Nekulturny – A Poem

Putin’s lies cannot hide the truth to those who refuse to become programmed lemmings.

Plus Ultra

Say it with me:Ne-kul-tur-ny

The Russians look down on us—they claim we in Asia are boorish, uncivilized

And yet,

Ours is not the nation that bends to the will of a rabid madman

Manufactures frozen conflicts

Or starts a fratricidal war.

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2 responses to “Nekulturny – A Poem”

  1. Thanks so much – I was spelling it wrong. I’ve known this insult for a very long time – since the Cold War days.

    I’m not saying much for our ‘civilization’ right now, and it’s unfair to blame all of them, but we are very much back in the days where posturing against other nations is causing many deaths, and many of them are theirs.

    1. RasPutin the Terrible and his enablers see the deaths of Russians in the war the same way the Tsars and Stalin did. Ras the Terrible sees the Russian people as his property to use and discard as he wants. From reading Russian history, it’s not easy finding any leaders that thought differently. And most of the Russian people seem to accept this and even approve of it.

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