“Democracy”: The Attack on Our Democracy, Hidden in Plain Sight

Diane Ravitch's blog

A blogger who identifies as “democracy” posted this comment, with which I agree.

The bottom line is that Trump has lots and lots of Russian “mob” money, in Russia, the mob and the state are one and the same.

Trump has tapped tons of Russian moola, which is one reason he’s refused to release his tax returns, and in all likelihood, why Republicans in Congress refuse to force their release. Those returns would prove definitively the financial ties. But even without them, the ties have been well-established. The Financial Times did a deep look into the building of the Trump Tower in Toronto:

“Legal documents, signed statements and two dozen interviews with people with knowledge of the project and the money that flowed through it reveal that the venture connects the US president with a shadowy post-Soviet world where politics and personal enrichment merge…”

“it has become increasingly clear that…

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