Peter Greene on Our Clueless Business Leaders

OUR children are not products and corporate CEO’s are not the customers OUR community based, non-profit, transparent, democratic public schools serve. Our public schools serve children and their parents/guardians.

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Peter Greene read the Fortune article about how business leaders are fighting valiantly to save Common Core, and he realized that they don’t have a clue about dealing with individual consumers or social media. They pour millions into creating astroturf groups and blogs without readers, but they don’t understand anything about education or the public.

The writer of the infamous article, Peter Elkind, tries to portray the business leaders sympathetically, but it could not have been easy.

Greene writes:

Elkind recounts the story of how Rex Tillerson, head of Exxon, threatened to pull the company out of Pennsylvania if the state did not embrace Common Core (and quotes without citing Kris Nielson’s blog response– in Elkind’s world, the businessmen and politicians all have names and faces, but only a few bloggers and activists get the same consideration). Business interests tried founding groups like the Collaborative for Student Success to gin…

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4 responses to “Peter Greene on Our Clueless Business Leaders”

  1. When you destroy the ability to think, have access to education, and take away the desire to acquire knowledge you have destroyed the foundation of our civilization.

    1. And that is exactly what the psycho billionaire oligarchs and corporate CEOs are doing to OUR children with their greed and power growth profit generating schemes of test and punish to destroy the community based, transparent, non-profit, democratic public schools in addition to all public supported colleges. Bill Gates and his peers and lackeys are driving the United States back to the dark ages, the age of warlords and mortal gods born of anointed powerful, wealthy royal families. If Gates, the Koch brothers or the Waltons live long enough, one of them may even see the day that a future Pope crowns him as the Emperor of the Holly Roman Empire.

  2. Here is something very interesting to read on the subject of what the F#@k is happening.
    At Stake in 2016: Ending the Vicious Cycle of Wealth and Power

    1. Mother Jones had something to say about this too. The title of the Mother Jones piece is: “It’s the Inequality, Stupid.” I learned the hard way to be careful with the title of that piece, because an old friend of mine who I have known for almost 60 years thought I was calling him stupid when I sent him an e-mail with that title and a link in response to his endless worship of power and wealth. I forgot that he was a brainwashed and conditioned Koch brothers libertarian and also a far-right, tea-party loving, born-again fundamentalist evangelical Christian. He replied in an e-mail that he was insulted that I had called him stupid and hasn’t sent me an e-mail since. That might be a blessing, but I know that he has been well trained to never give up and he will return with more preaching of the far right doctrine of powerless government that will lead to wealth-and-power to the few that he worships.

      Anyway, here’s the link to the Mother Jones piece.

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