone has been fooled us because The’r a lot of places in United States where is a lot of land to build with out risks life’s is the fact because 1992 hurricane Andrew almost destroyed the city and last hurricane season I was ready to be hit for a category 5 Monster hurricane ,

      27. Probably because the property was not expensive at the time back then.

      28. Smart aswer Lloyd , HOW is San Francisco ?
        By there expensive ?

      29. San Francisco is one of the most expensive if not the most expensive property marekts in the country if not the world. I live about fifty miles east of San Francisco in the East Bay area close to the San Joaquin Valley. Property costs a lot less in that Valley but then the summers are brutal there and the winters come with some of the thickest fog you will ever experience. The fog in that VAlley can become so thick, you can’t even see the hood on your car when you are driving. The San Joaquin Valley also grows most of America’s vegetables, nuts, and fruits year around.

        For instance, a 1,000 square foot house with its own lot can cost a couple of million dollars or more and that’s outside of the city near Stanford University in the South Bay.

      30. No one lives on a deserted island unless they want to.

      31. No one lives on a deserted island unless they want to.

      32. No Man is an Island by John Donne

      33. Thanks Lloyd let’s see if I can catch it

      34. What do you mean by this comment? I would like for it to be a little more elaborated, 🤔 thanks

      35. Refer to my comment about the journey through life.

      36. Lloyd I bother you too much, I send you too many messages but only because I appreciate you, I see you as my brother. Your intellectuality is over the roof.

      37. I’m only one individual on a journey through life one step at a time. I’m learning to accept that I can’t change everything outside of me, and even changing me is a challenge. Most people have no idea that they are on a journey and it isn’t the destination that counts as much as what we do in life while on our individual journey. Even the people we care for and love the most are also on their own journies through life.

      38. Conundrums?
        Meaning can you aswer this question ?
        I have no clue what does it mean Conundrums , to hard for this foreign!
        Yes. What to do with foreign words in English is a conundrum, and there are many such conundrums in English.

      39. conundrum noun [ C ] us ​ /kəˈnʌn·drəm/

        a problem that is difficult to deal with:
        The best shows pose moral conundrums that are hard to solve.

      40. Thanks dear Lloyd for your kindness and the link you have send it to me , very interesting.
        Gracias Señor .
        Lloyd You understand some Spanish ? Do you ?
        Thanks. Take care Lloyd

  5. Right on, my brother.

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