Trump’s Clever, Risky Plan to Win the Presidency and/or Destroy the Republican Party

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A stunning story in Bloomberg BusinessWeek reveals Donald Trump’s end game: Suppress the Hillary vote. Target certain audiences and bombard them on the Internet with negative stories that discourage them from turning out.

Joshua Green and Sasha Issenberg went “inside the Trump bunker” to learn the campaign’s strategizing. Trump has abandoned traditional fund-raising events and is replying now exclusively on the Web to find campaign contributions. He has a small team with pre-written Tweets, ready to go to synchronize with his speeches. He has a highly sophisticated data team, conducting its own polling. His campaign is led not by veteran political operatives but by people skilled at marketing. Marketing the candidate is no different from marketing any other product.

They write:

When Bannon joined the campaign in August, Project Alamo’s data began shaping even more of Trump’s political and travel strategy—and especially his fundraising. Trump himself was an avid pupil…

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14 responses to “Trump’s Clever, Risky Plan to Win the Presidency and/or Destroy the Republican Party”

  1. Disgusting – but right in line with recent Republican philosophy toward Obama. Winning at *any* cost seems to be all that matters to the Republican Party Bosses anymore – and Trump is a perfect poster boy for that particular idea. Sick – and diagnostic, actually.

    God help us ALL.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

      1. Especially those who don’t seem to deserve it. I doubt that anything humans can say or do will change their misguided minds – and they are allowed to VOTE. ::silent scream::

      2. I know, and even though the odds/forecasts keep predicting that Hillary will win, I can’t help but think we’ll wake up on November 9th with Trump the Fuhrer as our leader for life, and when he dies, one of his son’s will take over as the next Emperor.

      3. I am VERY afraid of the very same thing – especially since I don’t have the means to expatriate.

      4. Yes, where would most Americans move to if their income is tied to the U.S.? How would we support ourselves if we moved to Costa Rica or New Zealand, for instance – that is if they’d let us in?

      5. What if the other countries decided to close their borders against Americans – as der tweeting Fuhrer suggests we do to them? We would be like German Jews, with no place to escape.

        People have told me I am worried about something that is not going to happen here – but isn’t that what they said to Germans who were trying to leave well before the Holocaust?

        The ones who got out early represented a small percentage – the ones who got out at all.

      6. I haven’t thought that far into an endless, never wrong about anything, Donald Trump presidency. If he wins, and it comes to that, I have lived more than 71 years so if DT’s bully, deplorable, storm troopers come to collect me for a DT death camp, I plan to go out fighting and take as many as I can with me. :o)

      7. Assuming he doesn’t blow up the planet first, of course – or totally bankrupt the county in his attempt to build a Donald Trump Memorial Wall around the entire country.

        I don’t know what I’d do – suicide by storm trouper, I guess. Given his views on women, ain’t no WAY I’d let myself be taken alive.

        I know I sound t-toally crazy, but I have never been so afraid in my life. No matter who wins, I don’t trust Trump to behave himself like a rational human being. The man hates to lose and has already proven his willingness to do (and say) anything to “get back at his enemies.”

        Let us pray.

      8. And DT’s enemies are anyone who criticized him in writing, for instance, blog posts, comments, e-mails, and voted against him in the election. That will probably be close to 80 million or more Americans, just for the voters, slated for punishment, loss of citizenship, extermination, or all three.

        Oh, I forgot the 11 million illegal immigrants, every Muslim on the planet, and every individual who is a minority in the U.S. For sure, DT would roll the US back to the Jim Crow era where all minorities are second class citizens.

      9. Only some of the 1% would survive intact as well. McCarthy will be proven to have been a lightweight. ::shiver::

      10. I heard he also wants to get even with any billionaires that didn’t do what he wanted or refused to support him. He has been quoted saying he will make them pay.

      11. And he will, I have NO doubt – even if it means cutting off his nose to spite their faces.
        xx, mgh

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