Things Are Not Going So Well for the Privatizers

Disruption fed by greed and an addiction to power is not good for OUR children.

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It is true that they have a lot of money–Gates, Broad, Walton, Dell, Wasserman, Arnold, Helmsley, and about two dozen other foundations. Maybe more. And they have the U.S. Department of Education. But none of their big ideas is working. Study after study shows that charters on average do not produce higher test scores than public schools; many are far worse than even the lowest-performing public schools. New Orleans is just so much hype and spin. The Tennessee “Achievement School District” is far from reaching its ambitious goals; it may never meet them. More hype and spin. Vouchers put kids into religious schools without certified teachers, where they will learn the religious version of history and science. Does anyone think that moving more students into religious schools to study creationism is a winning strategy for the 21st century? The latest study from CREDO shows that online charters are a disaster…

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2 responses to “Things Are Not Going So Well for the Privatizers”

  1. Really not going well?

    They are takin g over Philly and a score of states. Yeah the charters are failing, but there is nothing to restore pubic educaiton, and in Texas, business as usual, and a businessman to decide how schools should be run. Yeah, in NY Cuomo bows to the paretns and voters (he wants to be president and was pissin goff importatn voters) but meanwhile nY schools tank!

    I hope Bernie has a plan to restore to the schools to GENUINE EDUCATORS! Sigh!


    1. I still haven’t heard that Bernie has a plan to restore the community based, non-profit, transparent and democratic public schools. Unless he takes the stand I want to hear, I’m voting for the Green Party candidate for president.

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