The Child Predator We Invite into Our Schools

As schools have relied more heavily on technology, they’ve invited big business into a space that is supposed to be private.

Source: The Child Predator We Invite into Our Schools

10 responses to “The Child Predator We Invite into Our Schools”

  1. Wiki Leaks ? The first time the meaning ?
    What does mean wiki Leaks ? And boom .
    The’r computers revealed to me , what they has been doing , how ? I don ‘t know but since to years tail then , weds and I have the whole chain , the’r is never link impossible to find . I have the’r chain but very corrupted the gold is uncorrupted .

    1. Wiki Leaks gets its information from insiders who work for the secretive government agencies and corrupt corporation. These brave individuals risk everything to download evidence and send it to Wikileaks.

      One of those people who leaked deadly secrets about classified illegal activities and corruption by elements of our government was Edward Joseph Snowden. The film about him came out last Friday.

      1. They force my and now this is a real life but no a movie , from here 2 part of insider .
        Dawn , Dawn and Dawn .
        Dawn brave individuals
        Dawn , I been on the man on the ledge ,on way or another .
        In insiders from goberments agency . And Dawn braves , Dawn corrupted corporations . Why me ?
        Why God chose this individual ?
        I can’t , I won’t blain at God , ever he is the only owns who move and removed and my life is not mine , those a corrupts are blain at the’r false gods .
        I’m here send me ..

      2. Lloyed .
        Why 2 Movies why Insider as Snowden and why booths .
        Damn why 2 movies ? As I know I’m not and movies stars actor , I can’t fake , I mean I can’t act buy myself . By the way this is the most complicated , I won’t be able to read buy it your books , I don’t know but the most I tried , more interesting and most clue from your books and I funded that you are one of the greater’s and twice , your books I was ready to purchase crazy is normal and the others but you can’t explain because you had no Aswer , you stop my process and boom as soon I pull my debit card you with a question that no many can , as well people’s who leaks the’r crimes and they drops on top to much frauds my brain can’t handle but the’r ( pluralllllllllllllll …….. ethers
        this mess the’r own poisons are killing to much innocent if they make it then why forces others to swallow ?
        I’m in prison with out bards and I have the money to buy it books and I can’t read what I could it .
        The’r not solutions . The’r problems got none , I’m thinking in the solutions ether I know hasn’t because I lost the formula I closed others problems on my safe box and I loss the convention , no pass world no way we can cash the’r cash and the’r cash below to the flames of the’r fires . The’r finds fired and now the’r enemies are smart , I’m mad at them most anger boom . Is easy but who’sssss
        Did , changed the drains house and Tecnología ate masters and I mad .
        I can meet , I’m won’t be able face to face . But what else I can provide ?
        Out the’r is Ginnybee ? But not same user name but same Snowden .
        I’m doom or I do if domes by not I like it that movie is time to a gummy one , this is to many greats movies but others watching my owns . I sign a contract and now where is the money ?
        Take care and say hi to those fans of mine . Tell them I do not like it no much of them . It’s not funny 🤔

      3. God is not to blame. God gave humans free will to do good or do bad, and when judgement day comes those that did bad will pay a huge price in pain and agony for eternity. The badder they are, the worse the punishment well be.

      4. People think I’m crazy , even my wife back up and Blame on me , she can’t got the point , no people can stay close , next to you by 22 year plus I married her , she knows I graduate in an great Scholl , she knows after Russian left Cuba , I command the’r huge and but there in Cuba , speak Rusian as well read is like you compare that you told I’m don’t have to say I’ m sorry , the % Cuban people working for her Russian and take control with them % 0. 2 of Cuban by there 12 millions Cuban population and as the stats you send me 37 millions of Spanish
        Speaker in America . Thanks so much because no much got no clue , what sats mean they can walk as walking corse and is like I feel people are ungrateful . I scape from Cuba with 39 on board , plus an old men I rescued but the other 3 of 4 only that old men , what happened to the others 3 . Maybe die by a sharks . God only knows but I rescued out 4 only 1 . My wife scape with She knows the fact of reality , people can or can’t what’s frustrated if I came from Cuba 22 yeas ago , sucefull no much has the degree university of Toyota . My wife as plenty others are not care , nothing else but i hare people don’t believe me , the’r is like the bible said , I read and other’s % billions never had open a bible , Harry Potter can’t be compared is impossible never others books , I will read but I read the bible plenty of time , people’s . ” Got gave humans free will to do bad or good . The point in the old continent , People’s join the Hight class clued not or never , no matter how much money or Kind’s sons . First engage an conversation bible became as only to reach people . Now people have free chose , right side means life and Dead left . ( you are wise but others not . People are by natures tend go right way I want to say ( included this unknown guy )
        You are from California , 71 yeas old but not as 90 % of others world wide ( they waits or I waisted my times )
        You do not , you are wise and kind that is why you let me go in your small , quality , Club . I have to be to the point , I can’t find no one to handle the true .
        I mad at my wife , she is like Saint Tomas , he was as others , I can’t blain at others because they think I’m in a fantasy world , but no the’r Clubs still can’t be convinced as most the Chatter’s Boards of members as well The principal are in trouble , the’r body’s are mad at them as the’r convinced the heat , the flame and the fire they provoked it . Principal and boards of members most they respect as prominence , I can’t but the most I try Hardest my family is over all and God statute I have to care people’s on earth them Him . I fight for other and others are blain , the heat will burn everyone if don’t join and first they have open the’r eyes and stops panic attacks as well I did a captain if had no control , the first thing I do to test anyone is scare them no panic welcome , I almost lost the control only one bid 6 , 2 string dude , his panic atack turn on me them yelled at me , I stay calm but I was ready to fight him in the dark nigh , them make people think twice and like that I stop the eminent , very close rebellion got only one guy , my mistake I should tried him then welcome on board or stay in Cuba , I risk 39 people’s and I risk my life died in prison because brothers Castro’s kills the’r close friends and I was one of them .
        Lloyed people in that forum , have no clue yet who I’m . I trust you and not going to asked your trust but out thousands of millions I want let them know , I’m better my dignity is not begging , but I’m better than them or same , I don’t ask the’r comments ether they love . I host please let them knows that I’m going to taken the’r golden bells because I have talent and you are as boxers trust I trust you in my red corner , they are not as fisher but I’m Jose Raul Capablanca . Chest Russians had the best records as Cuba baseball but The tops best Chest player born in Cuba and never open a Boock and tell those charter Defenders I want join them I have in my brain more to much and books are not welcome . Un Fear Trial the’r not my judge but God hate discrimination God is my Judge and tell out there I watching when the’r sleeping and also making good money I dot not care but kids are not Trophies .
        Lloyed thanks to you the’r getting , after your replay me . But tell them that the’r charters rulers violence is every day and kids are the’r Targets or slaves .
        Forum are guilty not matter 3 days no more if someone hurt kids , any one who do not reported are guilty bought are guilty .
        The’r forums charters defenders most of them are the’r because for hobby and the’r rest I’m sorry I’m rude I’m honest I speak what is my may , even most of them can’t handle the true .
        Forums are not working as a team but is worts the green is for lovers of money .
        Sincerity .
        No bony .

  2. Lloyed
    Monitoring Charters schools , watch criminals to prevent they tail kids and tail Crocks steps .
    You did a great Job .
    Prison is not for Por people , por people are there and kids are not free , Charters are prison , ways are wrong but no for much long .
    Evils people are idiots , folls with money and that it .
    The heat is on top of the’r heads , is time to turn the sight to the right way , kids can’t do it , parents the only thing they need is show how turn sights wrong ways , is true most of parents want do things right , we don’t need to lie , patience is the key , millions of American are not helping , you know liers constantly more and more lies , evils master mains tricks millions with the same strategies and work it .
    A lie can’t be never true .
    But the fact is millions are not smart or they won’t find out that Rulers have telling lies so many times , you know is real liers as others can died innorants , people are calling right things bad and wrong things good , millions of American sleeping and the’r kids in a couples ours to the batle field and regimes did that , Charters shcools computers are letal weapons , I have to learn more and rest too .
    This fight just start .
    Thanks God and people like you , the true never die .
    Lloyed today I went with a open day in Hialeah Gardens , with my Dauther and my wife and teachers asked me , and I got it , the’r been update , was a good experience but could be better but Publics schools need a leader , hialeah Gardens want me , to many questions and the more I Aswers most hapiers , divices are goods in Publics schools , I has hundreds of emails , phone numbers , tonight a beautifully teacher , very professional , I was with my wife she give me a piece of paper and she move a couples steps backs , and was directly she said parents you can email me and I lock at her , contact vision yes as many times you want by the way after 3:00 pm . I will more than happy to meet you ( me ) even call me at any time , people are hungry and that School is huge and are mad at Charters , I was told please as many I can , I used my iPhone and connections to spread the bad news for the worts enemy kid has it .
    Rebenche is not good but great for who deserve it .
    I have to move on , I agreed Charters are bussines , and the’r computers are nothing but delete or insert or changes not only rates but thounds of frauds . The’r owners have no clue how the’r owns partners are getting rid off and with out specting the fed will closes doors and is coming if I can fine deeps as more they run from me , there’s owns holes are full .
    I think I should go and use it , masters computers soon , if the FBI are not corrupted , they need hitter not lazy people even they will have double jobs , teach and search , there real Lions but the stronges one is the Law { MLK } .
    I have to rest and buy more blocks I need it . By weeks is called an Football games when a team rest , every single team need by week .
    But not messing araund , watching how the’r contender plays games .
    The Tegnologîa can be use it and is great but crazy is normal , as normal , routine Charters crimes are routines , by the way an very nice person , great speech great talent , in a conference Roon full of persons and kids , he pulled bad not complete with his hand inside the chaleco ( jaked ) . I got a deadly weapon but kids also do , the smart phone , this is a dealy weapons and parents please don’t let , he was right , kids are facing everyday , derty computers but soon .
    A virus will take out to the light , those business men’s with criminal records most of them , Charters schools are dangers place , evils are . I’ll have to share more this post , because I did in fave bock as we’ll in tuiter

    1. Do you mean using a hacker to get inside their computers and reveal what that have been doing through their e-mails? Like Wiki Leaks?

  3. WW3 is the destruction of the educational system and it is connected with child abuse and the lackluster education of our schools. It is easy to take over a country of uneducated people and persons who have knowledge and intelligence without that degree. Let’s gear up and make information available to all Americans. Don’t let the current election misery cost you your ambition and hope. This country has been through a whole lot and we have the veterans to prove it. Stand up America. Celebrate your heroes because they are and don’t give up. Churchill’s advice during WW2 was not to give up. He didn’t and we won. I have to rely on history because I did get an education so everyone get knowledge from many places. Our future and the future of our children depends on it.

    1. How can we unify and face our common enemy, the technocracy that is attempting to rule our lives from cradle to grave?

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