Don’t Gamble with your Life or Health

During a regular video conference last Wednesday morning, one of the six that showed up that morning said that being vaccinated didn’t end up offering as much protection as those who were infected by COVID.  He said that people that were infected by the virus had 17 times more antibodies than people that were vaccinated.

This guy was also the only one in that group that was a Trump supporter. Starting in 2015, he wore MAGA hats to our face-to-face meetings at the VA. After January 6, 2021, he stopped wearing his MAGA hats to our video conferences and stopped making comments that supported Trump.

When another member in our group called him out about that, he said, Trump is old news, but he never said he’d changed his mind about Trump.

Instead, this guy switched to supporting the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. Recently, after years in this group, he said he thought that he acted that way because he was molested by his older brother when he was a child.

At the time, I thought about Long COVID but didn’t say anything. It’s been a couple of days and I’m still thinking about his allegations that you ended up with better protection after having COVID than being vaccinated.

So, I did some homework this morning. Did you know that one-in-four people infected by COVID that SURVIVE, end up with what’s called Long COVID? The Trumpist in that group also didn’t mention that more than 765-thousand Americans have died from COVID. Apparently, he avoided mentioning the risk of death from COVID, because those facts didn’t help support his thinking.

Watch the video to learn what that means.

Now, I have a long history of gambling. My dad was a dedicated, professional gambler most of his life, and when I was in my thirties, I tried that lifestyle out for a few years.  I even learned how to count cards and won more than I lost. Professional gamblers know what they are doing to shift the odds in their favor, and they keep their gambling money separate from the money that pays the bills.  I did the same when I tried that life out. Eventually, I decided gambling for a living wasn’t for me.

My dad died in the 1980s, a decade before my mother. She didn’t approve of his gambling, and that explains why he hid his gambling activities from her. After he retired from working construction jobs, to avoid getting caught gambling, he stopped going to the track or the casinos. He used a bookie instead. But she knew where he kept his gambling money, and after he was gone, she found enough $100 bills in that hiding place to support her for an entire year. Like I said, my dad did his homework before placing bets and over the decades, he won more than he lost.

WorldMeters Info shows that almost 250,000,000 people have been infected by the virus resulting in more than five million deaths. We now know that one-in-four survivors end up with Long COVID. Did you watch that video?

Twenty-five percent of the survivors worldwide are currently more than sixty million people. In the United States, more than nine million are struggling with Long COVID.

Well, I’ve had the vaccine and I still wear a mask because I also don’t gamble with my health. My health is even more important than having enough money to pay my bills. Some anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers have shot people doing their job when told they have to wear a mask to enter a business. Some of the same creeps have deliberately invaded that preferred six-foot bubble around people wearing masks, pulled off the masks, breathing on people that care about their health, and also spitting on them.

Most if not all anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers are also Trumpists, another reason for me to stay home and avoid going out in public. I’m going to borrow an old saying and revise it. The only good Trumpist is a dead Trumpist unless they end up with Long COVID and suffer for the rest of their miserable angry, hate-filled lives.


9 responses to “Don’t Gamble with your Life or Health”

  1. Thanks for sharing. The 60 Minutes video was a real eye opener. And the gambling in your life was interesting also.

    1. I thought you know my dad was a gambler.

  2. I have a post-viral syndrome variously referred to as, among others, ME/CFS, SEID, CFIDS, yuppie flu… – there is no way I would risk adding the very similar long-covid to that.

    Some people have made such accommodations in their brains to allow DT in that it is hard to imagine how they could reverse themselves. The military is running into a lot of them, and we could have all been FINISHED with this virus by now had they gotten the vaccine.

    I don’t get risking death from a nasty way to die.

    1. I think most if not all Trumpists are suicidal to the point of risking extinction for our species.

      1. You may be right, but it’s not a fast process. And it’s taking good people with it who didn’t need to check out so soon.

      2. Yes, according to former coronavirus coordinator Deborah Birx and others, TDT is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths that didn’t need to happen. I think the number is much higher than that. The US had about 4 % of the world’s population but 15% of the deaths. I think every death over 4% is TDT and his Trumpists responsibility.

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