My Review of Michael Cohen’s Book about Trump

How can any sane, open-minded person support Donald Trump unless they are a criminal and racist, too?

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I just finished reading Michael Cohen’s new tell-all about his years as Donald Trump’s “fixer.” It is called Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump. Quite a lot of the book consists of Cohen flaying himself for being a lackey who happily did Trump’s bidding, even when he knew that he was being asked to lie, cheat, or cover up for Trump’s misdeeds. He was a lawyer, and he showed no respect for the law. His job for Trump was to twist the law to benefit Trump and to silence those who claimed that Trump had wronged them.

There is a morbid fascination to the book. It confirms everything that Trump’s most rabid critics have said about him. He lies whenever it suits his purposes, and he expects his top executives to lie for him without hesitation. He is unscrupulous, amoral, cynical, and completely…

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2 responses to “My Review of Michael Cohen’s Book about Trump”

  1. Ronald Dennis Chism Avatar
    Ronald Dennis Chism

    “I was Democrat. Not any more. MAKE AMERICA GREAT, whether ‘again’ or for the first time!! VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!!” This is what is left of Ronald Dennis Chism’s comment. I traced Chism’s location through Comcast back to Evanston, Illinois.

    NOTE from this Blog’s host. I deleted most of this ignorant fool’s comment. If you want to turn the United States into a fascist, criminal enterprise without the U.S. Constitution and end up with a brutal dictator that lies about everything even his lies, stay ignorant and full of hate and vote for Trump. If you want to keep the U.S. Constitution that was written to protect the people against their own government and monsters like Donald Trump, vote for Biden.

    1. What I like most about the 1st Amendment is that the government cannot censor me or punish me for my opinions, but as an individual, I can censor anyone I want on my blog because I am not the government. I refuse to let an ignorant fool help Trump spread his lies, conspiracy theories, and fear. That is why I deleted most of your comment.

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