Corporate driven public education reform is destroying OUR children’s health and future

Crazy Normal – the Classroom Exposé

I was reading the latest issue of National Geographic Magazine when I saw the following paragraph and realized that the test obsessed corporate public education reform movement is threatening the health and future of most of America’s children.

Daniel Stone wrote, “Hard on the Eyes: Rates of myopia have increased around the world, particularly in Asia. In China about 90 percent of 17-to-19-year-old are nearsighted, up from an estimated 10 percent in the 1950s. Myopia is pandemic in the U.S. too, reports the National Eye Institute. Once thought to affect bookish children, nearsightedness is no believed to ‘arise form a lifestyle of not just too much study but of too little time outdoors,’ says researcher Ian Morgan. Glasses can clear up vision, but exposure to sunlight seems to be the best defense. A 2013 study in Taiwan found that spending school recess outside can prevent myopia’s onset.” – National Geographic…

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9 responses to “Corporate driven public education reform is destroying OUR children’s health and future”

    1. A future that looks like a dystopian science fiction film like “Soylent Green”, “The Hunger Games”, “I, Robot”, “Elysium”, “The Purge” or “Terminator”. Bill Gates, Eli Broad, or one of the Waltons or one of the Koch brothers could easily fit into the leadership position filled by President Coriolanus Snow in “The Hunger Games”.

      I find it interesting that the author of “The Hunger Games” picked Coriolanus from a tragedy written by William Shakespeare for Snow’s first name. We can only hope that what happened to Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and the one in “The Hunger Games” becomes the same fate for the billionaire oligarchs who are clearly out to destroy community based, democratic, transparent, non profit public educaiton throughout, not just the United States, but the world.

      1. Loved all those books, but the future that I see so clear, is the one described in the satire, “Animal Farm” where the residents {animals) fought so hard to place that charter in the barn proclaiming their rights.. The present population is totally unaware that the charter has been totally rewritten! None of the animals knew it, or grasped that the pigs were who were running the farm, were the new oligarchs. The lessons of the PAST– of the revolution– passed away as residents(Chickens and sheep) died, and without a school to refresh memories, and in the face of the propaganda (poor Boxer, the horse) the residents became confused.

        It is today.

      2. Don’t forget the mule, Benjamin, who was smart enough to see what was happening and avoided getting himself killed and/or worked to death. In the end, he was the only real winner. The moral of that lesson was to avoid confronting power.

        Benjamin is the oldest animal on the farm and the worst tempered. After the rebellion, the other animals want to know what Benjamin thinks of the new organization of Animal Farm. The only thing that he’ll say is, “Donkeys live a long time.”

      3. So nice to have a common background. Noting will change in our lifetime, not for the better… the have it made, until the weather changes everything.

  1. I wish, as devastating as that is, that it was the only thing corporate driven America is destroying. I love this country and all it stands for in the Constitution and I am hoping for better things in the food supply and all areas.

    1. True. Corporate America is going after more than just the public schools. They are going after the national parks, the prison systems, the military, the public police, mail delivery, etc. They want it all. Every penny tax payers pay. It is also obvious that corporate America wants to destroy all labor unions so workers have no voice in addition to stripping all the protections for the people that are written in the U.S. Constitution and crippling the court system.

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