We the CEOs of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Marketplace …

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While reading Endgame: Disaster Capitalism, New Orleans, and the Charter Scam by Paul Thomas, I was reminded of another piece I have been reading from the National Geographic Magazine for May 2016 that focuses on Yellowstone as another perfect example of why there must be an honest and un-corrupted government to limit the greedy excesses of out-of-control capitalism where CEOs — according to Forbes being a CEO is the most popular profession of psychopaths — that worship at the altar of avarice, and are determined to turn a profit and grow fortunes at any cost no matter how many people suffer.

The United States government was not created through the U.S. Constitution to be a government for capitalism. The U.S. Constitution created a government and a republic to protect all the people, not to provide opportunities only for the Bill Gates, Donald Trumps, Kochs, Waltons, Zuckerbergs, Tim Cooks and Eli…

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  1. Lloyd .

  2. Mr. HERMANO .

    1. Do you mean in six years we are going to lose our free speech rights on the Internet? I know that the corporate leaders and billionaire oligarchs are working to censor everyone else but the lies they tell us.

      1. Thanks . Brother.
        What is going to be the different between Dictators and Billionaires ?
        None ?
        Immigrants back to Cuban ?

      2. Agreed. There is no difference. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” That’s not my quote. Lord Acton, a member of the British Parliament said that in the 18th or 19th century.

        All billionaires have the power to be dicks. Some use the power they buy horribly and others use it softer. If you have seen the films about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, we see how his power and wealth corrupted him and made him a dictator. I have read that Elon Musk of Tesla and Space X is just as mean, demanding and bossy.

      3. -You cannot beat a person who never gives up
        Orestes would continuously bother us. My son would not play, and the principal and coach had to do what he said.
        I asked for a second meeting with the principal Carlos Albares. He did not want to meet at school.
        He would only meet with me in expensive restaurants such as:
        – Ruth’s Chris
        – Steak House
        – Capital Grill
        – Hillestone
        – El Novillo
        The restaurant he chose in this occasion was Prime 112, and we had to go in MY car. His exact words were “Prime 112 it is”. See screenshots attached below from our text messaging conversation.
        I told him Don Shula’s Steak House.
        I made a reservation for Thursday November 13th from 8:30 to 9:00 PM and we were going in different cars.
        I arrived at Don Shula’s at 8:30 PM and he would not arrive. I send him a text message to ask why he was taking long. He said he was on his way and demanded that we go to the bar. He came in and went directly to the bar, without even asking me.
        At our meeting, he told me he controls the police because he was going to run fro mayor. He completely ignored when I told him it was not fair that he do what Orestes wanted because Peter was a prospect. That was the agreement that they came to. He did recognize in our conversation that Orestes and the coach were good friends and that he let them to whatever they desired.
        During our time there he ordered the most expensive Whisky and very expensive food. The total for that night was around $700. He left drunk and did not even thank me!
        (continued on page 3)

        Things got worse after our meeting…
        The day after the “meeting”, Friday, November 14th, there was no confidentiality.
        After practice, the coach called the team to meet. The objective was to pressure Daniel because of the meeting. He wanted to know why “that guy’s dad (myself, Daniel’s father) did not meet with me before going to THE PRINCIPAL”. (There is a law that does not permit parents to meet with the coach to talk about a disagreement or a situation.)
        During this meeting, the coach was psychologically abusing my son, Daniel. He asked the same question over and over, “Why didn’t that parent come talk to me?” He would continuously look at Daniel. This was deliberately and obvious bullying in front of all the other kids.
        Some names are:
        Miguel Pitcher
        Aron Hernandez
        Dany Ramos
        Victor Fleitas
        Kenny Goodrich
        They all quickly knew the meeting was for Daniel; the whole team knew. The coach said “I need to speak to the player whose dad spoke with Albares! ASAP” and he looked at Daniel.
        Afterwards, they all left except for Daniel. Daniel said “Why did you meet with everybody if you knew it was my father? Who told you coach? I knew that the meeting was for me. Your looks and words told not only me, but the whole group. I did not know my dad was in that meeting.” He said all of this with fear.
        November is a month in which the sun goes down early. They took advantage of this and cornered Daniel against the fence, behind third base. The coaches, Regee and Nalepa (a big guy, 6’ 4”), intimidated Daniel, as if he was in a prison. They mentally destroyed Daniel. As a result of this, he lost 15 lbs. in 20 days. In page 4, there is a before and after picture of Danny during this time.
        Slade Park is a public park that Hialeah Educational Academy (HEA) uses. Multiple witnesses observed what happened without being seen. This was on the night the coaches had my son cornered against the wall.
        I asked around and I already have various witnesses that were there. For the moment, they wish to remain anonymous. However, they are ready to testify if they are questioned. I personally have the names and phone numbers.
        After what happened, Daniel became isolated. He would not eat or sleep (the pictures in page 4 speak for themselves). There is a letter from Psychiatric Doctor Rosa Turned attached also in page 4.
        (Continued on page 5)

        Figure 1 Before​​​Figure 2 After

        Daniel told his mother “I hate this live and myself”. He had many thoughts of suicide.
        Daniel was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The law requires special treatment to this kind of student. The only one who received special treatment was Peter Valdrich!
        The whole team and their parents were there. Witnesses:
        Aron Hernández
        Andy García
        Víctor Fleitas
        Dany Ramos
        Kenny Goodrich
        77% of the team was interrogated. (They were subpoenaed and they coincided)
        Dany García
        Bandos parent
        Migueles parten
        Kenny Goodrich’s dad (a subpoena would show proof of bribery) – Obstruction of investigation (a criminal charge)
        He was a witness of the physical abuse on Daniel. He told me “They abused your son.” He called my house (on the phone speaker). Witnesses heard this call.
        After this, he met with Albares who promised his son a scholarship if he did not testify. After this, he did not want to speak anymore with me about the abuse, he would blatantly ignore my calls.
        I now want to continue discussing the mental abuse and bullying against Melanie, my 11 year old daughter, by Regee Rodriguez, science teacher/baseball coach.
        Regee IGNORED Melanie and his face showed that he had taken things personally against my daughter.
        Melanie came home one day and let me know that she felt insecurity and she had lost the passion she had for school. On a scale of 1-10, her interest in school was a 10; now she was more of a 5. Melanie is a very dedicated young girl. She is very disciplined and she was always happy to show her report card consisting of straight A’s.
        When Albares asked me to transfer Melanie from Hialeah gardens, he asked me if he could speak to her. Melanie did not want to go, so he promised to take her to Starbucks. He gave me strategies so that they would let me transfer her to HEA. This was because HEA did not transfer students during the school year. It is a charter school that requires registration during the previous school year. He violated that rule when he saw Melanie’s grades. He wanted to have her in HEA; a girl like that would give HEA even more honors.
        He never took Melanie to Starbucks, and Melanie noticed that he did not keep his promises. Albares was ignoring my daughter after all the issues. He was taking things personal with Melanie. My question is, WHY?
        The principal of Hialeah Gardens School cried when I asked to transfer Melanie. She said “Please do not take her. Please think about it at least three days”. But I had already told Albares I would, and I did three days later. This caused much sadness to Melanie’s principal, counselor, and teacher.
        Back to Albares, he later told me “You are suing MY school?” He seems so believe he is the owner of the school.
        The incidents kept getting worse as described by Melanie. Please see a statement from her below.
        “Kittens? Go ahead with the sue… I have my lions… I’m ready”. This is what Albares would say. He was trying to tell me that no lawyer would win.
        Mr. Albares would always brag about his connections. Those words were said in the meeting that my wife and I had with him. The reason we met was to stop the abuse that he was permitting. I told him “Please stop, or you leave me no choice but to sue you”. My wife asked for another meeting, but this time with Regee Rodriguez (the coach) present. My wife understood that this abuse was very real. She generally does not involve herself in sport-related matters, but this was no longer about that… This was about the proven abuse of our children!
        Martha, in a very demeaning way, told us while we were waiting to meet with Albares, “If you don’t like how we treat your kids, change them out of this school!”
        I asked her “Do you know what IDIA means?”
        She was surprised and could not answer.
        “Of course you don’t know. That is why there are so many problems here. Very few of you know how to deal with students with ADD”, I said.
        My wife responded, “That is not the right thing to do… taking our kids like as if we were in Cuba? No! Please locate your boss that he is already about 30 minutes late.”
        Martha told us to come in. Albares came late with Regee. Why? He was planning how to respond to us, apparently. The meeting did not last long because the coach came with some papers, fraudulent papers. He was trying to convince my wife why Daniel was benched. He focused the attention on my wife and tried to convince her.
        I looked at the stats he had. “He is a liar, a false coach! Look my love, there are the right stats”, I said. “Our son is the second prospect after Peter. Peter is in 12th grade, traveling the whole country. Daniel is only in 11th grade and naturally strong, with a healthy, nutritional diet.” I was letting them know that “it is likely that Peter was using steroids. It does not surprise me as Regee in many occasions would tell stories to the team about when he would use steroids and how he would get a noticeable improvement. What he SHOULD have told them is the damage that steroids cause on teens and how it is irreversible.” They were both surprised!
        “Where did you get those stats?” Regee asked me.
        I said, “From the official location, real stats. Not like the ones YOU falsified. The only truth is that you have abused Daniel a lot; physically, mentally, even his self-esteem was destroyed. That almost left us with just one child! Thank God that the psychiatrist helped him mentally and gave him written authorization to not come close to you for 15 days. If not you would have thrown him out. You hated my son and you hated me! You said you would kill me in front of the whole group for slashing your tires (a false accusation).
        Look, you are a coach without principles. You came to even ask me for money so that you would THINK about putting Daniel in. You even accused me of slashing your tired. You are being investigated. Just like you also said I stole the money for more than 200 Marlins tickets. I paid you with checks and have proof! Just like you obligated every player to buy 10 tickets for $250. Many poor parents paid and the tickets DID NOT SELL. Yet Daniel and I sold ours. More than 200 and not in the position that Mr. Albares chose like the 100 best tickets. Why? Why did he want 100 tickets in the front? Why so many?
        The 100 tickets all together (1-100) came to reach a value of more than $200. It would be a huge problem if an investigation proved that only a few of the 100 tickets were taken by Mr. Albares.”
        “Carlos Albares tickets were sold on Stub Hub”, they said (this was a lie).
        I continued, “Albares and Regee, where is the bat you promised you would gift to the student who sold the most? Yes, where is Daniel’s bat? He sold more than Albares. It is another crime to lie to an adolescent with mental problems. You never gave him any bat.”
        “Mr. Albares”, said my wife, “What about the hard hits on my sons knees. Why does he have those?”
        This was analyzed behind closed doors, and it stayed behind closed doors. Logically, they convinced Kenny’s dad so that he would not speak of that matter anymore. Why would that be logical? Because like I have said many times, Kenny Goodrich Sr. had notified me of the abuse. And he did not do what he had to do, bring the matters to the police.
        Albares responded, “Look, I support my coach in everything he does”.
        I got up very upset.
        “It is over”, I said. My wife also added, “Respect is more value than prominence. I leave this is God’s hands.”
        “Let’s go”, I said. I took out my wallet and looked up Mr. Steve Rosie’s business card. Upset, I threw it over the table and I yelled, “Look at this kitten, like you called the ex-FBI agent. Albares, you will see who is the lion. You or Mr. Rosie!”
        Before I left, I looked at him, pointed my finger, and said, “I assure you I will be the Martin Luther King of this dictatorship that you have implanted”. When I left he tried to convince me not to call Mr. Rosie. But it was too late. Every day the City of Hialeah would call me to meet with us and would ask us not to involve a lawyer… that they would fix everything.
        “I can’t”, I would say. “I’m sorry but I already hired a lawyer.”
        “Mr. Albares never told me about you guys”, they said.
        “Thanks!” I responded.
        Page | 7

      4. Did you think about wearing a wire to these meetings? I think meeting away from the office was his way to avoid having any record of the meeting. This guy is corrupt, totally corrupt, a complete psychopath or worse.

      5. You are smart Lloyd , I have time this principal knows what you should .
        But I can you know my English is no Bueno , I have to much records , much kick messages , I have let me I got it I have the stronger army but not a captain no even a Sargent , you have what I need , wisdom
        you was at Vietnam war , brother I’m here with a lot of files , a bunch of legal system reports .
        I can’t describe no much because my English is not Bueno , I can notice you are at another level , I lost Danny , my son is not at home because , children and family . Denis Hannah , the principal interrogation intimidate my son , i was told on November /24 /15
        after I complain at city hall mayor the news was there , Chanel 41 America teve .
        Those principal , loans millions that night , was questioned ? Why you need to much money ?
        Because I have 800 plus students , where do you going to make it ( put to many kids in an small building ? Principal replay , in the new building , he is a Liyer , he has not that much kids as that building was not even half ..
        The mayor was looking at me at as a pig bull , I told him your charter Scholl is hurting kids , you have a teacher and Coaches sex-Arasment little girls , I told him , my son left the town because , the principal , intimidate him , as my Doughter , I told to the city mayor hi is a copy a Castro’s Regime , to much CORRUTION , I told him the police won’t stop to Arasment me , pulling over my wife and with that noises Sound ( Reubel Castillo get out of the car ?
        My wife is not me , the sough I was her .
        Bought of my kids over , thanks to the doom officer , wasn’t until he saw to many persons with ties , I mean dressing at netting time , my wife was pulled inside of private property , non- profit ( Kingdom Halls ) the officer was like I mess it , his face was on fear , but he try to run out , to scape from the scene , baking up wrong way , that officer , could be kill kids walking , cars from others family’s waiting to go to the meeting and in a peaceful place , he run out the building left , with out warning , no his intention ? Why he did that ? undercover Dodge silver , impossible , to catch numbers , bacheds . As I told you . To many much as nothing but Arasment ,

        I’ll keep in touch . You see ..
        They just mess my day just before I was try to read your post again .
        Other mistake others mess a day ,
        ( 786 ) 383-0144 .
        Who is this I know is from the same place , now , I want to know if is an detective , who I believe , he is a Hater , he is from Hialeah , academy or , polices ..
        Because I have the text but not who send it , messages I replayed , I’m working replay . Don’t mess any more I send it , yes the same
        The war is not over , 3 weeks or So , to cars arrive to my house , parking my spot , my paring only not they , invading my house , ELOSEGUI ? Who is detective ELOSEGUI , and another female but in police uniform , with out placas ( bach # .
        FDLE . Chift of Hialeah POLICE Knows me and they Work toguethers , Chift Told me office , nasty , becarful , why I have to ? They have to do they job . No tell stop or will stop you , you are guilty , or we all ready make it you guilty .
        Lloyd .
        Again What is this the phone again .

      6. ( 786 ) 383-0144

        To discover who owns this phone number, try a reverse phone lookup — don’t pay anything. Some sites try to charge you. I think they are crooks. There are sites that offer a free reverse phone lookup. But if the phone number is blocked, then you won’t find out who has that number.

        Here’s one of the sites that advertised it is free. Huh? Why advertise that you are offering free services. Advertising cost money. If this one tries to get you to pay them money, forget them and try another one until you get the information for free.


      7. You see brother , I was told after November / 24/15 .
        Just half and our after I left the city hall . I receive a phone call . You mess with a wrong people , your life is in leopard , i got his number as his messages . He was very close to tell a good friend of him , ex- Government name and phone number . But he back up and never told me nothing , except when I call him , he quipped , this was a politician plan , brother , ex-fugues publics the only one . I know Jah is helping me , they abused of my kids and my son is like dead brother , you have no clue , how I feed my son an strong kid , peaceful , never erase his voice , my Danny Lloyd I was his hero , since he born , February 13 /1998 .
        My Tears a Jah given almost 10 ponds , my wife and I grow up eating , country’s family , my house near to my , 1 mile away , dark nights , starts , beards . Our family ancestor from Spain , I italy , mix .
        Danny pasión for baseball , traveling nation wide , baseball tournaments , a great player , his scholar ship UM , his dream the Florida Marlins as a couples more teams , love my kid , you know the others Kid’d parents suborn prove I have recorded , 3 hours of recording , listener how they planed , the Special attention cheating , FCAT GIVEN TO THE
        OTHER KID , Evil people Lloyd the other kid was last years , Danny was and 11 grade .
        The hole team , was divide , no body go no where . The other kid no diciplina , steroids , no dedication .
        Curve to much help to him and shutting to intention ways of destroy my kid .
        Curve effect destroyed the helper one as the Kid urden introduce atack

      8. Mr. Lloyd no I don’t . Thanks you are an genius , I love movies based in true history , as you , exactly you got earned knowledge , not given , those dooms leaving in a fantasy words are. Those ones who have no clues they are walking with the enemies . Bye a criminal master main . Is follow me . I ha re to get out of my car .

        The abusers is now with out body guards

      9. Please Lloyd I need to locate this phone as soon as possible please 7863400805 thanks

      10. http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-786-340-0805

        Click on the link and follow the directions. Don’t pay them even one cent. This is supposed to be free.

        Look for the links to “Reveal Owner’s Name” and “Reveal Owner’s Address” and click on one or both of those.

      11. Re: Gust voice : Mattie Alcindor on North Academy .
        My coment : Article as events happens , Hialeah Education Academy . Inc , city of hialeah Corrution kids abusers and more . I send it and .
        Biblical Ref:
        Psalms 22:28 ; 29 . For the kingship belongs to Jehovah ; He rules over the nations .
        Mr . Lloyd , I’m alive thanks to Jah .
        Billionaire Pepe Fanjul refusing to his executive executive assistant , Chole Black , despiste to her being married first to a former . Ku Klux Klan , and the founders of a white – supremacist group .

        Pepe Fanjul Cuban born . I born in Cuba and ironic my real complete Name is Reibel PEPE Castillo , I just found what I was need it . My family suffered after , Castro’s take the power in 1959 , everything was taken , the Cuban cane , I was a kid and saw sweet , greens fields of sugar canes plantations . Sweets memories and now the blessing of the ..

        Paul Willmot , a spokesman for Florida Cristal , said : ” While no agreed may not to agree with someone’s politics , we wouldn’t terminate them for that . We are a minority – owned companied and enjoy a wide range of ethnic , RADIALS , RELIGIOUS , lifestyle and political diversity among our thousands of employees .

        Replays to Dr . Delores Lowe Freedman ????
        – may 13 , 2016 at 11:45 am .

        She comment : The challenge you was so encountered was so well articulated here . Your mention of the teachers directed methods that do not engage children solving , inquiring , and experimentation is often missed when a Scholl seems to rigor , with is really time consuming busy work . Happy to find your blog . And happy to hear your son .

        She concluded .

        Mr. Lloyd this comment please is an sarcastic ? or , because I understand perfect or almost as an non- English Speaker * your comment as Diane , never someone resorts that way , . HAPPPY TO FIND YOUR BLOG . AND TO HEAR YOUR SON .
        Once more please .

        To me sound a very well articulate / here / translation to English specially , I’m the victim adsololutly witness’s my owns tort , my kids tort as to thaunds of kids abused covered by charters CORRUPTERS OF THE SOCIALITY .

        Now please this is from my own , and to everyone , I’m not hided crimes , as charters do , as many do , as apparently Dr. Freedman did plus plenty time , I’m sorry if I missed .

        I told Mr. Principal CARLOS Albarez during complain at him , we was told , The abusers is here , where here and we desire to keeped here in close door , as we was told , by him , I support my coached , not matter he do .

        This lady should know also that . Mr . Principal as , Mr . Carlos Hernandez , as Hot line as Denise Hanna from DCF { HOT line # 187 , FDL , intake , police of hialeah , internal under , aslso know my kid abused was real , She should knows , that Antony Nalepa , got criminal records as , he resigned after to many complains , after I told Mr . Albarez . I \ telling you today . I’ll be the next Martin L. King of this Regimen KKk , Castrism , Stalin .. You implanted .

        Lloyd is legal publish names of girls , a bunch of names sex-arrasmented for Reginald ( Regiee Rodriguez ) ? I was told Mr. Rodriguez is not coming back next season as nothing , I not so doom to like really ? Is senseless keep , that Guy there , when they are in the last space of my promise .

        I want to article , but very well articled , but authentic , witnesses names , Kick messages were appear , names and that article , cut be paste , because I was provided by the authenticity of my owe work , on my one house , my one I pad , where I pulled , everything prove , my son as my Daughter , where at that Corrupted Charter , and kids girls , exchange messages , with teachers / coaches . Or kids to kids , well I recompile on my owe after , my ex- Lawyer , did and Danny my son , was faunded . Depress on bed , by me , who I loved to much of him , I was watching my kid , suicide sought , I see and I tell please son , wow , Danny exchanged messages with one of those ones innocents victims , supporting each and others .





        Sh… YOO I got no booty .


        Lmaoo have you catch him looking ?

        Ehh sometimes .


        MALE .


        END .

        THE LAST ONE I’M tire de and On The run , BECAUSE i WAS Told , Everybody CALLED ME MARTIN . L . KING . TODAY AT WAS AT THE BASEBALL FIELD DRESED WITH ONE OF THOSE ON , JUST TO PRICELESS Treasure ( heart love dad to his kids)
        To look at the grass , run , as I was training him as the same time if I where him . I stil on his uniform .

        THE KKK ? Is looking to kill me ?
        Or some HITMAN .

        And just in case .

        As a prove of my trust ..

        Mr. Loved doy autorización a que todo lo que yo Reibel castillo te envie tú hagas lo que tú entiendas , creas y quieras .
        Reibel castillo .

        Lloyed .
        Please we can’t no let this bastard scape , I have the responsibility , to protected kids , that’s is my principios . I don’t want honorees , I need to stop thoses guys .
        Justices and God don’t like cowards .
        justices send you to Vietnam , I choice , I deserve now , only petition , more criminals knows who , I’m is what I deserve .
        I don’t deserve that one like it . Mow
        Lloyd .
        If I died , I died for kids , if I die I die for kids if I died I die for GOD .

        If you please Brotjer need any more information you believe is going to help people , and stop people Evils .
        Just do it .

        This is not a joule , if this keep running with out acting , is unacceptable , I realize that is what those Evils one .

        Despairs they Nighmares . Before ..

        Take care friend

        I’ll follow you and thanked you .

      12. ” The insider ” ?

      13. It’s a movie about the real life scientist that blew the whistle on the greedy, lying tobacco industry.

      14. I just saw this movie last night, different stories but same life with corruptions. The difference here is that there are more rich people and million kids are going to be suffering from this. Should somebody call me and tell me don’t play with Donald trump to interview me? I should of bought your book a long time ago being crazy is normal.

      15. Mr. Lloyd .
        Good strategies ..
        Hilary Changes direction from Obama Education Policy if she focus and fight here in Florida , well she need speak Spanish because in Down Sought , Charters Schools are destroying everything is funny kids born here and in language oh , oh .
        Long history short , to visit hialeah Spanish is the only language and more , dade County Fl the Cancer is ( Charters schools supporter ) are lovers of money .
        You know .

      16. This is a movie in Real life , I’m tired of this police department . Hialeah police department are hunting me .
        The big fish now intimidate another day .
        Now Friday Lloyd the media show do something .
        This city hate me , Government , The Insider is not even close to my real movie . What I should do ?
        Let this corrupts frame me ?
        You can do it , not for me , for the nation . Police arasment this city is number 1 .
        I can fight back as I should , the civil war almost 10 years . Thanks for your support

      17. You can relocate away from Hialeah — move to another state or even to Canada.

      18. No , that is quit , every where they will use the corrupt of the power of money and Evils people , I prefer stay here , you will be proud of me , as this country are proud of those who fight back , the constitution , I just want if you can , this nightmare start for protect kids and America should know , not I don’t want honors , I need bring peace to this city , polices arasment is here the worts in the nation .
        If they send to jail , I deserve it , The insider ?
        He never lied . The true is the true Lloyd a charter school start this game and my family is not fear what they are suffering , treating me , with the law and gangster want hit me , one way or another .
        I’m not from this country but , there is dictator ship , hide with the power of the law in the name of the justice , my family after that night , a movie in my house , inside my house and out side , I won’t get out of the car ,
        Decal # 917TKJ a 2000 Lexus in my wife name . Maireyis la Rosa , Reibel Castillo , if they don’t pull me over the pull my poor wife with my 13 years old Daughter another victim of the Dictador ship Hialeah Education Academy .
        C234-720-73-106-0 .
        That is my driver license I won’t stop , they have to close that Chater school , the principal is fighting a bunch of teachers and the Evil Sience teacher / baseball Coach fired the principal is getting rid off of wiseness more pressure , more crimes I investigated , huge crimes I won’t tell until is the right moment , this is the worst city and chatters are running the Dade County and more . School ?
        Not dictator ship .
        Have a good day , this chief need to someone send the Lupe on top of him and this city belong to Anerica

      19. Mr. Lloyd I’m sorry I send it that huge mesages , by the way you will not understand .
        I’M sorry .

      20. By the way the mesages , long history short { I send to the Lawyer of the other side , my contender & my question ?
        I was up set because my Lawyer let me Down & I’m going to prose , that it after that day .
        They are very upset .

      21. File a complaint with your local county bar association if your lawyer let you down.

      22. Mr. Lloyd you are an great person , very kind person . I used to work by Jim Moran in south Toyota a nice guy as you , Mr. Moran pass away , Mr. Moran as you always ready to help . We need people like you & Mr. Kind , now you are Mr.kind . You don’t judge the book by the cover . Education need a bunch of persons as you .
        World press is a place great but with out professional as you there are greats .
        Diane is very professional and kind to . Thanks for your advise

      23. Lloyd is hart to handle , but no impossible . Insider ?
        You are right my family , my wife for almost 23 years is as the sane of that nice guy .
        Those evils destroyed my family

      24. Lloyd . Lloyd ( * I just need attention )
        * Education area , chapters Schools * ( Danger movement , very harmful , I want you Lloyd )
        I ‘m pretty sure , with out the minimal dough you are the most capacity leader for this mission , no one else .
        Everyone should , I won’t release nothing I’m demanding no is about warning to the Reals defender of Public schools system & real person ( * loyal are welcome ( , * )
        traitor will be automatic rejected )

        Diane , Susan , Crist for Florida , retired teacher I apiciate but I need more prove to
        Determinate who are real leader ( no chameleons )
        1- Loyed this is very important .
        2- Diane should realize and open his main .
        3- Susan Lee . Have the choice of get in or not .
        Long enaff to take action is very important , Lloyd you won’t I know you can as I know you are not Rude , your honest .
        You speak what is on your main .
        Even most can’t handle the true .
        I speck good English enafto seat and talk & trust I’m not dramatic . I’m not desperate I just want finish , the impact ..
        No much time I have to much …
        To much to the point no everyone is welcome , only Lloyd yes You will determinate you can do it ..

        For the good of kids & peace of parents to show Chapters Supporters I’m not alone .

        Please replay

      25. Reibel,

        I can be “rude” when I get frustrated and angry with ignorant fools who won’t open their eyes and ears, read, listen and learn.

      26. Lloyd . Your a Master , I’m not an ignorant , I want , I need only one teacher that it . Don’t get mad at me , please you need and you deserve the chance to prove wrong , make fools , evils arrogant realize the power of the true , the fact I don’t give no one else what I have , world. Press’s .., plus plus need and strong impact you won’t let Down the hard work of this no one , you have to please , Education & elections ; leaders and flowers .
        Will loss a lot but kids & real persons ( * as you ) will the trophy , they do not deserve it .
        I can speak , I can read but I got not an doon phone ..
        Your are smart , I just replay what is my main & most can’t handle even read but you do !!!

        I know you are honest , good friends say good things began your back and bad things in your face .

      27. Thank you. We must speak with many voices to defeat ignorance and evil.

      28. Exactly , I got what will force them to back up . Thanks Lloyd ,but you must I can supply what we need to involve ( * Educations & plus plus teachers ; black , whites , Spanish , Chinese millions are hungry , millions are waiting but I want you lead this kid to start with this ..
        Loyed , we are running out the time , I just deserve at least please …
        No communication no victory , no victory ; no rejoice , no rejoice , sadness but the impact ; the route must be change as soon as possible to avoid the crash millions are in-bore but not evils with their fortune ….
        Now or now , the clock is running , we have no time out left , maybe one but if I won’t the challenge ; the play is under review & more of the referrers are agains our team

      29. To win this fight against the evil of greed, we must be in it for the long fight and that might mean longer than the lifespan of individuals. For instance, when I die, if the fight is still going on and growing, then I die knowing the fight for good can not be stopped. Not once in history has the fight against evil failed but often it takes longer than the lifespan of an average person to defeat this sort of evil. Sometimes it has taken centuries to turn back evil. But evil always returns and the fight is endless.

      30. If I die I want as soon the first line of our offensive team start the play .
        The pain is inevitable ; the sufferer optional , the civil war ( * almost 10 year right ?
        1777- 18… you told that . Do you ? *fPeriod of time ?
        From Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King Jr: Is the dream still Relevant ?
        I fight the strongest powerful , evils , Gred groups & very dangers leaders , you can , you will , I’m very close to the end of my life , I mess with very dangers people , I did , I will be framed , deported or die in prison for the rest of my life .. Do you want that ?
        Do you want to know agains I’m firing ?
        Do you ?
        I just want warning you Lloyd , please you have to know that the only person who can show , prove who are in my City running this show is no an ignorant Charter Principal ; corrupt mayor ; fraudulent BUSHINESS ..
        The person who least they imagined, the only thing I can say is that he is in the top 5 most powerful people in the world.

      31. Greed and the desire for power always feeds evil so evil is always there struggling to destroy what it can’t control and own. The fight against evil never ends.



        I came to this country in December 2005 . The first two year ; Miami Dade College was essay to get in and buy a house easy was easy .
        Now to get admitted in a Charter school was almost impossible and expensive .

        The city of hialeah is very well know for the corruption and controversial .







        DECLARE :







        FOR EVERYONE .

        Please Lloyd down let those charters supports framed , let them confront me .
        Thanks .

      33. Breaking News : ACLU finds illegal polices in Charter Schools
        I appreciate your help . Thanks .
        I’m very disappointed with my self .
        I don’t right appropriately , many people understand my posts but I can’t confronted them .
        I’m not up set but sad .
        I have to move on and I’m just a doom , my hart work is just a waist of time .

        I can’t find the way , I’m not happy at all c I’m an idiot , nights with out sleep , hunting prove , investigations prove my self right but my hard and smart works is costing me , thousands of dollars .
        owns works costed me thousands of Hours . I have what will move the Charters supports ; an they evils imbeciles followers . I have to make it happen , huge scandals here in Down South , I know , more scandals will destroy they strong defends & I will make it happen .
        The hook is huge and the Shark too but , I’m a simple guy swimming in the sea of sharks .
        I’m 100% proud , I have to show the work I did but

        The damned evil place , the shark is hocked . How am Supposed to to believe there’r good peoples fitting evils corrupts , damns sharks jucked by myself and good peoples fitting with me .
        Damn , I’m working doing the hardest work . Damn is time of join this victim , Sharks eating my kids and you only writing articles damn goddamn I have no clue what damn does mean but I heard a bunch of Charters supporters and evils prominent figures very up set , yes damn and damn , here snarks are hunting me as a frisking City mayor as the Chief Police , this is an very disrespectful situations and the nation is not aware and I’m broke proving every thing I investigated and damn is not an offensive mesages is the true . I’m rude , I’m honest most of you can’t handle .
        Damn , damn .
        Lloyd is not for you is for others bloggers ,
        I’m tired Lloyd , if they are students and justices defenders look like there are not .

        Lloyd & Diane should realize that I’m not an idiot or doom dad .
        I’m very disappointed with them and with
        my self , I’m been acting as an idiots , arming my enemy’s !

        I apologize for this post . I know if a little offensive ..

      34. A journey of 10 thousand miles starts with one step followed by another. Fighting evil is the same thing. We keep putting on foot in front of the other, but we have to take a break now and again, drink water, eat, rest and sleep. Then get up and take another step followed by more. No need to run. Walk.

      35. A journey of 10 thousand miles starts with one step followed by another. Fighting evil is the same thing. We keep putting on foot in front of the other, but we have to take a break now and again, drink water, eat, rest and sleep. Then get up and take another step followed by more. No need to run. Walk.

      36. I got the point Lloyd thanks I really see you as a great person with heart , no as others making money , careless a doctrines by idiots & prominent Doctors from no where , supporting ideas with out any fundament is insane Lloyd , I born in a country with thousands of leathers with out clue in a strong ideology , in an small island , I grow up in the middle of maintains and sugar canes fields , I had only one pair of shoes to walk to the school , I’m twin , walking with my sister protecting my sister , throwing stones to caws , Bulls , wilds animals respected me, I earn the respect , think it for one minute , I has no other place , only one way that it .
        Get inside a huge field full of mad caws , very upset Bulls , wild animals are dangers when we let them the change to atack ; when we show the minimal sight of fear and we die , when we stop fitting them …. a week or so , no more I had an slingshot , I never hit any of caws , any Bulls in their eyes I hit in the Midle of their front back to back until they back up ; them run after them to what ?
        intimidate them if not I wasn’t here .
        Do you image ?
        But that was essay , cross a field , almost 20 year inside a huge field with the wildest beast , evils teachers , evils schools directors , evils polices , evils captains , evils , commanders , I never let no one stop me, intimidate me , apparently those fools maybe but no I make believe them , I was in fear after back to back those evils teachers hit me in my back with huge rules , graved my ears , hitting my head and then making fun and screaming in my face , I never cry , I laugh in their face because I Diden’t like it what they did to my sister , what they did to a bunch a others kids .
        I did not care about me , I do care about about others , I’m a fierce defender of others ,but no one in my whole life , I won’t forget , the evils Russians tuning my island , I fool them . Not because I was smarter , no because they did not born in a hot country , I did I show them more , that was normal , swinging the whole day in a the Caribbean worms water , their ego , what it doesn’t kill you make it stronger .
        Idiots , teaching me how to survive when even they can’t stay out of the ship , no even an hour , they can’t handle the hot temperatures , they teach me but I safe what I was sure was real by fake or imbeciles ideas as they can defend this Country , I respected a lot the best president , republican or democrat I’m a peacemaker an not a war lover but respect
        Ronal Reagan , I can’t forget great moments , when rrususn said we are ready and dooms Brother’s Castro , abusers , I notice they fears when American fitter jets turbos , taken of from that huge ship full of more ready to eclipse my Country why ?
        No because Reagan was bad guy , no because Reagan earn respect , Idiots dictators can’t try and smart , and any person with Principios , Ronald Reagan is a great example but my Country’s Rulers the worst is a shame but same now American is in the same boat but kids are soldiers , Charters Schooll are same as military’s Cuban schools ; yes they owners are nothing but what ?
        From where ? Sadly Charters are running by Republicans , democrats and others country corrupts figures , sadly is a shame
        Ronald Reagan Florida Turnpike or Ronald Reagan Doral public Schooll but …
        Wake up no way is a Charter School here , Ronald Reagan Principal is a board of member of Hialeah Education Academy . Inc .
        Loyed Restaurant Versailles is missing Ronald Reagan but The Restaurant el Cortadito in Hialeah is the new and favorite restaurant of Jeb Bush ; I’m up set because they same place where the idiot Hialeah Education Academic . Inc kick me out , Slade park , my Daughter alone late , my son abused by coaches and teachers ,
        Lloyed I’m not republican , am not democrat I’m a investigator that saw Marcos Rubio in the same place , with the principal and city mayor and charmain of the Charter Schooll , promoting campus for Donald Trump , Lloyd I have a bunch of pictures of those guys in Slade park , close by first base , my son baseball position as a gold glove baseball player .
        You will let , please the nation have to know they the cave of thief is in the middle of the city , they army are ready to , are in my territory .
        I scape from Cuba who ?
        They teach me how scape from Alcatraz ;
        I won’t believe , Lloyd ; Do you agreed with this ?
        I’m 100 % sure that the’r hundreds of ” Bloggers ; teachers ; a bunch have no clue nothing else , only what they Lear in they carrier , I’m sure than I can stay a conversation with you moths , talk in deferent fields or areas , your space is long way , even I’m a simple person , and an Imbecil principal , suppose an idiot guy graduated from Novas University , Carlos Albarez the Hialeah Education Academic .
        Inc can’t teach even him but fools are flowers of that clueless of education ?
        Do you agree ? You agree but that is so funny ; this underdog por parent deleted his Charter School and his army , now is up to , no my family , no is time to involucre as many as possible to back me up and them is time to rest , sleep , eat and die in peace .
        Because after this storm happened my calm will be when evils shoot me , traitors never fight front even when there’r protected . They shot when no one is awake and them framed the innocents as people are saying Nixon framed who ?
        I’m not not , I’m not going to comment because I have no clue what happen before I born .

        Lloyd tell out there I have the new . I. Mean if I have to I’ll provide the whole package of proved , I won’t until the right media will be inside or I’ll hide it . I won’t give my winer card to no else , later if in case I’ll send it every where , even if I have to send it world wide I’ll do it .
        There’r no way out for them , other one or other I can’t hold it but then can catch it .
        Feather’s Pillow , opened ?
        Winding day , the package of evidences I have are tosses defers my Frind

        Lloyd you are not a bad guy . Bad guys can’t handle and replay …
        You replay and you make it happen .

        Diane should know that my topics are the same , over and over and I’m in always .
        I’m sorry if out there someone is right .

      37. Education topics , no world press need more people like you .
        More topics for thousands , I have clue what is an deep post like this one .

        Wow . Loyed
        I have to buy a great Boock { be Crazy is normal }

        A journey of 10 thousand miles starts with one step followed by another. Fighting evil is the same thing. We keep putting one foot in front of the other, but we have to take a break now and again, drink water, eat, rest and sleep. Then get up and take another step followed by more. No need to run. Walk.

        You are an encyclopedia boss’s

      38. Mr. Lloyd .
        Maybe you agreed but maybe not .
        Maybe others agreed or lafgt at me .

        I don’t care if others latf at me .

      39. Mr. Lloyd please this is for you but not because Great Samaritan

        To : The forum of Education
        I don’t care that others laugh at me !


      40. I don’t know what a PRO SE lawyer is.

      41. I don’t know how , education specialty public school , can’t or do not want , involve medias , ACLU and figures not corrupts in this case down here ?
        I have too , is like I have to do it my self , of the mess is going to be
        Phenomenal .
        Ok thanks .
        World press or work for make money , I’m not saying everyone out there is working they way you do ..
        You speak the true and what is on your main .
        Great you will everyday better because when you are good your feel good and when you doing bad your feel bad . That is your religion .
        Abraham Lincoln .
        Evils people are not sleeping on the best pillow the conscience .
        You have something special , you are never in the great area .
        MY hart is like your but family’s

      42. When it comes to the media, the community based, democratic, transparent (when it comes to how the public’s money is spent and how the children are treated), non-profit traditional public schools that made this country great, are limited by laws and legislation when it comes to the privacy of students, but the autocratic, often fraudulent and inferior, opaque (meaning they don’t have to let the public know what they do with the public’s money and how the are mistreating the children they teach), publicly funded, private sector corporate carters don’t have those restrictions. That’s why Eva Moskowitz, who is the overpaid dictator CEO of the child abusing Success Academy charter schools in New York City, can close her schools down and (force/require or else) all of the students and many of the parents to be bused across New York State to the state capital to protest when Eva doesn’t get her way. If a public school district did this, the superintendent would be fired.

      43. I should take a plane , but to where ?
        Is very

      44. Great Lloyd .
        Now I can or can’t force the media here ?
        Education is like a politic game , I just complain at Chanel 41 Americateve ( Spanish Chanel )
        I have to many , only smart people working hard listen to me , seating with me . Not many have the capacity to qualify , if Education is an strong ; specially corrution , tax payer are no smart enaf to see what you do . I know very well , millions will cost to this crooks or corrupts if I find the real place to show what I have and and very important a trust place where I could feel comfortable to say what I have and them everybody will stand up . Education meaning is not what millions think or believe . Education can be use for good purpose or for hurt the world , People are confused for the fact that respect is the base of the Education or Constitution , people are sleeping in the fact prominent figures as bill gates , Donald Trump or so are no Evils because they have fortunes , but the’r are plenty ways to wake up and start to teach what route is the the endless but who is the leader , where and when ?
        Education is meaning loyalty , prepare people to do things right no to believe that the right things is help others and hurts them self .
        What I should go ?
        Who is going to back me up ? . Where is the real place to go and show in 60 minutes that the old men Bernard Madoff is not the only one who deserve it .
        America and the world are wrong if believe that 150 years in prison to and old men with 70 plus years old is right when people are blessings if reach 70 and what the hell is going on ?
        I believe what I believed Madoff’son . The evil one not , the other that kill him self because only him do not his dad down .
        Is a situation , very sad and most of American people should know before be to late .
        Loyed .
        Education down here deserve and impact an surprise breaking news .
        I’m not the only one who is hurt , no millions others parent , kids and tax-payer are suffering .
        If I have a least to muchhhhhhhhh
        to force Evils owners new gold way of slavery to and Charters are not Jails but are Alcatraz .

      45. Since 90 percent of the traditional media is owned by six very large corporations, some that are linked to profits through publicly funded, private sector charter schools, I suggest you focus on the 10 percent the corporate CEO’s don’t control.


        Six Non-Corporate News Outlets You Should Be Following


        10 News Outlets Corporate Media Doesn’t Want you to Follow


        Alternative News.com


        TYT Network


      46. Thanks Lloyd .
        God may help me to reach the attention of those with it % very low control but I need to take a brake and keep up and down because I’m making nothing but loosing everyone and evening as the Por guy .
        INSIDER ?
        Alpachino ot The Damn GranFather .

      47. Lloyd .
        World press is full of fools and is sad , Charters Principals washed teachers brain , politics figures washed Principals Brains and Evils Masters wash brains of
        dooms as Trump .
        The trivial Queestion for Charter School supporters .
        Meaning ?
        Lloyd please explain to them , I’m not interest in the’r comment I want to go to another level .
        You are a great and smart . Long history short with you or a couples like you .
        All I need is stay away from people who are nothing but copies the’r boss’s and I know the intellectual level of them ( Charters supports ) ; great talents in degrading the music ; great copies fakes but no real . And the best of them Dictator wolfs in wolfs clouds . (Vestimenta )

        This is to encourage , I was almost very close to get brain Washed by the Russians
        But no if I make it .
        I realize and back up , never is late guys to change , never say never .
        Publics school can be better as before and
        Charters Close they doors and admitted that experiments barely work specially in Education .
        Traditional is like classic .
        Do I make my self clear american Traditional public’s school hatters ?

        I goes but I’ll be back 🙂

      48. Lloyd to world press .
        Those links are the same bad boy that is coming for me .
        What are yonna do ? I mean me ?
        Just in case this is not out of contest

      49. Out the content no EDUCATION
        To the forum …
        Delete – insert ?
        Insert – delete ?
        File a law sue them cash me if you can .
        Find me if you are smart or
        call me if you could , waists your money , your time and they will hide the cash , move it and them I waisted , my cash gone , my good work and family away from me , if I loss , my family ?
        What they going to do ?
        I can take a plane but with no cash ?
        Fly to where ?
        Seat on the walk side and a lawyer do not listen a home less .
        Or talk with a person who can listen .
        The forum is going to get hot , because I’m smart enaf .
        Lloyd .
        A > ?
        B > ?
        C > Confidence

        Lloyd you deserve a higher level . They can’t handle your post .
        Charter = Chatarra !
        I’m upset ?
        Why ?
        I’m very creative because I love read .
        Have a good weekend everybody .
        I’m back on Monday !!!!

      50. I’m going to sleep , eat , wake up ; them
        wait until the Evils find me and destroy me the way , Evils owners of plentyssss
        Fraudulentsssss Corp ..
        Sharing names and more .
        Delete and inserte …
        Damn this is like let idiots substitute , mess with my family and Damn nothing happen ?
        Education is not what a bunch of Charters supported , not Eva Moskowitz can close they door as 41 or plus Charters in florida I’m not sure but , 39 durant season and 3 more after .
        If more closed , I’m not updated as 59 are under investigation ?
        Them I’m an initial leather and everyone is washing hands .
        Damn , Damn who believe than an idiot ?
        You are nothing but the only one who believe me , thanks but you are the only one who care , because no one else out there is going to do nothing but steal my damn merit ?
        I want no profit no merit I want take a plane or drive where I can release what I have and them I’ll be happy . Damn medias and Damn any who think I’m an idiot but Damn idiots are those who are caving they owe hole but money can’t carry with them .
        Lloyd world press or anyone who believe than because my Damn not Damn I right not like them but I have what I deserve peace .
        Damn to anyone who believes Hialeah Education Academy Inc . And the Damn Mayor city and the Damn Donald Trunp with his Damn Evils or brainless . Doom Trump if someone else call and told if I better spoke bad , Damn the evil who did and Damn who believe that I’m not telling the true because the Chanel’s news interview me and Damn any national Chanel who are supporting Evils and sub-estimate me .
        Damn , I’ll provide nothing else because I need to see if I have someone else who Damn let me down , I exclude you of that Damn list .
        You are in my list in my Boock in the life Boock of GOD as your Mom but .
        I’m sooty because you are not , you are the only one who stay in my fight that it .
        In God only I trust but I could but good friends are in your side when you are Down you prove be in my side I’m down but I need walk them take a plane .
        May God wake up those justices lovers because Evils are killing kids and Damn is not good word .
        This MESAGES is not offensive is an alert one .
        Take care and Thanks .Lloyd and very much !

      51. Lloyd . The best teacher !
        The student is not better than the teacher .
        Good students only learn from one teacher .
        I’m not a good student but I have the best teacher .

        FILE A LAW SUE is like a of 10 thousands miles start one step followed by another .

        FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS is like fight evils is the same thing .

        KEEP EVIDENCES and proves together is like putting on foot in front of the others .
        WE HAVE TO MEDITATE ; READ AND LEARN now and again is like taking a break now and again , drink water , eat rest and sleep .

        Putting together is same as get up one step followed by more .



        Lloyd . I’m working hard , trying hart , the best and only way to defeat an strong enemy’s is not go to the battle field with a big battalion , only an smart leader is what we need it and Brave . Is better an army with thousands sheet with a Lion as leather than thousands lions and a sheep as a leather .
        What does mean . I was kick out from a public park and then from world press .
        I won’t say nothing but I’ll be back and stronger .

        I don’t believe I’m ready yet but I’ll .
        Any ways I could stay learning from others sources . I will go as soon I find where is the next event where I could meet you and Diane as others persons from the forum , I’m taking an intense course of English .

        I’m going to win one way or another , in court or the nation will know why I’m over and over
        keeping fitting .
        That it .
        By the way I find a great part of the puzzle .
        I’m in the game .
        Charters supporter need to know .
        Ok Sr

      52. ACLU is not doing a good job , is not only find illegals policies and civil rights violation is about defend the victims and in my case . I’m Sorry but ACLU is not listened . A Shark called me and Shark told me as you better never talk bad about Donal Trump in other interview as I did once , the same idiot told me , don’t involucre ACLU in your problems with us here in Dade County as an other corrupt FDLE agent told me , don’t sued the city of hialeah for police Arasment and more as the evil Chief idiots , damn this is ridicules , sending me to my house evils detectives and I the completed and the corrupted chief police army hunting me and ACLU …

      53. It’s a movie about the real life scientist that blew the whistle on the greedy, lying tobacco industry.


        The Insider movie { a great idea and thanks God for making happen with the movie and because of you that watched it and I saw the movie and inspired me 😏


      54. 😏 I have no clue what this 😏 mean but in Cuba is I got your sigh that is the true!

      55. Thanks Lloyd .
        I’ll appreciate forever your help .
        Lloyd in the wars always soldiers died .
        Live is beatific but ironic , supervise in a jungle then die in safer place .
        Take care
        And thanks once more Mr. Brother


    1. Who will prosecute the crooked corporate charter school violators?

        WOW .




      2. I learned long ago never to expect help from anyone. If help comes, it is a blessing and not to be taken for granted that it will always be there.

      3. Great that’s exactly what’s happening to me

      4. That is my point. I thought the same. But I realized it was my ego. From where did you get that blessing? I remember when you told me about your mother, she was an excellent example of faith with a great association very pacific, as you would know the JEHOVA’S witnesses are. Apparently the world is coming back to who how Russia was. What I don’t understand is why you don’t expect help from anyone. Why are you living in the UNITED states then? Can you give me a name of someone who has accomplished something alone? That is why the United States is like this right now because no one wants to help one another, because they are thinking exactly like you. By the way I’m not a politician but I’m defending my civil rights.

      5. I did not mean no one ever helps me or I don’t help others when I have the time and want to help them. But I never take it for granted that others will automatically step forward and help me achieve what I want to do. My plans are my plans and no one else is obligated to work for me just because I want them too.

        If I decide to do something, I must be willing to do it by myself if no one steps up to help.

      6. Everything happens for a reason .
        But sometime the reason is that you are stupid and make bad decisions .
        Quote ?

      7. No quote but a book recommendation. “The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam” by Barbara W. Tuchman, who documented the foolish stupidy of many wealthy and powerful people going back more than 2,000 years. it seems that wealth and the power it brings not only corrupts those who use it, but it makes them stupid too because they allow their ego to take over and think they can do no wrong.

        Tuchman writes, “Many individuals are guilty of folly (Tuchman also calls this woodenheadedness), but when governments persist in folly, their actions can adversely affect thousands, even millions of lives. Folly is a child of power. ‘The power to command frequently causes failure to think.'(p.32)”.


      8. Mr.
        Lloyd . I appreciate as my family too .
        We have no dough , absolutely the minimum doughy , you as billions people are under a direct attack , worldwide the abuse of power , corruptions , billionaires corporations , billions are hidden ,
        The difference between millionaires , Bill Gate fortune I don’t have clue as you do , his fortune one way or another , yes fortunes grows 77 % proved or so legal . And what about the another 33% ? There is to many ways to prove the veracity this comment , Bernard Madoff fraud , was possible because he fool , a lot of losers .
        Madoff proposed or Garantte increases fraudulent move , there is no way . There is no different who steal one dollars of 70 billions bough’s are what ?
        My brother told me that , and make it sense , as stop messing dear brother my brother told me , remember this not Martin L. King era .
        We are living in the last days , critical Times hart to deal . And my Father told in 1994 , men’s are loveling of money , unthankful , slanders , with out self control , fierce , having no natural affection , disloyal , no open to any agreement , with out love of goodness , head strong , betrayals , having of appearance of goodness but proven false to is its power ; and my Dad is correct as my brother . I fell bad my family thanks to this idiot , my son abandoned not only the town , no only the Schooll , Danny abandoned the town , hidden as a fugitive , where he is leaving , I’m don’t know .
        Hialeah Education Academy , principal intimidated my kid the same way at the same time , Denise Hannah , investigators send it from Hot line , to investigate kid abuse , ironic she was cruel as those abusers , obstruction of investigation , is not a crime as ( STEROIDS ARE GOOD ONLY WHEN POLICES ARE USING , STEROIDS ARE ILEGAL ?
        NO ?
        THANKS Lloyd , I apologize you are right , we can’t trust in no one as back in the days ( if you want … doing your self .
        I never forget , ever what I learn from you .
        I disrespect you Sr. ( Acting with out thinking and thinking to much and no acting ) I comity bought mistakes .
        What an idiot , I’m . Where is the road ? My family have no way out , I’m a traitor , I’m out I burned bridges began me ..
        Theses stupid wealthy foolish me . I should listened Hialeah Gardens Principals , crying told me please dad , I’m crying and very sad .
        Bough of your kids are Clild honor students .
        She told me I’m sad your kids are models , I’m very sad 2 more role models kids gone .
        Dad please hialeah Education Academy . Inc . Charters schools are not SHEEPS
        I’m not a wolf in SHEEPS closing , I’m a wolf in sheep clothing .
        After I ask him ? Why are you doing that to me ?
        Thoses guys learn in publics schools , most of them .
        I’m and idiot and they are dooms ,
        they comity the mistake , they should not let me go , they should eat me first …
        You are smart Lloyd , you Diden’t drank the poisons waters , God
        Told you rivers waters are as cristal but not clean ..
        May JAH bless you !
        You are working now as atalaya
        To be awake is to be alive .
        I’m wide awake , GOD Knows that I tried , seeing the bright side . I’m not blind anymore .
        The dreams happen when your awake .
        Thanks God , I just realized .
        Is time to watch Fron the Tower , I will make on plan . I ‘ll rescue my family , my kids need me . My son is still alive and my Doughtier is helping me , every time you read appropriate English she is who send it .
        I lot of people , hundreds of brothers know you , you are my brother from , with different Mother .
        I just lost a sister , lovely as your mothers .
        Lloyd my son left the congregation . A lovely kid now is hating his enemy’s , the bible teach we have to love our enemies .
        I love my son , I love JEHOVA’S .

      9. You can’t ( Can ? Others people . You can ( can’t ) control yours relations to them .
        Your smart

      10. I’m full time following all the crimes that charter schools have committed.

        QUOTE .

        59 Charers Schooll are under investigation ( fl ) 38 + 3 close door last season .

        THE PROBLEM ?



        Lloyd .
        Last but not least

        I’m not smart I stay with problems lingers ( perseverance)
        After the police arrested me for stand up , because no one else care .

        I’ll be proud of myself and I don’t stop believing that the government is the most corrupt system .
        I’ll make sure keep you Post .

        Breaking news conference after they realize me , Hialeah fl facing complain in Federal Court .
        The problem start for the corruption of an Chatter school .

        I know there is a bunch of people got money , are waiting to involve and get what granted undeserved

      11. Justice is often blind and/or convicts the innocent.

      12. Mr . Loyed .
        What is going on ? The fact is that the government has said that the company ( Privatization is not going anywhere else on their website is the problem , these links.
        Now playing the same game as well just want you to know what I want to go all the way down , but I can’t trust in tuits

      13. Do you mean to say that the government told you that the privatization of education is not going anywhere else and their website is the problem? If so, pay no attention to these psychopaths. They will say anything to achieve their agenda because they worship a false god at the altar of avarice, of greed.

      14. A big white beard ?
        In my tweets ?
        Why ?

      15. What do you mean by a big white beard in your tweets? How do you get a big white beard in your tweets — an image attached to the Tweet? I’m confused.

      16. Yes brother logo’s tweet ? But A huge white beard with ? ? Mark

      17. Do you have a link to this Tweet?

      18. Liyed . Apparently what is the heat is in the area , because I paste I send it to let it clear . That is Mayor city Charter school who abused of my family . I paste it ( sensed )

      19. Do you have a link to this Tweet ?

      20. Do you have a link to this Tweet? What does you mean with it ?

      21. I don’t remember writing anything in any of my posts about a Tweet where there was an image of a guy with a white beard.

      22. I never tweet as I never has and teet ACAUNT . I start when those abusers ignored it and increase they abuse to my kids .
        Any tweet posted . I teed their crimes. I send it link its to WordPress. I have
        hialeah log.Wordpress.com
        rey3016 worldpress.com
        Reibel77 world press.com

        The fact is that it was not immediately known as the first time since I’ve been trying to make it.
        So .

      23. You can set up a WordPress blog to feed Tweets for posts automatically to Twitter.

      24. Mr. Lloyd .
        I suport your comment as the Greater’s
        And in additions I include …
        Bill Gates , Steve Balmer and Donald T. Sterling .

        GATES OPEN & Microsoft
        BALMER CEO of Microsoft CLOSED DONALD T Sterring ( LA Clipers ) DOOR’S GATES OPENED TO
        DONALD T. Steering ( GATE FOUNDATION )

        Steve Ballmer is the owner of the Los Angeles Cllipers . As may of May 11, 2015 his personal wealth is estimated at US $ 22.7 billion ranking 21 on the Forbes 400.
        Balmer retired as a Microsoft CEO with out 12 months .
        NET WORTH by ( april 2016 ) US $ 25.1 billions .

        DONALD T.
        DONALD T.
        ” chargers of fascism? Or Racism ?
        Who’s one hate blacks , Korean , Spanish and kids ?

        Donal T Sterling’s affection for Koreans is the flip of a deply . Plantations owners like Donald T .stering is very funny .. To Korean language- immersion publict Charter School ..

        The Only Goberment whih the beast education is the God government body
        The another’s one are who they are proved ( Sicopats)
        I respeting your comment as you respect someone else .
        Keep doing that .
        Good post Lloyed .
        I learn a lot from you .

      25. You can set up a WordPress blog to feed Tweets for posts automatically to Twitter.
        Lloyed brother I can , but I don’t know nothing about it blog brothers .
        In the field of the practice area charter Schooll and probably the most important and your help to make it.
        I have to do something about it and learn

      26. I learned from helpful videos I found on You Tube. There are many very helpful people who produce videos to help others on just about everything. Some are better than others. A good way to tell is how many people have watched the video. The videos with larger audiences tend to be easier to understand.

      27. How I can set up that ? Is frustrating Brotjer .

      28. Here are a few links to helpful videos on YouTube

      29. I don’t know what “This beads” means.

      30. A HUHE BLUE BERD ? ( tweet logo ) What are replays and mention ?
        Support Twitter . Com
        A bunch of posted twitters

      31. I don’t know I won’t doing notion I can do nothing, my tweets Reportimg Chaters abusers.
        I will moving on even with a piece of pencil .
        I won’t quit , my son now is going to new your , farm away from my house ?
        I’ll go on top of the huge Donald Trump Hotel . 18001 Collings Ave sought beach fl .
        I’ll rent the same sweet I did since this nightmare start , I paid thousands a dollar a night my wedding Aniversary and now I’ll jump from there , but before I’ll make sure that the news nation wide catch the Sight ( I REGRETTED SPEEDED THE MONEY HERE )

      32. Once you jump to your death, you can no longer fight back. The U.S. Revolutionary War lasted from 1775 to 1783, almost ten years. Patience and persistence. If George Washington had given up, there probably would be no United States today.

      33. Thanks .
        I’m not going to jump. Once I realized that they are hunting me . I have to do it for me and my kids , friends and family members. You safe my life Lloyd . I remember when you told me about your life and mother. She was there always protecting you . My mom she is very sick as my Dad and now I’m just like, thinking about it and. I’m tired but I’m still not dead. Thanks for your support . I’m going to take a rest .
        Almost 2:20 am and I’m still not sleeping tonight

      34. When someone is hunting you, become the hunter who hunts the other hunters.

      35. IF i WHERE : never is late to read old news papers .
        All I need is an old school leather to fallow as I believed the best thing to do is go with you and your heart. I won’t back up , I have to be as good as the snake and the dove hunting.

        Lloyd thanks .

      36. My ex- Lawyer who violated misconductssssss including false promise to never give up .
        After 2 nights I hired him , my wife and I expecting conference call with their councils who represented the city charter school .
        We never seated at the dialogue between the two sides.
        My Lawyer and city lawyer walking away from me.
        My wife and I as others party’s where ignored and I lost my money and the other side of the defenders nothing changed. What happened?
        What happened with Chanel Univision 23 , ? Why Ex-FBI agents/ prosecute for 25 year could have done that to kids to me
        Steve Rosie stolen my money , who is posible that My lawyer worked for 25 years as fed as agent and as a prosecute and he betrayed innocents people and the City Mayor was controling him and the Chanel?

      37. If you hired a lawyer, paid him, and he did not deliver on what he said he would do, file a complaint with the local bar association and have him investigated.

      38. Chief as I told you these election campaign are working based of what you know

      39. One more time they went into my emails extc…. Spread this news nation wide

      40. Its very easy to hack into anyone’s e-mails, computer and even mobile phone.


      41. 1 (786) 294-2735 this is and hide and sociopath cel of Carlos Albarez .
        Hialeah Education academy. Inc
        From this cel himself take a picture of my Dauther and texted to me .
        But I don’t care about they treats agains me , but I do care and serious when they use they sicoptas treats involving my Sweet princess . She is a lithe girls and this guy as his Mayor kids Hater .
        They are what ?
        Who wants to get in charge of investigating this guys ?
        But Hight from out there and as soon as closely better?

      42. It sounds like this guy is a psychopathic monster criminal thug. When our daughter was 12 she was physically threatened by another student, who made it clear he wanted to shoot her in the head, and both my wife and daughter had to restrain me because I was ready to exterminate that boy’s entire family. The school was notified of the threats and the teachers kept a close eye on the boy, caught him in the act of threatening her and he was kicked out of that school permanently and had to change school districts. But that happened in a traditional public school full of dedicated teachers and administrators who followed the law. The corporate charter schools are often owned by crooks and are beyond the law and fraudulent, because the corporate charter school movement is there to make a profit and they don’t want any restrictions in place that are there to protect our children. They want to legally break the law and cheat us of our public money.

      43. I’m inside and a big guy apparently federal S Agent

      44. Here at Palmeto hospital

      45. Treating who ? Can be

      46. Can you posted the ISUES

      47. Some messages are been not getting to you

      48. Buy what’s known as a throw away mobile phone and make sure it is a dumb phone, not a smart phone — a dumb, mobile phone that comes prepaid and is not part of a plan that comes with a monthly charge. When you buy one, you pay cash and do not use a credit card. When the prepaid time runs out, to avoid having that phone hacked, you buy another dumb phone that has time on it that is prepaid. No monthly charge. No account needed.

      49. Chilft .
        I’m asking you for.
        Can you ?
        Inform to : if I can’t complain in a public park in favor kids abuse and hundreds Brooke laws trespassing in Braiking the laws ( destroying public property )

        The law should act .
        3 baseball field are trespassed and a the new want to watch .
        Why they kick out parents from thouses parks in hialeah

      50. Slade park
        Alex Fernandez park
        And José Martí mark in hialeah city .
        CHIFT they don’t trus in your capacity

      51. 455 west 68 at hialeah Fl 33011 ( Alex Fernandez park )

        2590 76 TH st Hialeah fl 33006 ( city park same address as a charter Scholl )

      52. Hialeah Education Academic .Inc
        I told this chairman member of this corrupt Charter school and city Mayor did nothing but cover my kids abuse .
        I need to expose my news .


      53. Do you have a YouTube page? Visual is a strong medium today.

        You might want to consider producing your own videos documenting your story and uploading them to You Tube. The key is to make them short and professional looking. If you are a Spanish speaker, then think about producing them in Spanish and let word of mouth in English spread from Spanish speakers in the United States and other countries. But be aware that getting people to pay attention and watch them is where the real work is. Promoting your message through social media will take up 99% of your time, and 1% will be spent producing the videos that tell and show your story.

        Pew Research reports that there are more than 37 million Spanish speakers in the U.S., by far the most spoken non-English language in the U.S.


        In addition, it is estimated that more than 470 million people speak Spanish as a native language in the world. So I think you should stop trying to tell your story in English and start to tell it in your native language (correct me if it isn’t Spanish) and use your own You Tube page, Twitter page, WordPress Blog page, etc. This social media sites reach a world wide audience and not just Americans.


        The Internet and Social Media is not exclusive to English speakers. In fact, Facebook has more than 148 million Spanish speaking and reading members and more than 22 million Spanish speakers around the world are internet users. Instead of struggling to reach just an audience in the U.S., reach out to the Spanish speaking world and many of those speakers also speak English and word of mouth is the most powerful promotion tool in the world.


      54. Lloyd
        Hialeah Education Academic . Inc
        Principal stated that …
        I apologize to anyone who wants me.
        Mr. Castillo understand, I know ; I accepted the responsibility for..
        Keep in clouds doors , Daniel’s and Melanie Castillo teaches/ Coach abusers Reginald is cover be


      55. http://www.local10.com/news/local-10-investigates/rampant-prostitution-in-hialeah-causes-business-owner-to-relocate

        The fact is that . (It ‘s what it’s . Favorite Quotes of City Mayor . Oh
        I forgot ; also Chairman of hialeah Education Academic . Inc ( Charter ( Crime School )

      56. Once you jump to your death, you can no longer fight back. The U.S. Revolutionary War lasted from 1775 to 1783, almost ten years. Patience and persistence. If George Washington had given up, there probably would be no United States today.

        Thanks I firing back Sr.
        Today I was just thinking about it.
        Please translate to our enemy’s that you teach me . Washington fight as Abraham Lincoln back as Martin L . King .
        The constitution is still fighting , Lloyd , please do the best you could , no for me , for American Kids , do it as same you , as mention you fired back Vietnam war .
        I wasn’t born , I born in Cuba , my kids born here in. USA territory .
        I won’t let , any coward , I fight rich as same as anyone else to say that I don’t have the right to speak , Lloyd this messages to Principals Corruption, there is green area only to Charters schools Principals as well- there is not gray area is black or it’s white .
        The law exist and the only way you can get the hang.
        The fact if you don’t , ..
        They will ignore me please follow me please don’t let my enemy’s , if you back me up, they will shout me and they will not matter what they will kill , but after the entire Americans , the intare Assembly and the other hand, assembly of injustice .
        Lloyd my kids and the rest of the innocents, victims of fisical , metals , sex-arasment , intimidation a lot more.
        Hialeah Education Academy . Inc
        Carlos Albarez , Carlos Hernandez and with out mention Regunald Regie Rodriguez sience teacher / baseball Coach , that evil guy will be in jail , have to , should be out of the Same Chatter field that , u was kicked out . I was charged for fight this evils abusers, with the law , and they turn the law out side down .
        Mr. You can make it . If you make it , next week school season , no much time but enaf to fight back and as same as under the sun light , King David and his Mistake …
        This avaricious false gods , will know that , patience to wait until I can see the new version and.
        You Lloyd fight corruption . You can do it.

        Backing me up when? Before the enemy shutdown another one of the lithe kids down .
        You was baked up during war , now back me up in this terribly one war.

        The link . Is CRISTAL . The link is the end .

      57. http://www.local10.com/news/local-10-investigates/rampant-prostitution-in-hialeah-causes-business-owner-to-relocate

        Hialeah Education Academic . Inc . Is the most important and the other side , is not my business .
        Kids won’t are not alone , kids are going to , they deserve at least knows what I know , and I know nothing compare with all of you out there guys , I just another kid , in this field of Charters business area I’m a kid and I don’t. You teach me , Duane teach me , Susan teach me .
        I’m the worts student and ignorant Allien .
        I forgot my own language

      58. http://www.hialeahfl.gov/index.php?option=com_docman&view=download&alias=4612-2015-39&category_slug=ordinances-1&Itemid=515&lang=en

        Good morning dear Lloyed , parents are not welcome any more at slade park . Why is posible ?
        This public ..

      59. If parents are not welcome at Slade Park, who is welcome — children and child molesters?

      60. That is what the police deparment need to determine.
        A bunch of girls are in the same faculty very uncomfortable, the police is waiting on arrest of The Reginald R. Rodriguez . The dialogue between the two sides. Mayor City and School Principal Carlos , Should be at noon in conference, media reports said that.

        Carlos Zoguy : Executive public information/ and assistant HPD C

      61. Sergio Velazquez should receive a couples more phone calls . (305) 953-5300 , my phone calls are on files as they as well . The arrest warrant for Reginald Rodriguez said he was thinking about it . What is not a good idea , he should be arrested in the same park and faculty where he is been abusing since was hired in 2014 .
        Mothers and fathers of the area , will be out as soon the first Police despatched to lead and wait till the media is not front door; The arrest of the subject matter how much people in this case, but the fact is that this week 4 minors are going to post theirs testimony . Things must be hart for the board of member of Charter school .

      62. Esto es Algo very hard , very sad . I’m smart but Super doom why ?
        Because I work hart for nothing but now, Team Money Diden’t like my senseless post sensesot Albert Einstein but I told , I been telling the whole ( complity Pouzzle )

        Chaters Defemnders ? What about this? Everyone now is going to tell , yeap

        Jeb Bush news: Lloyd ? Please tell

      63. Educations Reform : From California to Dade county Fl .

        Attention to good listeners only .
        The corrution ( NONE DIFFERENCE

        No difference ( Fl now Jeb bush running Education in Fl .
        The superintendent of Miami dade Mr. Carbaljo .
        Attention ..
        A Corrupted mayor for the city of hialeah , in the ceremony celebrating yesterday at UM ( university of Miami ) Hialeah High is a public school . The mayor of hialeah Diden’t care , hialeah Education Academic . Inc . Is the attention , this mayor . Yesterday Mr. Mayor was announced by the his honesty the roll models in UM Ceremony .

        Is a corrupted guy ( roll model for students ?
        Or students will start his carrier crime very soon ?
        Kids do what the watch , what they learn right ?

        The city mayor should be kicked out from any event where are involved students .

        The school system is in critical , crucial times , privatization = Control of society .

        The new monopoly is coming but no for good , absolute not , no monopoly is the collapsed of the socially , the Control of the freedom .

        The destroying of the constitution .
        I’m wrong ?
        Feel speech , fell of press ..
        Why ?
        Why ?
        Why ?
        I was kicked out from word press and nobody do nothing ?
        Why ?
        I got more a lot more very interesant topics .
        I was right ?
        Of course , an escuse that my English confused , a comply lie .
        My post out the topic ? Another lie .
        My English is not bad .
        I have 1 trillion dollar . I have nothing ?
        Just a joke , money force people to
        learn mandarin . Lol

        Now I have 1 trillion of question …
        But only one answer , here in east coast or West Coast everything is about money . By the way my name is nobody .
        Do I make self clear ?

      64. Everything is about money even for people that don’t have it; they want it.

        People that have money want more and never stop wanting more even if it means cheating and sealing from the people that don’t have it.

      65. Lloyd please can you more like more specific , I like you because you never quit , winners never quit , I have respect for you Mr. Lloyd when you say everything is about money even for people tha don’t have have it , they want it .
        I respect you , I don’t have money
        I need money . I’m sorry I don’t asked for money , no I’m asking for a bread and peace , I don’t have nothing , I lost my kid and I want prove it . I want nothing but defect those haters , I’m walking with the enemy Sr.
        Any way Sr. I’m no body but please be you , I’m petty sure you have a lot of people who you destroyed they arguments , you are an enciclopedia . I,m in kínder Garden .
        Thanks Lloyd

      66. The more you learn, the more you know that there’s a lot you don’t know and will never know. Anyone who says or acts like they know everything is a fool because once they think like that, they stop learning and stay stupid.

      67. Lloyd you are the Men . Thanks
        The only thing I know is I know nothing .
        The only true wisdom is in knowing you no nothing . That is
        why you are smart , you have no ego . Good friends talk good things in your back and bad things in your face .
        I agreed with you , the others people are different , The principal of the charter school sub-estimate me . And that is a huge mistake , the power of the sub-estimate . I appreciate I learned I lot from you , school areas , and more . Wisdom is earned .
        Thanks Sr.
        I’m no body for a bunch of idiots , but you not but a good guy , I have respect for you . Take care Loyed

      68. Lloyd can you please make it to me a favor and post this comment in world Press .
        Bill Gates is the one that will close his gate and will stay out of the kingdom of God, and he can raise chickens himself. Poor people who let him control them. He can control the world but he can’t control me. Why? Because I have principles. Principles are priceless. He’s not the owner of the universe, he pensado his own Life. Bill gates is a Bill criminal. He has to think before he makes those dumb comments. Bill gates is not smart, Donald trump talks without thinking, and Donald T. Sterling was kicked out for the Ex- Microsoft CEO. Was that a plan, or a coincidence? All 3 are millionaires, 2 of them are racists. And what about Bill Gates who is the master brain? All of them have 3 things in common privatize the scholar system for good or just to get wealthy.
        The 7 terribly consecuence of eat chicken ?

      69. I can’t only approve your comment for my Blog. I don’t have the ability to publish it in the world media.

      70. Wow .. The only thing is that I have no clue what to do it. The only thing I don’t have the times and the only way and I think ; is not good idea is slow down I don’t going to risk the only way I have to defeat those who hurt my kids and the other parents. I’m not going anywhere if I slow down. I have to go all the way down . Over here in the morning, afternoon and evening and a lot of time sleeping , this is a war against them and Plenty times they sending idiots to try my , they acted like they’ve been on my way. The fact is that; I don’t trust including those criminals in uniform for a while ago but I can’t
        I’m king of , I don’t have a minimal idea of what you do, and it is not the same thing I would hate to see my family is so hart is not the same thing I wasn’t there . Vietnam war in my head I don’t know how much you fight against people . The only thing is that I can tell you that I don’t respect, I don’t like you know I was just thinking that the government deserve it. But nothing is compare the two sides ;
        You earn the respect and the fact is that it was not immediately clear whether or not I will never understand why ? I’m not going to
        I’m at the end zone and I don’t have to much time left I have to go faking to run the ball or trough . They defense is not strong enough to read my mind and I don’t. I have to go 4 down I don’t win with a field goal and two ways running by my self or find out who is open to the point where I can trust to the point of having the total confidence and win this game is the most important and I have to go out with the victory.
        I can’t forget I use to love sport , until Those who don’t have heart shutdown my son and daughter , I don’t let it go away , I saw my son today and I don’t know how to forget , my son is so skinny , a 6’1 kid with ADD he left the town on October is a nightmare ; an strong kid ready to go to the point of having the best chance , sight with a Mayor league team or go to UM with full of the scholar ship pay and not ether way . The charter Principal and the city mayor with all those who don’t have a minimal clue what to do with the crimes the committed . I won’t care about me but the fact is that I won’t stop until I see, no matter what I going to me it .
        My son is out the town , force to absolutely nothing to do I was fighting with them and they cheat , they let me fighting with the law , and they turn the justice upside down. The fact is that the government has been the most corr

      71. This place is not a peaceful and I have to go to the point where I can get it. I don’t give up . They will never forget that day and the rest of the their life they will never get out of the they interminable nightmare. I’m at a time when they are not ready for this, it’s hart for them and they have to go back and forth between the lines of battle , I don’t trust but they don’t know what to do it. I’m sure they are walking with they enemies and I don’t have enemies because I don’t give the last card and I don’t bluffing I can do it again and I don’t think that they’ve confidence even if I lost I win at the end of this page is the most important and the rest of the money and I don’t bluffing I don’t let it go away , now I’m just like is no way they will win . No matter what they want to know how much I hate when people don’t have love for kids and adults and I have to do it for me and the same time ; I don’t think that the government will continue their own thing is that the only thing that could make the difference is only been playing for hours and I’m still waiting on my mind and heart is breaking out so I don’t have any more than . Keep it up to the point of the mountain and plant is the only thing that would make the difference. I’m not body but I have to go no matter what I’m doing my job is to make it.
        This city and state and the rest of the nation have to know what to do it for the time , because never , is not time yet , this world is shaking , but always there is a hope . I have to go moving on Lloyd is not for me is the only way I will fell good . I don’t say anything else is a very long time ago when I wasn’t sure what to do. Now I’m not alone . Thanks for your support and I don’t have world to keep it. I’m not alone , I lean and mean the absolute best friend is the wisdom and the knowledge that is the best thing to do it.
        Real People teach with no fear , not those who don’t teach with love is because they are loser and they have not trust in them self .
        Take care boss .

      72. Everyone out there will know how much ? No many people have been in my situation, every situation or problem are deferents
        No matter what every single day millions of people are suffering but I can’t image how deep they pain is but I know that the pain is hart because my paint is not the worst but my son surging is hard to handle , tort is the hardest pain and the pain than have no end .
        That is why I feel like I’m in the right way . Kids Diden’t deserve it and unfortunately the society and the Scholl systems has destroyed the future .
        They fruit can’t even grow , impossible if the tree have been planted on top of poison .
        You should and I’m pretty sure your feeling the same I do , because no even you born to help others and your mom was a great one and only that is a good reason to be happy but what is hard is that we can say , Por people , including those kids that not even born yet . I feel sad for them . Our pass was nice even in the war people got peace but now there is not war and the the peace is gone .

      73. Lloyd .
        As much as ? Que no pueden escapar , as much as ? Delete or inserted ? More probe I find . Yo tengo todo lo que estos corruptos tienen escondidos , todo lo que ellos han estado robando , a donde están moviendo todo , están sin salida , yo no les he perdido la pista , todo no hay nada que yo no les sepa , el sistema escolar , compañías inimaginable , descubrí Atlantic , the lost Atlantic , yo tengo todo ya as much as ? Lo más que quiero es que ya otro escándalo más grande que el de Eva salga a la luz .
        Yo quiero y puedo hacer que la caja de Pandora se habrá completa , ya lo más que puedo hacer es pedir ayuda , Apollo , si esto es una batalla en contra de corruptos y los estudiantes y Tax-payers ya vamos juntas .
        Me entiendes ?
        As much scandal , más rápido se debilitan

      74. I have to much ( a bunch of evidence , a bunch of proves a bunch of unbeatable arsenal of CD’s .
        Recorder , Emails , investigations , charters Schools should know I’m , the leader than they don’t want , they don’t want me , involved in this .

      75. If you have hard copies that are evidence, why not release them all through the internet?

      76. The best way is work with some people . I mean a professional

      77. English ,
        And the right website

      78. I’m posting only in world press for mote than a year . Look . I’m sending this now

      79. From : Susan lee

        Youare so kind to say that. Isn’t the
        internet a great place to discover that todos los gentes son amigos.
        119! Days ago

      80. Muchas Grasias Señor. Me siento for tus problemas. It is a cruel world but there are good people. El Dios connects them. Write at oped news.
        you can go to my author’s page, and read my essays. It will help your English if you read things. I comment when Ipost too.
        Also there are quick links (blue both at the bottom) http://www.opednews.com/author/quicklinks/author40790.html
        which go posted links to articles I love… about education ,science and stuff.. my facebook age is here

      81. Yes, entiendo tu ingles. Es mejor que mi español.
        I hear your anger at the corruption in Dade. I know about it. Mi tio was a professor of Poltical Science at the University of Miami, and he lived in Coral Gables.
        By the way, if you want a more personal way of speaking go to me, then go to this link
        and send me messages there. I do not give out my email online, but do contact people I can trust, when they write to me there. Yo comprendo que tu deceas hablar. Yo te oyo.

      82. From :Robert rendo
        103 days ago
        Usted esta correcto, como siempre!

      83. From : Diane 105 days ago .


        “Why Diane no one replay my coments ?”
        reibelcastillo, speaking for myself, I have a hard time understanding what you are saying. I applaud you for trying to write in English. It is so much easier to communicate face to face. Then we can check for understanding much more often. Try shorter comments.

        Lloyd . Face to face is the best way .
        We have to work as a team ..

      84. Face to face doesn’t work for me.

      85. Them , for me ?
        I’m understanding , face to face is not any more , back in the days ,even Reagan Seated with Gorbachoch , can be in a forum , as diplomats or how it work it ?
        American Diden’t deserve it

      86. 67 days ago ( speaking as a teacher from ., s …

        I will take care.
        You think too highly of me. Yo creo que yo soy the only person who listened to you, pero no puedo hacer mas que escuchar . ( I think that I am the only person who listened to you, but I cannot do more that to listen).
        You soy vieja, (I am merely an old lady) who feels so sorry for your troubles in a very corrupt city.
        YOU need to go to a real journalist or to the attorney general’s office and explain how th police are targeting you because you spoke out.

      87. They have super computers programmed to collect this data. It’s almost all automated, but if we say or do something suspicious, our file can be flagged and then human eyes take a look.

      88. Is only one way , the true and the humans will turn agains them , the only way is let them , they have the control anyway but they can’t despair me but the can’t stop millions with theses super computers ..

      89. I have a hard , I have thousands of thousands of emails , but for me is not easy at all .
        Face to face …
        I can send right now just a couples of emails and you will get like what is this ?
        I been fighting , my family is waiting for see people supporting me .
        I can fly or drive wherever or meet down here , because , people here , any Deparment can’t tell that they have not been warning .
        No I have everything , complain from , THE CHARTER TO , District scholar , every thing I have in record but I need time and a place where I can work with out the interruption .
        I can out everything togueder

      90. I have since , my son was in 10 grade and he finished this year 12 grade and more , back since , 2007 . I have any thing , I know more than you think about Charter schools ,more than millions , even this Campain can be change the course of I can realize even 25 % of what I have , the’r is no way that trump could win if I can seat and explain , proved what are thoses people doing , tax- payer , parents thousands are blain than Charters are nothing but the ever , not even Bernald Madoff , no even when back in the days Medicare fraud , minions more, the essay way to steal the money to the federal government now is the charters bussines

      91. Why ? Now you should understand , the war is impossible win is no way , you know how is the way , walking with the enemy , and even no way , you won’t go to the battle field with out a plan and specially when you are in enemy territory , I’m not notion but well you are smart , you can notice as everyone out there , no is no way that any one will waisted time with out and strong reason and I have more than real nothing crazy , nothing by the true .
        Can you tell me if you want or well . How many people in the world history died firing another nation ?
        How many leaded a movement , I mean fight for defend the justices away from where they born ?
        I know that the evil Hitler was Austria and Germany has a black page .
        Millions died fighting for the justices in the world . How many from American ?
        Well thanks God and this Country as Rusian okay a great roll to defeated the strong Germany Offensive .

        Lloyed . Josè Martí ?
        Next one mesages will be very important , please carefully catch the point .
        And the impact will be and world press and Education should ready it


      92. The internet is a battlefield. The media is a battlefield. We do not have the weapons and support needed to take this fight to a real battlefield. We’d be crushed. They control the armies. They control the police. And corporations spy on us relentless 24/7 through the internet and they are capable of looking through our camera lenses if those cameras are linked to the world wide web, and seeing what those lenses see in addition to tracking our locations through smart phones, tables, laptops, etc. Goolge, Facebook, etc. records every key stroke we make. This week I read about a corporation based in Florida that claims it has collected data on every adult in the United States and they are workign on doing the same thing to children.

      93. I know than this people are doing that , I’m not a rookie , I’m an old Scholl , I know there are every moved i’m doing , but we have to find a way , we are smart and always is a way to brake they tactics , how I cash what I have ?
        They hide and I got it , that is why they can’t desapiar me , because ?
        Martin L. King win because he play a good roll but with people Suport that Leader

      94. We have the numbers. They have the money. If enough of us start sharing what we know with the world through the internet, we can drown them in our words and then they will go under.

      95. You and me , me and millions are poweful ,I defeated a lawyer in court by my self in 2003 .
        A Toyota Lawyer with only one move , I let him Green light to say to the judge more than lost his time , money only 2 minutes , an strong proved with my terribly English in 2003, I won , now I can speech good Is About touch people heart.
        I can make it if I can , I need the chance , time and is over , all is need it to an small cigars almost off can destroy millions of forest .
        I mean only a simple person can turn what thousands are been trying .
        Lloyd I told to the Charter principal , I’ll be the one who will force you to kiss your prominence and stop his dictator ship and I told him . I’ll be the Matin L . King of his dictator implanted . God help me and I’ m sure he will go to prison , go away .
        Delete – his name and executives a lot is going happen and happens after I file the sue , this charter is very hot , I have source than provide me everything and I did by my self , they can stop me ( justices of God the true and I find the simple fraud of evidence , proved and I send it to them .
        They are like this guy who is it ?
        There is only way to defeated the enemy and is let them know , before they make te move tell it .
        James boon .
        By Robert Ludland ( the trinity ) ?
        Have read that trinity ? I did .
        I proved make real life moves in my life worts and not easier than James and that is a movie .
        Sub-estimate = mistake

      96. Long ago .
        From Diane .
        Rebel, your message was posted here, so I assume you are able to access WordPress.
        Many readers have been kicked off by WordPress, with no explanation.
        I tell them to delete their account and start all over again.

        Lloyd you see it

      97. This messages . From WordPress .
        Susan Lee .
        Lloyed tell me about it

        I know the real history, too. My Great -grandpa, Emilio Cordero was asked to be Secretary of State of Cuba, by Jose Marti. I hope your Easter was great. it is spring here, and the birds are out… I will post some photos on my Facebook page when I have time. I took one of the turkey that is at my seeder, but it was too dark last night to get a shot of the black bear that demolished one feeder.

      98. WordPress also allows bloggers to download their blogging software and work separate from the Wrodpress platform.

      99. I’m don’t know but I hit targets

      100. Then ?
        World press is a jock ?
        I know but out there are traitors but real people too .
        Is the same way , spy is a very easy super easy , easier than be an Robert Nilo or Densel Washinton or your favorites . I can play with better roll in this field if I where hollywoods actors . God given give , the act of confuse the enemy or make fell them as part of they DOON intelligence . By the way to be clear I won’t play derty games I play funny and interest games but not easy to beat me because I prepare befure them the only move and the only they can’t no is not way they can’t win but give up and provime more even open the door that I was nothing but in the tower of the castle and they walk to the exit them I thanked for be so fools .
        I born for that but the victory freedom others and my name never I let it as I was the leader , because leaders has plenty job is not only one . No is a carrier .
        Trust in you but I can make it . For sure

      101. Lloyd .
        May God bless you and is time 🙂
        I’m so happy you have no clue how much I appreciated long history short you yes you , you , you and nobody buy you .
        Thanks JAH ( GOD )
        I will never forget your Suport , I can say you are as my Dad as my brothers .
        Lloyd this will make you very happy and I’m proud of you even my wife tell me everyday after she can from her Job 🙂

        I know you has been the hall they day with your Brother , learning from your teacher . Lol

        She is a great person the mother of my 2 blessing God give ( My son Daniel sadly left home ) and my Dauther Melanie my Sweet princess ( Child honor student on Hialeah Gardens Midle School , Melanie is very smart and sweet , she is missing his brother but she is supporting me . She knows a lot of how many crimes and abused only in less than a year in the Chatter School , she told me Dad this Charter is not you are thinking , I pull her back to Hialeah Gardens Public school , she saw how the principal of HEA ( charter ) destroyed his brother carrier and his brother live is a mess , my Daughter is going to fight back . She wants defeated with me those abusers , my Daughter provide me 70 % of crimes relating Sex-Arasment and more .

        ” A wise person listen and takes in more instruction ; A man of understanding acquired skillful direction ”

        I’ll guard your instructions like the pupils of my eye.
        I’ll rift on the tablet of my heart . I’ll call you wisdom you are …
        Wisdom is my brother .

        ” A wise person listen and takes in more instruction ; A man of understanding acquired skillful direction ”

        My Journey of 10 thousands miles start today .

        I see you somewhere ; I been in the Yankee stadium , Jeter last game before retired , Jordan as Arod next Friday I been with my son in California .
        When my son was just a kid to LA Doggers play off agains Filadelfia when Joe Torres was betrayed by cash man he signed a 2 years 10 millions contract with the Dodgers because the Evil cash man won’t did what he should ( JOE asked 10 millions for 2 years and retired as a Yankee manager and the evil Cashman say not . The negotiations take less than 10 minutes in tropical park Tampa , the boss was very sick I’m telling you what Torres said , the Yankees boos was in the negotiation but his main was not , the boss with a black Glases to hide how sick he was ( he was not capable to even say a world )
        Cash$man CEO .
        Force Torres to go to LA .
        I read Torres encyclopedia great person and because Torres I became a LA Dodgers Fan .
        I have to go to California some day .
        Lakes game but not cheaper not I don’t like the owner the ex- Microsoft CEO ether the ex-,clipper owner.
        Donal T. S.
        Donal T

        Thanks Lloyed I will promise you that I’ll be an expect in blogs , thanks God and you !

      102. Christine lanf..
        100 days or soo

        Le admire, reibelcastillo, que le es tan importante expresarse que escribe aunque tal vez pocos pueden entender. Con su permiso, traduzco:
        The federal government is planning, it has been carefully analyzed, never forget that one must use their intelligence, unfortunately in every war some soldiers must die, the intelligence in this country is superior to the corrupt ones who hate the common good. It also seemed to me that the federal and local governments were coming together. Not the local government; in local institutions the level of corruption is much higher than the intellectual level. The federal goverment has had no other option but to throw out a hook – and caught a shark.

      103. Good morning América . Is this city part of USA ?
        Lloyd : In respond to those charter school supporter .
        Freedom is this ?
        I was in a gas station , close by the Charter School and I’m Cuban , but Abuse is abuse here and Everywhere ; this is a treat to the education : she asked nicely to the cashier , please $ 35 dollar premium gas pump # 7 additional
        This bottle of Ice tea and this Magazine .
        The cashier replay .. { No ingles , Próximo en la línea = I don’t speak English ; next in the line }
        The American women replay , but please I don’t speak Spanish – Cashier – Te dije ; no Inglés get out of my way aprende español .
        I heard that and I told the American women , please Mam there is something can I help you with ? Yes Sr . Tell the cashier $ 35 in pomp # 7 plus this bottle of water and this magazine the nice women told thanks Sr . Welcome Mam is my pleasure .
        Cashier por favor , la Señora quiere $ 35 en la bomba # 7 , la botella de agua y también la revista .
        Please # 35 in pomp # 7 , the water and the magazine .
        Cashier told me your no next in the line , told her welcome to hialeah { the American women was stunned , cashier body language spoken it by her self .
        Me : por favor $ 35 .. Water and the magazine by the way you are in American if you do not speak at least respect the women , she is driving , she is not from this city and this city , the por women have to go .
        Cashier : Tu no eres gringo , tú eres cubano and no Next .
        Me : Now you are in América , you have to thanks this country and now , right now if you want the hard way . $ 35 pomp # 7…..
        I was upset , very upset . By the way you need to speak English , she don’t . Respect this country and respect me .
        Cashier : [ Tu no eres Americano y cállete o te llamo la policia quítate del medio .. Tú no tienes la educación que yo tengo , no te hagas el gringo ]
        Me: Call the Police Or Call Fidel Castro If you want to you are another crooked , this is shame .

      104. Lloyd . This place ( long history short , police of hialeah are crooked and everyone no me , they call Troublemaker this Principal and mayor plus the police boss are dictators , please I’ll send it a bunch of reports , and more information if you spread this messages nation wide , in proper Ingush it would be great , I’m going to rent a car and going to Washinton or somewhere else but I’ll be out of this city . Not forever , no I’ll be back after I did what I should long time ago , por women , no I’m tired I scape from a dictator and I have to jump to another level .
        I want keep in word press but I get kicked out .

        I’ll appreciate if Someone help me
        and connected me with a bunch of Thousand .

        I’m nobody but but my Name is Reibel ”

      105. Mr. Lloyd I replaying you from everywhere out of topics , because I have no time to look and replay from the same topic . Please don’t judged me as an annoyed , I know you are not like those ones Crooked .

        Thanks very much . Thanks to everyone who Diden’t deserve this . I just fitting with not the best weapon the media and your Wisdom , I don’t asking for nothing .
        I going to move on . but with out you guys .
        Is going to be hart .
        I will send it I’m couples hours or before . Another’s crimes , you will be stunned , this is a Could war . Wait until my phone ?
        Doom phone ..
        I’ll by an smart phone . Thanks Boss for your support .
        I keep you post by the way baking me up . Watch my back , I’ll penetrate now …
        Say my family I love them ..

      106. Now half and hour and

      107. Thanks .
        Lloyd is true , I’m going to fight back , Die hurt . Can we just have some clue ? Yes at least 70 % are been using or moving they piece ( Principal Chattier , students also hunting , beside as police . They are hunting my devise , Ipone 5 if somebody beat me up to take my phone ?
        Later an IPad Stolen , today everyone knows who I’m . I was told plenty times , 3 ways of my future , framed between ( concert Walls )
        Die by a bullet lost of a 20/20 vision hit man .
        Car accident

        I’m not alone . I’m in the meddle of an coliseum Roman and Beasts ready to be realize , medieval style . This city Lloyd my owe people , screaming in my face , Donald tromp for president and this community , know me very well how hurt . We are , today I was at Palmeto hialeah Hospital , since 10:45 am .
        Lloyd I have no choice to call administration hospital who send me to security . A 6 ‘ 4″ plus guy .
        Walking araund me the whole afternoon , uniform of mercenary ( or Fed )!face of killer ( trained to kill )
        I told this is the same thing different day but with my enemies clouds and I told him , let’s go show me some ..
        He walk front Norh door hospital and take stair up and . Now what ?
        I’m in the jungle , I turned off my phone , wall around and the suspect was walking slowly getting better lock , now I’m back to report Sr .
        Latitude 23 44 .. 35 N
        Longitude .. .. … S

        Now , plan b Sr .
        I have to safe battery and rest .
        As you said , almost 10 yeas civil war ,
        I feel bad for my kids and wife Clift .
        I , m not legal acción i was told .
        You are not citizen you can’t vote I was told .
        I replay right . Buy I have the true of my messages .

        My passion for the live , the world of God , teach me , this is only one world but with a bunch of people who don’t have the minimal clue as you guys as . I told today to every single person who was Liset my speech .
        I’m not from American but i love the world .
        I’m not from the land of Hitler , Germany should tell Adolfo hitlers was from ?
        Now I won’t regret , as Germany did , if the next one president of U . S became another as hitlers . I don’t have to regretted , even if I died .

        This Guy inside of a hospital in his Palmeto hospital is training as hitters trained Dogs.. To kill .

        Lloyd people are telling me you are crazy and brothers right where told in an small town in Ohio ( planes )
        Albert eaist .. Was told he never going to learn .

        I told them your proved and i dot not yet .
        Trust , is the .. And never quit as those called Ridiculous JW .
        Killed by Castro , or hitler promise to exterminate those dogs , refer in as people as your Dear Mami .
        There is men and women’s but not more valorous as those women’s who say God over all .
        Beside mends cry .
        Tromp over all .
        Praise to Jehovah but die before
        say h. H .
        The life is beautiful , but I believe the most beautiful thing is a nice history .

        CHIFT . The attaining is getting rude boss , and we are in the Midle of the road ?

        By AGOST percent % guess ?
        We will in the fight ?

        I asked to reason , you back all religions but not God and Fight Evils and never they will shut you .
        May be you can save a lot of live .
        GOD KNOWS .

      108. Mr. Lloyd . What the system , back to back school is a mess . I never saw in my life , what is this . This is so funny and embarrassment , this system of education down here is nation wide ? I’m sorry if , now I’m an angry , upset parent , this Charter school is running the show , my son was kicked out from this Charter ( Corrution ) school ( sending children’s out or lost kids ) I find out that a charter school is essay to close . I telling you this because you know what is a real war , you should not , I’m sorry if I boding you as I was kicked out of word press . My devices , my dauther I pad , my wife , everything , phones , they went to my Emails also Sr. Last night I stay awake the whole night , I’m upset but sad for my 11 years old Daughter , my wife is blaming on me . I Can’t hold this longer , I know why my Dougher and my wife , Diden’t deserve this . My Daughter is scare , because she knows that this criminals want to frame me and kill me , but no I have to move to another place and where ? I not doom , they have the power . The power always vs authority ( Bach in the days authority was stronger , not is opposite ( 0 degrees to 180 degrees changed )
        I telling the true , before die that lie , I was manager of the biggest Car Dealear nation wide , Lexus of west kendall and kendall Toyota . How is posible I loss my English in this city , I graduated in the university of Toyota , S.E Toyota ( enciclopedy , Jim Moran . Mr kind , I was a good salesman as I did finance , sand place , I came from Cuba in the low 90 and I worked hart , I won rolex watch , contest of 6o Thousand dollar only in bonus as I won , a treat with my wife to Atlantic Paradize island resort in Bahamas , that nice person a billionaire , 2 G4 privetes jet as 3 more smaller , I left to dedicate everything time and Money is nothing. Wisdom save people with knowledge bit money destroyed the planet . My English is not even as before – 1-10 7 . Nos this city 1 -10 = not even 4 . Why ?
        My son I believe he did not graduate , I saw my wife crying , I saw and email the boss Mr. Carbalo , truancy ? This Charter evil principal send a report , this guy deserve a couples kick ( carat kick ) but not , I will make sure he paid with prison , I was told by a detective , that are arresting at jest a bunch , for police arasment and the big coach 6’4 strategies it work , you are smart , But the Evil Sience/ baseball coach is still wiofking biit he is not coming back . Thoses guys send a letter to Hialeah Hight . Good public school , with 9 days he miss , I’m upset , that was a lie , my son got mental HEALH Doctor , leter , stayed Daniel as the result of those abuses and 7 days until he recover his self steam , well . This Evil principal did sane to my daughter , but Melanie is mentaly stronger, BUT still , WHAT i can do with this idiots ? Daniel to hialeah hight ( Nice baseball coaches bit public school and Charter money Firts . Well Daniel with only 17 years of age , was a prospect , UM was waiting for him , the Florida Marlins too as another MLB TEAMS ( my son was
        With only not even 18 with 195 pounds , the Spring training of Boston Red Sox – invite him in he played as a prospect , well doctors fisical ckeck my son an apron unite of 6’2 at 19 years old . They know how ? Well .. Daniel trade played at USA tournament a lot of team watching him . He travel oversee and played with guys signs ready , and Daniel kill the ball 95 miles por hours fast ball ( the worts thing to do in any sport hit a baseball ball )
        Lloyd my son was told by Hialeah Educaton Academuc . Push my son left town , now I belive my kid is like a live a mess . I’ll go to the School and Complain . I dot not care if they arrest me . I can’t hold Mr.
        Crazy ESPN deport ( make a segment who coaches destroyed talents .

      109. Chanel 23 , was provided a copied reports , a lot more and everything.
        What is that ?

      110. I don’t know what it is?

      111. Last Sunday , ( Chanel 23 news 11:00 pm .
        Breaking old news but with 2 names party’s .
        Ex- mayor Julio Martinez and Carlos Hernandez are part of the game of this Campain ? Because suppose Julio and Juan Santana where helping me

      112. Like a mouth ago I was set up by the media and the report questioned me ?
        Do you ? Do you think? Donald trump will dominate? If he failed as a republican presidential candidate; ?
        What do you think about it ? Probably as independent candidate Donald could win ?
        I replay I don’t vote , I don’t think that he won’t loss or winning as republican presidential candidate or as independent . My focus is on the kids and privatization and I don’t wanted even though the future of this country , I conclude , Donald trump should go back to his ties business with Macy’s .
        We have another dictatorship in Cuba .
        This media is to much , I don’t get paid I don’t working I’m been using and I’ll stop plays they games
        Help me Howard ?
        This is crazy but the fact ?


        BURN NOTICE ( ME )
        IS A SIMPLE SHOW ?

      113. I think in the general election the odds will be against Donald Trump. If he wins, it will be because of Hillary Clinton’s obsession to become president and the country wasn’t ready for a woman. Then it will be her fault Trump became president and he ends up probably destroying the U.S. Constitutions and the United States.

      114. BURN NOTICE :
        A HEROU ?
        A CRIMINAL?


        FAKE INCIDENT REPORT SAID THAT. The Principal Carlos ALBAREZ statement … I want Mr. Castillo far out away from my business and done .
        Do you imagine ? I kick out Reibel Castillo from slade park a city’s public park , because he stay ( want involve more people in the law sue )

        Insulting intelligence..
        Kick me out why ?
        Because I was upset that I have to go my way to get a bunch , 77 people joined a complaint at federal Court ?
        Is like you said . THE INSIDER

        ON THE STREET, POLICE FLOWING ME , I Called the chief of police , he told me , stay quite ,
        What is this

      116. What is this? you ask. Threats.

        When I was serving in the U.S. Marines fighting in Vietnam I learned that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

        Threats are meant to cause fear so you will back off. But if they don’t scare you, they the threats do not work.

      117. Lloyed . There is to way ways to treat , now I really upset , yesterday in University of Miami . Hialeah Hight Is a public Schooll , how is possible ? This is an very delicate case , firts if my son was kicked out from Hialeah Education Academic . Inc . That corrupt Charter Scool is runimg from the corrupt Mayor city Carlos Hernandez . This corrupt individuals only care , his only kids destruction called . City of hialeah Education Academy . Inc . The background of this mayor as connected with liyed of ROBAINA’s Trial . As begging investigate for prostration very involve in CORRUTION . This Mayor is an arrogante and caward . As SOON he was introduce By Carballo , Superintendent of Public school in Miami Dade . This Mayor should no be as the the guy of representing an my public school in hialeah , except his corrupt academy HEA. Inc . Is that not a shame ? How Mr. Carbaljo the superintendent slaw that guy as and a good example to FALOW . I stand up and very load , told that individual is nothing but a criminal , he knows me very well , he won’t intimidate my as he tried yesterday . Contact vision he is the only one who want to despise me , treating my family is now what I really care . I give a s..
        What they told me That they will find a way to kill me , Everyone is telling me , my life is in risk , now the situation changed , my Wife and kids are very anxious , they are messing with my family long time ago , now , this out of control , my family are the only this I love , and I’m responsible for keep my dear family in a safe place and already they are not , first , my DAUTHER and wife and my lost son are very worry , because now the are prity sure , the daggers public , this mayor is and because of me he is going to prison now , I got more as much to information to could lead them to live sentence , I care about my family , yes I do . They will kill now . They have to kill me in a public place , great , slade park . I’m ready to go to Slade , is a public park , they will get rid off of my one way or another , they waiting to plan , the planed all ready . I was told for them if you go up the Public Park ; I won’t visit to more any one . Is not that a treat ? Long history short , if they are going to kill . I’ll die in the same place , where , the hialeah Education Academy principal act as police and not only kick me out , not that guy , abandoned my DAUTHER in and his purposes now get , if they hurt my family , I waning , please spread this everywhere , because remember the movie , the movie based in a real history ? Well I’m the next one , money is using but hire hit men . I want make sure if my son , who I was told is in a dangers place , because of them , if my kid die , I’m telling , I want not way , not those guys can paid , There is not difference , if the kill . I’m not a hero but they hate me to much and now my comply family are no safe .
        Donal trump , I was in the a shopping center and the News , ask me . About Donald trump , a dangers guy , very arrogant , I told u got not respect for him . After that day , a lot of people call me and told me , you BETER not mess with Donald trimp , no I won’t respect they guy , I will said the same , worst the next tine the media found me , my speech will be very direct and aggressive , I will never back up . Donald trump is nothing but a Rat , yes HITING in the subway way of this dety city .
        Lloyd ,world press are not running with people work courage . You are a trusted guy , because you risk your life for this county . Donal trump never risk nothing .

      118. They ? Who are watching , yes every I pad , I phone ,my
        Daughter computer , my 3 phones plus my tables are blocked , I can’t , I have no time to loss , and find out who are those who are putting the money in the wrong horse . Who is that horse ?
        Well please I spect they post my comments , if they got heart the will do , it . Now is the tone to see who are reals , and fakes .
        I have nothing my dignity but more I been protected for many persons , GOD can use it my enemies to protect the true . Justice have power , as the true got more . Love over the People shot worship they god , Good people risk they life and every thin for defend the justice , now lover money ,

      119. Lovers of money should thinks about before they get to old , no one scape from the justice .
        My messages is clear , but only Evil will judge the wait I send it . Why ? Because they don’t want hear the true , they will catch easy Korea languages or any languages , but no my clear , a lot easier than the voice of God . I’m not God but ether the Devil , who is or are ? Who is not complete , working in only ony side are those who God hate more , because , there is Black or White , gray area is where , special place for lies defender .
        Right side = live
        Left = Die .
        I can’t chose for any one .
        Do I make my self clear . This messages is going to change a lot is time to act .
        Because this mayor city can’t keep FALOW my steps . I told him the true and he is turning my true . The media won’t Liset to me , but I promise they will .
        Media corrupted , forever , not a lot of people they are going to loss the my job , I won’t deserve nothing back for them . The get what are liking for .

      120. Lloyd :
        Hialeah Education Academic inc
        2590 W 76 st
        Hialeah Fl 33016
        Phone ( 305 ) 362-4006
        Fax ( 305) 362-7006

        Principal : Carlos Albarez

        Mr. Loyed .
        Ms. Simpson , Amy . An American Reading Coach .
        This lady in the pass month is been target of arasment ( From studying and front teachers or others staff members to be more specific )

        Ms. Simpson Should be aware of everything is happened , because she is in a place where manipulate students and staff members ( City Members of the charter and this charter Principal are spert in manipulation and frame innocents )

        Well , Comun sense …
        They want push this lady , them the charter witness abuse can’t be reached
        This is Charter as I know have only 2 Americans persons
        Bough are white with an skin very white I can’t discrive but ..

        Lloyd : Reginal Rodriguez should be fired before season end . Push It please

      121. This is strategies and it wort for them to get rid off people who can lead to them to a huge scandl


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