Joanne Barkan: Do Philanthropists Hate Democracy?

The only way to save the republic is to stop the billionaires from buying it — against the will of the public.

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  • This is a must read.

Joanne Barkan has written a remarkable article that closely examines Bill Gates’ determination to force charter schools on the people of Washington State.

This is is a story that you should read and understand. The people of the state voted against charters three times. But Gates was not to be denied. In 2012, he put together a huge pot of millions to overwhelm the citizens’ groups, parents, and educators who opposed his will. This vote passed by the tiniest of margins. Gates then put on his philanthropic hat and rushed a group of charters to open, so as to establish new facts on the ground.

When the high court of the state ruled against public funding for privately managed charters, Gates started an end run around the court. He was not to be denied. Barkan shows how little corporate reformers think of democracy and how…

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2 responses to “Joanne Barkan: Do Philanthropists Hate Democracy?”

  1. Bill Gates is an abomination. I hope that is a comment that is avoided but the more I see and the more destruction in different areas I am more convinced that his giving is a destroyer. He has to live in this world as we all do. Shall he do it in a shelter where he cannot go out? As consumers are killed by Monsanto and his other ideas who will buy? Good luck Bill. We may all die because of your lack of care for the human race, and so may you be locked up where there is no one to control. I don’t fear it. You care nothing for your giving, or you are stupid. It is hard to believe you are stupid. It is easy to see what is happening to the croplands of the U.S. and foreign nations. Remember that pay day is always around. For many it is not coming. For you it will come and not from an earthly realm. Take another look at what you are doing. Do you think other humans are without worth? If I were you I would do that. Just a thought. .

    1. Bill Gates isn’t alone in his destruction of the U.S. culture and its republic. Gates has recruited other billionaires from the 1% to support his agendas. For instance, he was in a partnership with Rupert Murdock and has recruited the Walton family into his schemes – not that the Walton family was already using its huge ill begotten wealth to subvert our democracy and republic. Then there is the Koch brothers, their ALEC and other so-called non-profit foundations and organizations they use to funnel their money into the subversion of the political process in this country. Lord Acton in the 18th century said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Money buys power and the more money a corrupt person like Bill Gates has, the more corrupt they become and the more damage they cause. That much power changes the way they think until they start to think like they are infallible, a god, and nothing they do, no matter how horrible and how many people end up suffering, is wrong. I think there is only one way to stop this type of corruption and history reveals the answer repeatedly. Every time the corrupt elite have caused too much suffering throughout history, the reaction has always been the same. The Chinese, for thousands of years, think that when leaders like Bill Gates become too powerful and corrupt they lose the Mandate of Heaven to rule, and then it is acceptable for the people to rise up and cleanse the Earth of these vermin.

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