Peter Greene: What Is a Philanthropist?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene is not impressed with the new form of philanthropy. The new philanthropists are not content to give money to worthy causes. No, they insist either in plastering their names for the public to see, a vanity project or paid advertising. Or they insist on controlling what they find, to make sure the recipients do as they are told. The names Gates and Broad cont to mind.

He writes:

“If you give an organization like a school or a hospital or a sports team a whole bunch of money in order to build a facility with your name on it, that’s not philanthropy. That’s advertising. Nobody looks at a building with TRUMP in huge gold letters on the side and thinks, “Wow, what a great, giving humanitarian.” Why should that work differently if, instead of building the big TRUMP building himself, he gave someone else money to do it…

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