How the Never Trumpers Got into Trump’s Head

Diane Ravitch's blog

Several groups of Never Trumpers have created a media campaign that has gotten under Trump’s skin. He responds to them on Twitter, enlarging their audience. They don’t have loads of money, but they understand very well his egotism, narcissism, and vanity, and they hit their target time and again.

One recent ad from The Lincoln Project is a “Breaking News” headline in which the White House Press Secretary declares that “The president can read.” has posted blistering videos about Trump’s cowardice and betrayals.

Ads from Republican Voters Against Trump are testimonials from ordinary people who say why they would vote for anyone or anything rather than Trump. Even a can of tuna fish. And then there is Trump’s “Death Chart,” which he considers a victory.

This ad “Walk of Courage” was just released.

One of the most prominent members of the group is George Conway III, who…

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