Randy Abraham: A Few Good Reasons to Support Joe Biden

If you want to know what Job Biden has done in his life, read this post and ignore Fox and Trump’s assembly line of fake allegations about Biden.

Diane Ravitch's blog

I have one good reason to support Joe Biden. It can be summed up in one five-letter word: Trump.

Reader Randy Abraham offers more reasons:

The twittersphere has recently been aflame over Bernie Sanders’ decision to suspend his presidential campaign, and then his recent endorsement of frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden.

His most fervent supporters contend that Biden offers them nothing beyond a “not-Trump” candidacy.

This is what I say to them.

How about a sane immigration policy that does not separate families in crisis or lock children in cages?

How about health care policy that would boost subsidies for struggling families, lower the eligibility age for Medicare, provide a public option, and negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical firms?

How about forgiving student debts for low income students that were incurred at state and community colleges and historically black colleges and universities?

How about raising the minimum wage?


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One response to “Randy Abraham: A Few Good Reasons to Support Joe Biden”

  1. Thank you for re-publishing Diane Ravitch’s blog post. Anything that helps bring and keep the ‘big picture’ in focus is a needed reminder of what’s at stake in the coming election. Trump throws so much s**t against the wall day after day that we become used to it, resulting in a tendency to lose sight of how truly execrable each succeeding day’s amount of the total accumulation is.

    In short, the President is an egomaniac, an abomination, and a power-mad excuse for a human being who must be defeated before he brings the whole country down to his level.

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