A Fast Track to Citizenship: Marry Donald Trump or Be Parents of His Wife

Every individual that still supports Donald Trump is willingly blind, deaf, and mute, and/or a total hypocrite — ignorance is no excuse.

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From today’s Washington Post:

THE BIG IDEA: Donald Trump is the do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do president. For years, he ripped Barack Obama for taking summer vacations to Martha’s Vineyard and told voters he’d be too busy governing to golf if he got elected. On Thursday, Trump hit the links again on his 11-day summer vacation in New Jersey.

As he did so, his Slovenian in-laws attended a naturalization ceremony in Manhattan. Viktor and Amalija Knavs were able to become U.S. citizens because their daughter, Melania, sponsored them. Trump decries this form of family reunification and has moved aggressively to block other parents from following their children to America.

It’s part of the president’s campaign to reduce the flow of illegal and legal immigrants, even though three of his son Barron’s four grandparents came to this country via what he denigrates as “chain migration.”

The White House declined to answer questions about whether…

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2 responses to “A Fast Track to Citizenship: Marry Donald Trump or Be Parents of His Wife”

  1. And how does one get to marry Donald Trump? She does as he says AND as he does. She grabs his genitals! Easy. I can do that. But I won’t. She will. Listen up you bachelorettes who want to marry a billionaire!

    1. She was his mistress when he was married to wife #2 and he even cheated on her when she was his mistress waiting to replace #2.

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