Does Tulsi Gabbard represent the future of the Democratic Party and the United States?

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I was introduced to another rising star in the Democratic Party today.

Her name is Tulsi Gabbard. She represents the 2nd District of Hawaii in the House of Representatives; she is a combat vet and a major in the Hawaii Army National Guard.

Tulsi is impressive; quite possibly a hero, the future of the United States; the future of the Democratic Party.

I’m suggesting that we start to support candidates, NOW, for the elections in 2018 and 2020, and then mention them on as many blogs as possible. Even if you don’t agree with her, tell us why and mention her name.  It’s time to leave the Hillary Clintons and Donald Trumps behind and forge a new future for politics in America.

To be clear, I want Tulsi Gabbard’s name known across the Untied States.


Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine, Vietnam Veteran, retired public school teacher…

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8 responses to “Does Tulsi Gabbard represent the future of the Democratic Party and the United States?”

  1. Doesn’t really look like it, Lloyd. Read the responses to your comment about Tulsi on Diane Ravitch’s blog:

    I’ve done a bit more research myself, emailing a few friends in Hawaii, and she very much seems like a Blue Dog Dem. We don’t need any more of them, they may as well be Republicans.

    1. Did you check her record at Vote Smart? I liked what I saw. Her positions; and her voting record. If we wait for someone that is a perfect match for what we think, we will be waiting forever.

      1. I did, but I am not nearly as fond of Vote Smart as you are.

      2. I’m curious why you aren’t as fond of Vote Smart.

        Is there a better site to learn what an elected official has actually done vs what the traditional and social media alleges claims she’d and how she thinks? I’m a firm believer in paying attention to what they do and not what someone else says they did.

        For instance, Tulsi voted for and supported Bernie at the DNC, not Hillary. She’s for women having the legal right to decide what to do with their bodies. She also supports the 2nd Amendment. I don’t know what her stand is on public education yet.

      3. Vote Smart has had some serious staffing problems going on the past few years. See:
        And read the comments, some of which are from former staffers.
        They did not handle their staff layoffs well, they had a lot of problems that went on at their Montana ranch (that they eventually sold), including three deaths and some emergency trips to the hospital, and I just plain don’t like Richard Kimball. He does not seem to be exactly, how shall I say it, a good boss.
        I look at the Congressional Records, especially the Daily Digest, to find out how Senators and Reps voted. I look at the Center for Reaponsive Politics website to track campaign contributions to various politicians, as well as what lobbying firms and individiduals are up to.
        Of course, YMMV.

      4. thank you

        Too bad Vote Smart is having management problems. The site is a good idea. But even with these management and money problems, does the site still report the facts without bias?

      5. Yes, Lloyd, it seems to be good about reporting the facts.
        But I, for one, am not willing to encourage them with clicks and eyeballs for their website. At least, not until Richard Kimball retires and they restructure their management to treat their employees better.
        Just as, I do not shop at WalMart because they treat their employees like shit. I do not feel that I can, morally or ethically, support any non-profit, or for-profit company, which does not do right by their employees.
        But that’s just me. As I said, YMMV. And I think that I am through talking to you about this, because we seem to have a huge disagreement about this, and it’s not worth arguing with you about it.

      6. Agree to disagree. I haven’t shopped at Walmart for decades. I also avoid SAM’s club since it is a member of the Walmart Walton family. I also think we should all boycott all of the Koch brothers products. They sell a lot more than just oil.

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