Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand and Keep His Mouth Shut

This morning there was a comment on one of my four blogs that said, “I’m in the UK, so although I’m aware of Donald Trump I don’t know much of his background. But yes, he does seem to use that type of approach and doesn’t appear to have done all that badly for himself. That is the type of world we live in now. It’s dog eat dog and the Rottweilers are doing very well out of it.” If you want to read the Blog post thread that comment appeared in here’s the link to The Price of Inflating Self-esteem.

My reply: Then I think it’s time that you are introduced to the real Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s father funded his early real estate ventures and when The Donald got in trouble, daddy bailed him out. When his dad died, The Donald inherited about $200 million from good old dad.  The Donald has also done very well for himself thanks to government corporate welfare.

In 2011, The Los Angeles Times reported, “Trump has thrived with government’s generosity”

Once The Donald’s daddy was gone and he got in trouble with his business ventures, he turned to bankruptcies to bail himself out while paying himself big salaries as the CEO of failing corporations that often never made enough money to pay the bills from day one.

PolitiFact.com reports on The Donald’s corporate bankruptcies, corporations that he owned and/or controlled. The Donald has bragged often about personally never going bankrupt but he never mentions how many times some of his business ventures have gone under and how he always walked away with more money while not paying the vendors and workers he left behind.

The Donald also has links to the mob.  When he was in his twenties and the government came after him for discrimination, not renting to blacks in his thousands of apartment rentals, he turned to the New York crime families main lawyer to get him out of trouble, and that lawyer became a good friend and adviser who taught him everything he knows about how to deal with trouble: you lie, and you lie big, and you lie repeatedly.

“What Trump has to say about the reasons for his long, close and wide-ranging dealings with organized crime figures, with the role of mobsters in cheating Trump Tower workers, his dealings with Felix Sater and Trump’s seeming leniency for Weichselbaum, are questions that voters deserve full answers about before casting their ballots.”

Then there are the endless court cases Trump files to bully people in business and silence critics. Here’s an Exclusive from USA Today:  “Trump’s 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee”

From Fortune Magazine: 5 of Donald Trump’s craziest lawsuits

The Daily Beast: “Donald Trump Sued Everyone but His Hairdresser”

“Donald Trump Will See You in Court.” Bloomberg.com

Then last, but-not-least, there is his lies, his endless, repeated lies. The Donald is the emperor of lies. No other presidential candidate in history has lied as much as he has and continues to do, and he has a history or seldom if never admitting he lied no matter how much evidence there is proving he lied. Only 9 percent of what he claims in his campaign speeches is totally true. Politifact.com

Vanity Fair reports, “Why It’s Pointless to Fact-Check Donald Trump

For a comparison, Hillary Clinton’s claims/statements are totally true 22 percent of the time – more than twice The Donald.

We know The Donald has a Big Mouth but what about his Small Hands? How can hands so greedy be small?


Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran, with a BA in journalism and an MFA in writing, who taught in the public schools for thirty years (1975 – 2005).

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3 responses to “Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand and Keep His Mouth Shut”

  1. […] A vote for Trump is a vote for a manipulating, psycho, narcissistic, bully, and serial liar. Discover more about the real Donald Trump here: Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand and Keep His Mouth Shut. […]

  2. I am sick of both candidates. What can be done. Is this the beginning of a horror show or has it began. How does the free world deal with this.

    1. The presidency is only one third of the US federal government. There’s also the Supreme Court and the Congress.

      Depending on your political persuasion, the presidential candidate to vote for is easy regardless of how bad they are. If you want the Supreme Court to favor big business/corporations and billionaires, vote for Donald Trump.

      If you want a more progressive Supreme Court with the interests of the people in mind, vote for Hillary Clinton, who will appoint Supreme Court justices that will break the stranglehold corporate America had on the Supreme Court unti the death of Antonin Scalia. The justices HRC will appoint will be justices she can depend on to support her passions. As first lady, Mrs Clinton campaigned for women’s rights and universal healthcare, raising her profile both at home and internationally.

      During her four-year tenure as Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton visited 112 countries – more than any previous secretary of state. Mrs Clinton used her position to highlight women’s rights and human rights.


      Do you think Donald Trump cares about women’s rights (unless they are babes and he can grope their asses and breasts and have sex with them) and human rights other than what he can get away with?

      It is still very important to vote for state representatives and reps to Congress in DC where the billionaires are also spending heavy to get their candidates elected from local school districts, to towns, cities, counties, states, etc.

      This election is not only about the White House. A good place to get information on candidates running for election in your local area, state and both Houses of Congress is at Vote Smart.


      Open Secrets also helps to reveal where a candidates money is coming from so voters, who do not support billionaire oligarchs and private sector corporations, discover who not to vote for.


      If you want to make your vote count for what you believe, you have to get to work ASAP.

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