The Story Trump Hopes to Bury–Or Has Already Buried

What is Putin’s hold over Trump, the malignant narcissist in the White House?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Now that Trump controls the FBI, the CIA, and the Attorney General, there is one story he wants you to forget about. Before the election we learned that the intelligence agencies agreed that the Russian government interfered in our election to benefit Trump.

“That this story is constantly forgotten behind a barrage of daily nonsense is both maddening and astounding. At the very least, we know that …

• Trump’s campaign manager worked directly for Russia to subvert the government of the Ukraine, and was paid millions of dollars to generate “spontaneous demonstrations” in which US Marines were attacked in order to give Putin an excuse to seize Crimea.

• The Russian assistant ambassador is on record saying that, despite numerous denials, Russia was in contact with the Trump campaign on a regular basis.

• The only item where the Trump campaign forced a change in the Republican platform—the only…

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2 responses to “The Story Trump Hopes to Bury–Or Has Already Buried”

  1. I knew his days were numbered when that fascist Bannon threw out of the Security Council — the Joint Chief of Staff and the Director of the CIA. I figured out that ‘messing’ with the spy agency and the military was going to make powerful enemies, and I knew the world was watching, and waiting for those behind the scene to emerge.

    I assumed that the ‘intelligence community’ would know ‘wuz up’– i.e UNCOVER all the corrupt connections with Russian which abound in Trumpworld! Thanks to the 24/7 internet”.which works both ways– we are now getting a view that was hidden.

    1. One down and many more to go. Next, Public Enemy #1, Rasputin-Goebbels Steve Bannon. I think he is more dangerous than #2, the malignant narcissist President Littlefingers Donald Trump. Bannon needs a boot to the butt to kick him out of the White House or a bullet to the brainpan, and then bury his butt sixty feet deep and backfill with concrete so he can’t dig his vampire ass out. Better yet, broil him to ash and shoot his carbon soot to the sun.

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