Harold Meyerson: Manchin and Simena are not “Moderates”

Manchin and other Democrats that belong to the Corporate Money Gang are all “motherfuckers” and that is the nice descriptive word to describe these bought and paid for undercover corporate moles sent to infiltrate the U.S. Congress.

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Harold Meyerson, one of my favorite commentators on current events, says that we should stop calling Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema “moderates.” How can one man and one woman block every proposal that would help improve the lives of millions of Americans, including their constituents? Nor should we use that term to describe the handful of Democrats in the House who are blocking reasonable and popular programs, like lowering drug prices. I note that I allow Meyerson to use a word that is not permitted on this blog…but he wrote it.

He writes:

Memo to Media: Stop Calling Manchin et al. ‘Moderates’
Being more swayed by big-money contributions and an anti-mother bias are far better descriptors.
“Moderates Hinder Efforts to Negotiate Drug Prices,” says a front-page headline in today’sWashington Post.Certain Democrats are indeed blocking those efforts, but is the media right to characterize them as moderates? How much…

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