WSJ: McCain Will Stand Up to Trump

Will McCain block the Malignant Narcissist in the White House from destroying the United States and the U.S. Constitution?

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While other Republican senators and congressman cower, Senator John McCain will not bow and scrape to Trump.

The Wall Street Journal writes today (sorry, can’t find the link–if you do, send it):

Sen. McCain has served notice he is the Republican lawmaker most willing to defy the new Republican president

The maverick is unleashed.

Sen. John McCain, famously independent-minded and fresh from his own resounding re-election victory, has served notice that he is the Republican lawmaker most willing to defy the new Republican president.

Some fret over how to handle their disagreements with Donald Trump; Mr. McCain exhibits no such uncertainty.

In just over a week’s time, Mr. McCain has called the new Trump ban on immigration from a set of Muslim-majority countries a recruiting boon for Islamic State radicals; threatened to codify Russian economic sanctions into law to prevent Mr. Trump from lifting them; called the president’s decision to…

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One response to “WSJ: McCain Will Stand Up to Trump”

  1. I am a democrat but have always admired McCain. Not so much for his views, but for sticking up for them whether or not they were popular. I am disappointed that most other republicans are content to stay quiet. I am extremely ashamed of democrats for being silent while waiting to see whose team to be on. Cowards on both sides, it is sad to see!

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