America Is Burning

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These are the worst of times.

Police brutality in Minneapolis murdered a black man who allegedly used a fake $20 bill. Petty crimes are adjudicated in a court of law. Police do not have the authority or right to use lethal force when confronting an unarmed person. After a long string of similar incidents where black people were unjustly murdered, the killing of George Floyd ignited protests across the nation. Some of the protests turned violent, and fires were burning in widely scattered cities in the midst of confrontations between police and protestors.

Racism is America’s deepest, most intractable sin.

The explosion of protest is unlikely to lead to any productive change until the racists in the White House are ousted and replaced by people who are determined to fight racism. We currently have a government of old white men who have used their words and deeds to stoke the…

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2 responses to “America Is Burning”

  1. Lloyd,
    1. Is Trump the first to be taken to White House bunker because of protesters?
    2. Did you see the news re Camden, NJ police chief and officers participating in peaceful demonstration on May 30?

    1. I haven’t heard about Trump being taken to the White House bunker. I did hear that protestors knocked down or broke through some of the barriers around the White House. Trump is a coward. He probably wet his pants. But, next time we see him or hear about his latest misleading lie-filled attention-getting tweet, he will brag that he wanted to go out and beat the protestors by himself (don’t be surprised if he says he tougher than anyone on the planet and throughout history) but he will say the Secret Service wouldn’t’ let him.

      I did read about Camden and some other cities doing the same thing where the police join the protestors. One or two smaller towns/cities in California did the same thing.

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