Newsweek: Donald Trump’s Companies Systematically Destroyed Emails and Records in Defiance of Court Orders

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Kurt Eichenwald, writing in Newsweek, discovered that Donald Trump’s companies routinely destroyed emails that might prove incriminating, in defiance of court orders.

Over the course of decades, Donald Trump’s companies have systematically destroyed or hidden thousands of emails, digital records and paper documents demanded in official proceedings, often in defiance of court orders. These tactics—exposed by a Newsweek review of thousands of pages of court filings, judicial orders and affidavits from an array of court cases—have enraged judges, prosecutors, opposing lawyers and the many ordinary citizens entangled in litigation with Trump. In each instance, Trump and entities he controlled also erected numerous hurdles that made lawsuits drag on for years, forcing courtroom opponents to spend huge sums of money in legal fees as they struggled—sometimes in vain—to obtain records.This behavior is of particular import given Trump’s frequent condemnations of Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent, for having deleted more than 30,000…

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2 responses to “Newsweek: Donald Trump’s Companies Systematically Destroyed Emails and Records in Defiance of Court Orders”

  1. Gosh, what a surprise. Sweet little Donald wouldn’t do THAT, would he? I only wish it would make a difference to those who insist that he is a better choice than Clinton.

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