Mary Trump’s Book: A Great Read

onald Trump’s father rewarded him for his bragging, his lying, his cheating, and his willingness to subvert every norm. Donald Trump believes in nothing other than the myth of himself that he invented. Donald Trump was and still is a failure at everything he does except bragging, bullying, lying, and cheating.

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I just finished reading Mary Trump’s family tell-all, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. 

I found it fascinating and horrifying. Mary is the daughter of Fred Trump, Jr., the heir apparent to the family business. The family consisted of paterfamilias Fred Sr. and his wife Mary. Fred Jr., Elizabeth, Maryanne, Donald and Robert.

The Trump family was dysfunctional and cruel. Fred Sr. was never satisfied. He pinched pennies, long after he was a multimillionaire.

When Mary’s father Fred Jr. tried to break free of the family business, he became a TWA pilot. He was the only family member to make a way for himself on his own. But his father called him a “glorified bus driver” and harangued him until he started drinking and lost his job, then returned to the family business. Maryanne struck out on her own and became a…

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One response to “Mary Trump’s Book: A Great Read”

  1. What she said to Rachel Maddow was stunning. It seems that in the family, and in NY they knew that he was ignorant, incompetent and a narcissist that defined narcissism…. but they were unaware of the way he was seen outside their world in NYC… They ALL were shocked that anyone would consider Donald for president because he failed at any and all things he did She talk about how her AUNT was shocked that he was running.EVERYONE KNEW he was a charlatan and a waling disaster, unfit to lead anything.

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