What George Conway Wrote About Trump, the Loser-in-Chief

George Conway reveals who the real Trump is: “He fears being revealed as a fake or deranged, so he’ll call others fake or deranged. Because he fears losing, he’ll call them losers instead.”

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Since the Washington Post is behind a paywall, and since I teased you with Teacher Ken’s brief summary, I thought I would share what Mr. Conway wrote. It was scathing. No matter how low your opinion is of the man who sits in the White House, his is even lower. He sees Trump as the loser and phony that he is. The bottom line is that Trump doesn’t care how many people die. He only cares about himself. He can’t even pretend to care about anyone else.

Americans died from covid-19 at the rate of about one every 42 seconds during the past month. That ought to keep any president awake at night
Not Donald Trump.

Just days ago, the president flipped out at a detailed New York Times article that described how he watches television at all hours, obsessed about how he’s covered in the news. As though…

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3 responses to “What George Conway Wrote About Trump, the Loser-in-Chief”

  1. Read it days ago at the Washington Post – I’m waiting for marital fireworks one of these days. If you can’t at least respect your spouse’s different opinions, there is something very wrong in staying together.

    But not my problem. George is right, IMNVHO. She is a seriously deranged individual with a huge capacity for self-delusion, IMNVHO.

    IIRC, he used to be more Republican?

    1. If George and Kellyanne are still sharing the same house as man and wife, what is keeping them together – their four children maybe?

      1. Those kids are going to have an interesting past! And an interesting relationship with the truth. Republicans and Democrats used to be able to have marriages that worked; I’m wondering if that’s even possible any more.

        Not my business; but feelings are pretty raw in some places.

        Fortunately for our kids, it turns out we’re both pretty liberal Catholic Democrats – and ours turned out more or less the same politics-wise.

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