Andrew Sullivan: Trump and the Danger of Fascism

Who is the psycho,narcissistic,autocratic, micromanaging, sexist, racist, fascist fraud who might be the next President of the United States?

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Andrew Sullivan is no fan of Hillary Clinton. He expresses his strong dislike of her in this article, but his focus is on what a Trump presidency might mean for the future of the nation. He says we are facing the abyss. He hesitates to use the word, but on several occasions in the article, he suggests that Trump has the character and attitudes of a fascist.

He writes:

The most frustrating aspect of the last 12 months has been the notion that we have been in a normal, if truly ugly, election cycle, with one extremely colorful and unpredictable figure leading the Republican Party in an otherwise conventional political struggle over policy. It has been clear for months now, it seems to me, that this is a delusion. A far more accurate account of the past year is that an openly proto-fascist cult leader has emerged to forge a…

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9 responses to “Andrew Sullivan: Trump and the Danger of Fascism”

  1. Trump is the most corrupt and evil person that I can tell ; God knows how he is . Critical times hard to handle . People are wild as beast .


    1. I agree. He is a horrible person who hasn’t earned the right to even call himself human.

      1. { Bill Gates , Donald Trumps should read this . I’m going to loss my time ? Maybe my life ? I’m not going to say anything because they Religions is Money }

      2. Religion is a business and the more money a region has, the more powerful it is, and God is not the CEO of religions. Individual spirituality and individual belief in God is not a business. If God supports any religion, the Old Testament reveals what that one religions is.

      3. Lloyed God JW is the only one organization , as I know JW has no many corporations numbers because the’r is no owner , because Charters scholls are stolen from others , those Crocks tried the Jw because , they confuse we are weacks

      4. I agreed with you and I told people that God is the only one . Judges are corrupts but God is not . I’m fighting against corruption and theses Crocks are so stupid because they don’t want to know that I fight for they kids because they have kids . I’m wrong ?
        I’m sorry I don’t have time no money and they stolen my time but they kids are not Guilty .
        God knows , I’m not guilty because God is the only person who has been involved with this and you but , Others did not care about it.
        I’m wrong ?
        God knows , I’m not saying that JW are Perfect , others can’t say JW are Dooms or worts .

  2. I would like to believe that all people who vote for Trump aren’t crazy, but how can anyone in their right mind think he’s the better choice? I fear for our country if this petulant child wins. I would like there to be a United States for my son, and future generations. Now the FBI is involved in this election? First people couldn’t deal with a black president, now (hope to God) a woman. I just don’t get it.

    1. Pew Research asked why people were voting for Trump and 55 percent said they weren’t voting for him when they vote for him, but the are voting against Hillary Clinton. The are not the deplorables that are Donald Trump’s hard core followers who are voting for him, but they are using flawed logic as an excuse. If Trump wins, everyone will pay the price before he is done if he is ever done, because for sure, he will attempt to do away with 22nd Amendment to the Constitution so he can become President for Life. It is very difficult for me to imagine Trump gracefully leaving the White House after 4 or 8 years and fading away from the media spotlight. Let us hope and pray Trump is crushed in this election with Hillary winning by a landslide in the Electoral College and with the poplar vote.

      1. Good grief! That’s certainly a frightening thought!

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