Boosting acflory’s post The Swedish Experiment

Do not let Donald Trump even try, because he is lying, narcissist, and psychopath that will do what Sweden did to let those over 60 die, if he thinks it will get him re-elected.


Dr. Jon Tallinger whistleblower Youtube video

[Video link]


I don’t do this often, but this one seems very important to me.

I have been skeptical of the ‘Swedish Experiment,’ the official Swedish response to the covid-19 pandemic, because anyone who know about epidemiology and vaccines knows that ‘herd immunity’ requires a huge majority of the population to be immune (est. 80-90%).

Then herd immunity makes it unlikely (not impossible) for people to catch the virus from each other, because there are fewer people carrying the virus around.

From the beginning, they said they were relying on people distancing, wearing masks, and behaving like civilized adults, and that this would allow them to not have to shut down the economy.

My friend acflory, on her blog post on Meeka’s Mind, quotes from Dr. Tollinger’s Youtube video above:

The Swedish Experiment

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3 responses to “Boosting acflory’s post The Swedish Experiment”

  1. I can’t bear the POTUS
    Much more than the VIRUS
    For he has been lying
    Even to the dying
    About his true FOCUS

    Here’s a witty video entitled “Opening a Country With a Closed Mind”. It sums up the viral mess quite well.

    In a nutshell:
    The POTUS’ FOCUS is a hocus-pocus.

    1. I like your poem. The POTUS is a VIRUS more lethal than COVID-19

      1. Dear Lloyd Lofthouse,

        I definitely concur with you about the pertinence and urgency of the viral pandemic. Some have claimed that the POTUS has been the biggest and meanest bully of them all.

        Here’s a very succinct and graphical way to encapsulate the POTUS:

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