If You’re Not a Feminist – What the Hell is Wrong with You!!?



I am a male human being.

And you’d better believe I’m a feminist.

I wear that label proudly.

The other day a friend of mine heard one of my articles was published in Everyday Feminism. And he said, “Kind of a backhanded compliment. Isn’t it?”

Hell no!

What does that mean? Would someone suppose that a man being considered a feminist somehow made him less of a man?

On the contrary. I think it makes him more of one. It makes him a decent freakin’ person.

I just don’t understand this ridicule and fear of being called a feminist. I see it in both men and women.

The other day a co-worker said she’s all for the idea that men and women deserve equal pay for the same job, but she doesn’t consider herself a feminist.

Why the Hell not? That is a distinctly feminist point of view.

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9 responses to “If You’re Not a Feminist – What the Hell is Wrong with You!!?”

  1. it is more horrible in Asian countries.

    1. How about the Middle East compared to most Asian countries?

      Top 10 worst countries in the world for women:

      1. Saudi Arabia
      2. South Korea (another democracy)
      3. India (most populated democracy in the world)
      4. Algeria
      5. Malaysia
      6. Iran
      7. Turkey
      8. Indonesia
      9. Egypt
      10. Jordan


      What about the 10 best countries for women?

      1. Iceland
      2. Finland
      3. Norway
      4. Sweden
      5. Denmark
      6 Nicaragua
      7. Rwanda
      8. Ireland
      10. Belgium

      The United States, the most bragged about alleged democracy in the world getting close to electing a fraud, con-man, crook with strong links to the mafia and some of America’s worst enemies, called Donald Trump who’d bed his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter, he says, is ranked #20


  2. Thanks for the reblog, Lloyd – I would never have seen this wonderful article but for you.

    I jumped over to read it, intrigued by the terrific title, and was happy to find your comment that, after reading the post, you determined that YOU are a feminist too. God bless you!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    1. Thank you. I’ve heard Gloria Steinem talk and explain what feminism is, and what she described is nothing like what the far right hate media says. She also said the feminist movement split in two and that the original movement doesn’t hate men at all. The original movement had a lot of male supporters.

      1. What do you expect? The far right hate media rarely speaks truth about much of anything! I used to say I was a humanist, but when feminism began to be demonized, I decided to self-identify with that term to make it clear that I was on the left side of that particular line. 🙂

        A great many older men – and women of the younger generation, sadly – seem to have swallowed more than a few huge swigs of tea, if you get my drift. Oddly, a great many younger men have no problem with feminism – mostly those who have at least some college education, however.

        ALL of the feminist women I have ever known have loved men generally, and those who support and respect them in particular (me too, btw – and not speaking of monetary support here). Many are happily married and have sons they adore – but you seldom hear about those women. When you do there’s frequently at least a subtle intimation that supportive husbands are weak or misguided in some manner.

        Feminist scorn is reserved for cretins of either sex who consider woman (and children) chattel – giving men the “right” to their very lives: men who deny education to girls & women, those who rape, beat, stone, etc. (and “barefoot, pregnant & in the kitchen” supporters).

        Who could be FOR men with those behaviors, I ask you? Yet the anti-feminist campaigners who believe they are supporting “traditional family values” don’t think deeply enough to make that connection.

        Feminism – at least in my experience – doesn’t claim that women are the SAME as men, simply that they have the same rights as human beings to actuate their personal goals and express their talents without censure – in the same *manner* as the male rights are protected.

      2. How can we expect everyone to be a rational human being when we can’t even program computers to be free of flaws and weaknesses that hackers take advantage of. Just the fact that there are hackers is enough to realize that there are always going to be humans that are irrational.

        I’ve read more than once that it’s estimated that 80 percent of decisions are based on emotion. But where do those emoticons come from? They come from individuals who were haphazardly, self-programmed by the environment they grew up in and everyone grows up in an environment that is not the same as everyone else.

      3. It’s true. We need to do a lot better job raising the next generation. As for hackers, bullies and trolls, same mind-set, different skill-set. Sure wish I knew the answer.

      4. I think the answer will be to educate as many people as possible through word of mouth. We can’t rely on the media and Hollywood, but we will never get everyone to become more aware.

        Abraham Lincoln says it best: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

        I don’t think we have ever had any historical evidence that an entire population of a country every agreed on one thing at the same time.

      5. I’ll be happy with a majority of empathetic thinkers in each country!

        Rely on the media? I don’t know if there was ever a time when they didn’t slant what they chose to report simply to sell papers, but it certainly is long past and unlikely to come again.

        Sad. Pathetic, actually. But you are right – grass roots are tough to stamp out, and have the potential of shifting the wind.

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