Trump’s “Preposterous ‘Collusion is Not a Crime’ Defense”

Trump is allegedly guilty. The next step is to erase the word “allegedly” and judge him guilty through the Congress and the courts. Trump doesn’t want the next step to take place and has demonstrated that he is willing to destroy the United States if that is what it will take.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Rudy Guiliani and Trump have recently contended that “collusion is not a crime” but real lawyers know that “collusion” is a straw man, not the issue. A friend sent me a post that explains why the word “collusion”is actually shorthand for very serious crimes.

The term “collusion” may be useful shorthand for describing an illicit political alliance between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, but it has been far less productive as a framework for understanding possible illegal conduct committed as a result of that association. Alan Dershowitz has seized on the point there is no election law “crime” of collusion and thinks that settles matters: no crime, and therefore no grounds for impeachment. Now Rudy Giuliani has embraced this theory of the case, apparently motivated by the renewed attention to the Trump campaign meeting with a Kremlin delegation in 2016 and the reports that Michael Cohen is ready…

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