Tennessee: “Instead of Raging Over MAUS, Support Local People Who Are Fighting the Ban”

Conservative activists are banning books (they are also taking away other freedoms) in what’s supposed to be a country (the United States) where people have the freedom to read what they want. What can the rest of us do to stop those extremists on the right? Well, we can start by reading this re-blogged post from Diane Ravitch’s site.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Whitney Kimball Coe, director of national programs for the Center for Rural Strategies, advises those who are outraged about the removal of MAUS from the eighth grade curriculum by the McMinn County School Board to support those in the South and rural areas who agree with them, instead of showering them with contempt and condescension. She was invited to appear on CNN to talk about the decision, and she had a sleepless night trying to find the right way to condemn the decision without condemning her neighbors.

Do they think we’re not outraged, too, here in East Tennessee? Do they think we can’t speak up and respond for ourselves? Because let me tell you, I lay awake the night before the CNN interview indulging my own outrage and constructing a commentary that would eviscerate all book ban supporters and signal to the rest of the world that I, too, am…

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