Massachusetts: Billionaires Ready to Pour Up to $18 Million into Charter Referendum

It isn’t if, it’s when will they come for the traditional public school in your state?

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Jonathan Pelto reports on the big money that will flow into the Massachusetts referendum on expanding charters. Most of it will flow from the coffers of hedge fund managers, who never showed any prior interest in improving public schools but get excited by the opportunity to privatize them.

He writes:

A group of billionaires and corporate executives are using a front group called Great Schools Massachusetts and the New York based charter school advocacy group, Families for Excellent Schools, to pour an unprecedented amount of money into a campaign to expand the number of charter schools in Massachusetts.

According to published reports, the charter school industry is on track to dump up to $18 million into a record-breaking campaign in support of Massachusetts Question 2, a referendum question on this year’s ballot that would effectively lift the legislatively mandated cap on the number of charter schools in the Commonwealth of…

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  2. All I know is that I know everything and Diane and Lloyed are the top list leaders are those 2 all others are not in my list that is why I’ll keep post of any frauds here in down south ( Dade county Fl own this reals leathers .

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