The Blog Hits 27 Million Hits

Diane Ravitch’s Blog hits 27 million views. Read what she has to say about this achievement.

Diane Ravitch's blog

At some point this evening, while I was out celebrating at the annual dinner of Leonie Haimson’s Class Size Matters, the blog passed the 27 million mark, meaning 27 million+ page views.

I am proud of the remarkable reach of the blog. When I write about an elected official, I usually get an email from him or her either thanking me or complaining about what I wrote within the next 24 hours. I was told that a particularly pernicious piece of legislation was withdrawn in the U.K. after I criticized it on the blog.

What I am most proud of is the post that I wrote about the beautiful, brilliant Vivian Connell, who has a blog (FinALS) where she confronts her death from ALS with great courage and dignity. After my post appeared, she got national attention and soon raised the funds she sought to take her class to the…

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One response to “The Blog Hits 27 Million Hits”

  1. Hooray. You have a valuable voice!

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