Alan Singer: Why Does Marco Rubio Sneer at Higher Education?

Discover the real Marc Rubio – should this man be allowed to become the President of the United States?

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Alan Singer, professor at Hofstra University, has discerned a disturbing pattern in Republican candidate Marco Rubio’s public comments: he is contemptuous of higher education.

In fact, Singer says that Rubio has declared war on higher education.

He writes:

According to Senator Rubio, liberal arts colleges are “indoctrination camps” that are only kept in business because the political left wants to protect “all their friends” that “work there.” This comes from a Presidential candidate whose political life has been kept afloat for years by one major campaign donor, Norman Braman, a billionaire Florida car dealer who also employees Rubio’s wife as a “consultant.” Braman pledged $10 million to the Rubio Presidential campaign and over the years has hired Rubio as a lawyer at his company, Braman Management, donated $100,00 toward Rubio’s salary as an instructor at Florida International College in Miami, and gave Rubio use of his private plane.

Apparently Rubio…

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5 responses to “Alan Singer: Why Does Marco Rubio Sneer at Higher Education?”

  1. sorry. that was 3 colleges before he got a degree.

  2. Well. it could be because he went to 2 colleges before he finally go a degree… and it is all known that he spent a lotto time drinking so maybe higher ed was just a place to get high for him…or it could be, because he is an idiot.

    1. Too much booze also kills brain cells and messes with memory. He is probably close to being brain dead.

      1. Perfect…for the position of US President in these perilous times.

      2. Presidents don’t need brains because they have people like Bill Gates to tell them how to lead the country.

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