A Vote for Gary Johnson (or, Jill Stein) is a Vote for Trump

Why a foolish vote for Johnson or Stine is a vote for Donald Trump.

Ed In The Apple

Face the Nation and the other Sunday Talking Heads news commentary shows talked about the softening of the Obama coalition, the daily NY Times “percentage” in August had Hillary ahead 90-10, now the “poll” gives Hillary a 75-25 lead; whatever that means.

The Nate Silver fivethirtyeight blog,”Chance of Winning,” has Hillary: 61.1% and Trump 38.8% and Gary Johnson at 8% with Hillary winning the electoral votes narrowly.

The next big moment will be the September 26th presidential debate; it will grab the attention of the American public. The Hillary erosion is among the millennials, the younger voters, young Afro-American males and the left leaning Bernie voters are all lukewarm on Hillary.

The third party candidates are Gary Johnson . and Jill Stein.

I was chatting with a nineteen year old – he had taken a leave from his college and worked for Bernie full time, and, told me he was voting for Gary…

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4 responses to “A Vote for Gary Johnson (or, Jill Stein) is a Vote for Trump”

  1. Lloyed
    Don’t blain at Gary Johnson , Mr . Johnson tell the true but he forgot to say that he will give to Donald trump his vote as many others . Thoses persons won’t make they mistake but they fools they self , Gary want not Trump as enemy as well loss other’s respect . Tuice dooms mistakes but is nothing he can do ; he should hide ( % Hilary overhelmint victory over Trump as people like you , now are telling him fooll and is the true .
    Your right Hillary 62 … ( 61.1%}
    Trump 37… { 38.8% }
    Any ways , I believe hilary % was 62. and Trump 37.. %}
    I’m know how people like thoses are very well knows or everybody knows that they don’t know nothing . Because if I remember , was a computer a master Conputer 20,000 with the same result , Gary as others with out Brian’s can’t think , I mean with out masters computers can do it anything .
    You are an old school , and enciclopedy , Gary have no clue as same as Trump they never open an an enciclopedy , we are in time hard to handle and the future is going to be worts , people told me my comments are incoherente because the future meanings changed .
    You can scanned my post because you are a ginues . Albert Aintens Ecuation no much people don’t know how to resolve and I can but toock me plenty of time . I don’t loss my time reading Gary’s comments . Why you do ?

    1. Sometimes I have to leave a comment not for someone like Gary but for other readers who might not get both sides if I don’t leave a comment. I don’t think we should ignore fools because if no one leaves a comment disagreeing with them, then only the fools get read.

      1. Nothing to be sorry about. How many languages to you speak compared to the average American? According to Rutgers.edu, The average American speaks 0.18 languages with any degree of proficiency, and Gallup reports that only one in four Americans can hold a conversation in a second language. And 37 million are Spanish speakers, who represent by far the most spoken non-English language in the U.S. today among people ages 5 and older (according to PEW Research.org).

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