Bombshell Report About Copycat Legislation Written by ALEC but Adopted by Your State

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Democracy is under attack, not only in D.C., but in the state capitols.

To understand just how serious this attack is, how insidious it is, how well-funded it is, please open the link.

This new USA Today/Arizona Republic/Center for Public Integrity in-depth investigation is a bombshell report on the thousands of “copy-and-paste bills” introduced and passed in state legislatures which purport to represent local interests but instead further a corporate or industry agenda. Among the goals: passing ESA Vouchers that siphon public funds from public education and redirect them to private, religious and home schooling.

ALEC and corporate America are churning out legislation that is introduced in your state under false pretenses as “reform.” Every one of these bills is meant to protect corporations and profiteers, whether in health care or any other industry.

You may have noticed a sudden mushrooming of voucher legislation in state after state. It…

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20 responses to “Bombshell Report About Copycat Legislation Written by ALEC but Adopted by Your State”

  1. They are obviously trying to do as much damage as possible before the people wake up, and hope that not all of it gets reversed when we come to our senses.

    Our system is seriously flawed when the Republicans not only stopped Obama from appointing Garrick to the Supreme Court but also approved, after a joke of a hearing, the two additions proposed by DT. Who will decide the final outcome of these copy/paste laws.

    There is a long hard road ahead; I hope our kids are up for it.

    1. I think the majority of people are already awake (about 60 percent) but they are not willing at this time to do what has to be done to correct what is happening. From everything I’ve read in the last couple of years, MAGA man’s hardcore support is about 28 percent of the population.

      Sad to say, but the people have to suffer a lot more, a lot worse, before they will be desperate enough to risk all the correct what is wrong. History shows us this repeatedly.

      1. Well, they’ve certainly done a good job, that core, of terrifying a good deal of the population into not voting. Or they commit fraud after the votes are in by invalidating them.

        Those of the others who have been complacent have been given a rude awakening – I hope we keep fighting.

        On Youtube there is a video, The Alt-Right Playbook: Always a bigger fish, which brings out clearly the differences in worldview. Everyone is equal – The Founding Fathers (with their definition of who counts as a ‘one’), Jesus, liberals – vs. the hierarchical version of the Republicans and conservatives, where having someone be less than you makes you better.

        We need to retake control – we’ve been allowing ‘them’ to try to change our mind about that equality. While they still have only one vote each.

        There are a whole heck of a lot more of us. Their version requires almost unrelenting hate.

      2. There is a lesson to be learned from thousands of years of history — the only way to get rid of evil is to “get rid” (eradicate the billionaires and millionaires and their extended families that are funding this insanity because there is something really wrong with their DNA and way of thinking) of the people that cause evil.

      3. Just take their money and pour it into programs for everyone. They’re not good without their money, as evidenced by those of them who get caught, and are hung out to flap in the wind. They spend a lot of time whining.

        And stop propping up bad banks and corporations that plan on government handouts. Let capitalism play, but with a socialist solid background (if you even want to call it socialism) of education and healthcare and government supervision of corporate greed.

        And watch carefully, because your government supervisors have a lot of bad apples in each barrel.

        Nice dream, eh?

      4. A perfect dream — BUt to make it come true, someone has to organize 185-million furiously angry Americans to start the second Civil War and forget about Washington DC as a target. Instead make the Walton family and their allies, the Koch brothers and their ALEC allies, and Bill Gates and his allies the targets.

      5. In revolutions, the wrong people always end back up on top. A different set, granted, but not an answer. Not my kind of solution. It’s tempting, but proven bad over and over and over.

        Vote candidates in who have the will to raise the taxes, and stop wasting the revenue.

      6. The other option is to clone AOC several thousand times and elect her and her clones for every elected position in every state and for every seat in both Houses of Congress.

      7. A savior who is unlikely to become a dictator. I’m glad the millennials, etc., are seeing the mess. We have a very narrow window of time to do exactly what you say (without the cloning – we need variety).

        I hope we do – my kids are in that bunch. They vote.

      8. We don’t need one savior. We need the majority of one or more generations to pay attention and step up to vote and protest.

      9. We’ve needed that for a long time. We can thank DT for energizing them – they’re appalled.

      10. It would be incredible if the opposite happened from what DT and the GOP obviously want to happen, and because of MAGA man and the GOP’s obvious support for corruption, fascism, hate, racism, and all-out greed, that more than 200 million eligible voters would register and vote in 2020 and Trump and the GOP go down in overwhelming defeat.

      11. You’re preaching to the choir. The good-guy choir.

        I wish all the people who voted for him for a single issue (abortion is a big one for my church, the Catholic one – I’m a practicing LIBERAL Catholic – and they can’t see how bad he and the gop are for children, pregnant women, the poor… the claim to support) would learn that he is horrible with most of their principles anyway – he is NOT a Christian; the republicans in general are idiots about that.

      12. The GOP has used the abortion issue as a carrot to lure voters to vote for deplorable Republican candidates ever since Roe vs Wade. The abortion issue is no different than the right to own AR-15s issue. Both issues lures ignorant, emotional voters who probably wouldn’t vote if it wasn’t for one or both of those issues.

        I think the three biggest issues the GOP uses to lure voters are:

        1. abortion
        2. the right to own a semi-automatic weapon like an AR=15
        3. the fear of socialism

        All of these issues are kept alive by conservatives.

        My sister and her two daughters are anti-abortion Christians. Back in 2008, my sister and her youngest daughter who is probably in her 40s now went to China with us and they both expressed their opinion that the one-child policy in China was God awful wrong … until they experienced what it was like to be in a country with about the same land surface as the U.S. but with 1.3 billion people. The lesson wasn’t learned until the day we took them to Nanjing Road in Shanghai on one of China’s major holidays and the pedestrian mall was filled with people and there wasn’t enough room to take more than baby steps with people pushing against you on all sides. Then when we went to the subway to catch a ride back to the flat on the outskirts of Shanghai, the press was even worse. There were so many people moving in and out of the subway station near Nangin Road that it was like being in a two-lane river full of fish and no water.

        After that, we never heard them say another word about how horrible the one-child policy and abortion was. Shanghai is a city with 28 million people living in it and that’s just the city not counting the suburbs.

      13. By definition, half the population is below average IQ.

        The big problem with China’s policy – besides the draconian enforcement – was that they didn’t take into account that sons take care of parents; daughters, of their husband’s parents.

        People had no trouble noticing – and aborted female fetuses (or comitted infanticide – oops!) I predicted from the get go that they would have a problem in twenty years or so – angry young men with no possibility of marrying – and so they have. Without wars, or importation of brides (which doesn’t help population), there is a very large and unhappy section of the population of entitled young males!

        Natural consequences. As they say, you can’t talk yourself out of what you behaved yourself into.

        Education was China’s missed ticket – women who are encouraged to continue their educations postpone childbearing (assuming birth control is available), and that gap in the reproduction rate gives societies breathing space.

        I have three children, born when I was 36, 38, and 42. I know people my age who have greatgrandchildren – and are proud of that population pressure.

        Not sure I would wait that long again, but a PhD in Nuclear Engineering isn’t something you can do quickly, and then I needed to get my career going…

        Plus women with more education are far more productive over their lifespan in consumer terms – they have useful skills. Etc.

        Interesting about your sister, but being anti-abortion actually doesn’t shrink abortions – being pro choice, supplying prenatal care, educating teens and giving them choices that include birth control is PROVEN to reduce net abortion numbers, by a LOT. Different kids, different mothers surviving, but definitely fewer abortions.

        I’ve been mad at my church forever over their stupid stance on birth control; most Catholics ignore the old men. I’ve always believed instead on responsible parenthood – where at all possible. This is, of course, a vast overgeneralization.

      14. “being pro choice, supplying prenatal care, educating teens and giving them choices that include birth control is PROVEN to reduce net abortion numbers, by a LOT.”

        Very interesting. First time I’ve heard this.

      15. Statistics from countries that have reasonable humans and democratic socialist governments, such as The Netherlands, Sweden…

        With proper education AND birth control, the kids choose to wait.

        Kids who are only taught abstinence, with too-young marriage as the alternative to birth control, do not have the proper education or tools – and just perpetuate the cycle. And we lose a lot of the girls to botched abortions, because abortions don’t disappear when they are hard to get, they go underground.

        If the goal is to reduce abortion, that’s the way. If the goal is to control women’s bodies and morals at all costs (the real goal), we’re doing fine.

      16. C’mon. Pretend you’re a 14 year old girl in the wrong state. What are your options?

        Consequences apply.

      17. Type ‘birth control effects on abortion rates’ into your search engine and find the statistics you are comfortable accepting.

      18. If several traditional media sources wrote features or news stories about this, then that will be enough. The media contrary to the extreme rights efforts to destroy the news with lies and conspiracy theories by calling the media fake is mostly honest. Bias might creep into a new or feature story but that doesn’t mean the journalist lied. Studies of bias are based on the number of sources interviewed or cited and adjectives a writer will use to determine bias. Bias does not me3an FAKE. However, extreme bias can be misleading because that means the writer deliberately focused only on sources taht supported what he wants his readers to think.

        Real Clear Politics rates many if not all media sources based on bias that appears in their stories.

        “RealClearPolitics is a political news and polling data aggregator based in Chicago, Illinois. The site’s founders say their goal is to give readers “ideological diversity”. Politico Executive Editor Jim VandeHei has called the site “an essential stop for anyone interested in politics.”

        “The site was founded in 2000 by former options trader John McIntyre and former advertising agency account executive Tom Bevan. Forbes Media LLC bought a 51% equity interest in the site in 2007.[8] RCP has expanded to include a number of sister sites.”

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