Middle School Suicides Double As Common Core Testing Intensifies

The autocratic, for-profit, corporate movement to privatize all of the public sectors, even the public schools, is murdering our children.


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Here’s a high stakes testing statistic you won’t hear bandied about on the news.

The suicide rate among 10- to 14-year-olds doubled between 2007 and 2014 – the same period in which states have increasingly adopted Common Core standards and new, more rigorous high stakes tests.

For the first time, suicide surpassed car crashes as a leading cause of death for middle school children.

In 2014, the last year for which data was available, 425 middle schoolers nationwide took their own lives.

To be fair, researchers, educators and psychologists say several factors are responsible for the spike, however, pressure from standardized testing is high on the list.

In fact, it is a hallmark of other nations where children perform better on these tests than our own.

In our efforts to emulate these countries, we’ve inadvertently imported their child suicide problem.

In South Korea, one of the highest performing nations…

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2 responses to “Middle School Suicides Double As Common Core Testing Intensifies”

  1. This is a preventable tragedy. Too many schools are no longer about education, they are about punishing children. They are about seeing how much emotional pain can be inflicted onto children before they break. The current elementary school environment looks as if it was designed by Dr Josef Mengele. Maybe it was.
    It has been said that when the Holocaust ended in Europe, it moved to America. The released classified CIA documents of that era show that after WWII, Dr Mengele’s death was faked in S America so that the CIA could secretly bring him to the US to conduct mind control experiments that included the military and a number of leading universities. Obviously, like a computer virus that is self generating and hides its tracks well, it looks like he has planted his brain bug into those in Washington who control the youth of America.
    The extreme anxiety this “unnatural” school environment is creating in young people, especially in gifted overly responsible children, is the self punishing destructive type that shows up as addictions, first beginning as workaholism, then leading into alcoholism and other comfort seeking addictions. This “unnatural” intentional stress forces children to cope with dissociation, which research shows leads to mental illness and personality disorders. It produces the covert Dr Jekell Mr Hyde behavior that is characteristic with workaholism and codependency. One NY state psychological organization gave this epidemic of self punishing behavior a special name. I call it what it is…..”trauma induced unnatural” bonding”. It is the same method used to create slaves, or passive followers of abusive authority. There is a sinister element to why so many ‘overly responsible” adults have mind blindness to the harm this environment is creating for children.

    1. And this started with President Nixon when he signed into law the poverty/illiteracy/illegal drug use to prison pipeline. Then President Reagon doubled down on Nixon’s legislation and, in addition, released a flawed and fraudulent report called A Nation at Risk when war was declared on our community based, democratic, transparent, non-profit, traditional public schools leading to George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind (really meaning that every child that doesn’t do what the oligarchs want them to do in school will end up in that pipeline to prison).

      Next was President Obama’s obsession, with help from Bill Gates, to push the Common Core Crap and these rank and punish high stakes tests.

      Today, the United States is no longer a republic and/or a democracy, and the U.S. Constitution is ignored as its laws and restrictions on our leaders is abused daily by #FakePresident Donald Trump and most of the Republican Party thanks to the corporate welfare collecting, poverty wage paying, labor union hating Walton WalMart family, and the extreme right Koch brothers and their ALEC organization and the Tea Party People the Koch’s financed. Most of #FakePresident Trump’s cabinet belong to ALEC and are Koch brothers’ minions.

      America’s real public schools are the way they are because of what these monsters have done.

      And to do what’s right, all the United States has to do with its traditional public schools is follow Finland’s example. So simple. So easy. Except that’s not what the extremist, corrupt, malignant oligarchs that worship at the altar of avarice want.

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