How to End Trump’s Reign of Malevolent Ignorance

Diane Ravitch's blog

Everywhere I turn, people are citing the Indivisible Guide.

These are the former Congressional staff members who wrote a guide to making change.

The Indivisibles are connecting people with their neighbors.

Their guide encourages people to attend Town Halls and to speak directly with their elected representatives. It shows what members of Congress care about.

The Trump apologists call them “paid protesters,” but at each Town Hall, individuals get up and say where they live and announce that no one is paying them.

They are worried about their health care, their Social Security, their public schools.

They are worried about Trump’s ties to Russia.

They want to know why their Senator or Congress member is not doing their job. They want answers. They are informed.

This is your democracy. Fight for it!

The introduction:


“Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making…

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