What is the Lying Malignant Narcissist Planning for the VA Medical System?

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The popular-vote loser and allegedly illegitimate President Donald Trump wants to privatize the Veterans Administration. The Liar-in-Chief claims that vets are not getting the medical care they deserve.

But Bill Moyers.com reports, “Scamming US Veterans: Efforts to Privatize Veterans Administration’s Health System … Evidence suggests that a privatized system would make worse any problems veterans now face in getting care — and it is likely to cost more money.”

The VA currently has 168 VA Medical Centers (hospitals) and 1,053 outpatient sites.

How much do you think the VA infrastructure is worth – all those hospitals and clinics that were built with public funds over the last century – Trillions?

Just one of the 168 VA hospitals, the one in Palo Alto, has over 800 beds, including three nursing homes and a 100-bed homeless domiciliary – all to serve more than 67,000 enrolled Veterans.  Although the cost of building…

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One response to “What is the Lying Malignant Narcissist Planning for the VA Medical System?”

  1. Well of course. Privatized schools, privatized prisons, soon to be privatized VA hospitals, and I’m sure after that, privatized Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Hey, as long as the already wealthy can pay less taxes and make more more money, what’s not to like? For them, at least. Not for the rest of us. ☹️

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