Fareed Zakaria: Why Is the U.S. Response to the Crisis Inept?

Trump and the leader of North Korea have a lot in common. Both of these tyrants and liars do not care how many of their citizens die because of their brutal incompetence.

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Fareed Zakaria is a regular commentator on world affairs for CNN. This article appeared in the Washington Post on March 12:

The outbreak of an epidemic is something like a natural disaster — a spontaneous, accidental eruption that is no one’s fault. But that does not mean we can do little about it and just wait for it to run its deadly course. The evidence is now clear: The spread of the virus can be greatly reduced if governments act early, aggressively and intelligently. Unfortunately, that does not describe the response of the U.S. government to the coronavirus pandemic.

We can track the speed of the outbreak since January, by which time the virus had spread from China to other countries. In South Korea, after an initial spike, the number of new cases has slowed. Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan — despite lots of travelers from China — have kept…

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7 responses to “Fareed Zakaria: Why Is the U.S. Response to the Crisis Inept?”

  1. I don’t think many of these people are capable of having empathy. If they started out as children with the capacity, it has been destroyed in them by their upbringing.

    Without empathy, they are acting logically: it’s all about them – if they can get away with it.

    1. I think you are talking about Trump and the administration it took more than three years to build as he kept firing competent people and hiring those who have little or no empathy.

      I don’t think many stay long working under Trumpelsiltskin if they have a conscience and a strong sense of self in a positive way..

      1. I don’t know how each person he hires does it! They walk willingly into the firepit, thinking, “He needs me. I will show them how to keep working in this administration.”

        He didn’t even support Sessions!

        It is FAR too easy to anger him, and he expects loyalty; I just don’t get it being given to him.

        Maybe the pardons…

      2. Everyone did not sign on thinking “he (Trump) needs me”. Some of the people he fired or resigned were thinking “The country needs me” like General Mattis. Since taking office, three-quarters of his cabinet and administration has been fired or resigned. I read earlier this morning that Hardly anyone resigned or was fired from Obama’s cabinet and administration for his first four years.

        Trump and the COVID-19 virus were meant to be together, by who or what I do not know, so they could both cause as much damage as possible to the planet and our species.

      3. Those who thought ‘the country needs me’ ALSO thought ‘I can moderate DT’s lack of everything necessary to govern.’ And they seriously underestimated his lacks, in addition.

        He is not biddable, except now, by things going so awful for him (I’m sure he thinks it’s not fair).

        And his reaction – to give the rich more money – is the worst possible one. IMHO.

      4. Trump was born into a wealthy family. His father was a racist and a crook. As freaky as Trump is, he has a similar mindset to someone like Besty Devos, Charles Koch, most if not all of the Wal-Mart Walton family.

        Like Lord Acton, said, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

        Money buys power that leads to corruption. Trump was raised by his father to be corrupt, and Trump’s mentor the mafia lawyer Roy Cohn taught him how to use chaos as a weapon to defeat his enemies. From his father and Cohn, he was taught to always get revenge on anyone that dares to confront him or get in his way. The fact that he is genetically influenced to be a malignant narcissist and psychopath makes Trump’s corruption much worse and as President of the United States a toxic danger to the plant, our species and our Constitutional Republic.

        I saw a photo of Trump this morning from the news as I signed on to the internet. Dr. Fauci was behind the podium talking. Behind the doctor is Mike Pompeo and the look in his eyes and his expression says he is listening to what Dr. Fauci was saying. To Fauci’s right stands Trump and his eyes are vacant; his expression is spaced out, somewhere else, probably in a vacuum without thought. He isn’t hearing a word the doctor is saying.

      5. I agree. Fortunately, though money may buy care in a private hospital for a wealthy person, it won’t keep one alive necessarily.

        Of course, then the money and the attitudes merely go to the next in line.

        Getting rid of income inequality excesses – and people who think they are entitled to be special – is the biggest problem facing humanity.

        Actually, a bigger problem is people VOTING to keep THOSE people in power.

        I can understand the rich and privileged using every means at their disposal to stay that way (what a horrible way to live), but not the poor who vote for them, over and over and over.

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