Daniel Dale: How to Know When Trump Is Lying

When Trump opens his mouth, he lies. When Trump tweets, he lies. When Trump sleeps, his dreams are filled with lies. Read this post and discover more about Trump’s endless lies.

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Daniel Dale is a reporter for the Toronto Star. This article appeared in the New Zealand Herald. He is obsessed with fact-checking Trump. During the 2016 campaign, Trump said, “No one respects women more than me.” Recently he said, “No one is less racist than me.” He is a master at projecting his own faults on others. The classic example occcurred during one of the presidential debates when Hillary said, We don’t need a president who is a puppet of Putin,” and he immediately said, “you are the puppet,” and then they both again said, “you are the puppet,” like children in a schoolyard. Recently in Paris, at a meeting of European leaders, a photographer snapped a photograph of Putin approaching Trump, and Trump was uncharacteristically beaming. He usually scowls. For Putin, an unusual big smile.

Dale writes:

I’ve made it my mission to fact-check every word Donald Trump…

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