Time to Focus on Trump and Stop Demonizing Hillary

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I planned to post this as a comment but it grew into a full-blown post. One of our daily readers, named Joe, voted for Bernie in the primaries but then supported Hillary in the general election. He wrote a comment a few hours ago urging other readers to stop criticizing and demonizing Hillary and to recognize the present danger to our nation.

I responded to Joe as follows:

Thanks, Joe. I too am tired of people continuing to kick Hillary. What’s the point? There’s no doubt in my mind that Comey handed the election to Trump. I recently read an article that said the FBI is known internally as Trumplandia. His intervention 11 days before the election was unprecedented and highly prejudicial to her campaign.

This <a href=”http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2016/12/08/what-james-comey-did/”>article</a> sums up my view: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2016/12/08/what-james-comey-did/

I don’t understand the deep-seated hatred that some people have for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I think they…

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3 responses to “Time to Focus on Trump and Stop Demonizing Hillary”

  1. All the pro-Clinton folks should read Listen Liberal: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25666062-listen-liberal
    Hillary, like all neo-liberals, was campaigning on red herring social issues which did not threaten the corporate/war/police privatizing state – the one which gives us charter schools and high-stakes testing. You best read that book, LL.

    1. I never said I was pro-clinton. What is it you don’t understand about “Time to Focus on Trump and Stop Demonizing Hillary”? The Clintons are now history. There is no way Hillary will run for president again. She might return to the Senate but that is about it. The Bush Dynasty and the Clinton Dynasty are over and part of history.

      Trump, and his deplorable Alt-Right movement, is way more dangerous to the republic our Founding Fathers gave us in the United States Constitution than Presidents G. W. Bush, Obama, and Bill Clinton ever were. Trump is even more dangerous than Nixon and Reagan were. Since Hillary isn’t the next president and never will be a U.S. President, the only reason to keep bashing her is because you belong to Trump’s Alt-Right movement that hates everything and everyone that isn’t a certified deplorable biased hate monger educated by the Alt-Right hate-media machine that churns out nothing but repeated lies and misinformation. That is my current opinion, an opinion that the 1st Amendment allows me to express.

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