The Cannibalization of General Education—Guest Post

What school districts must do is to legally challenge excessive IEP accommodations that they are being forced to implement. Currently, the legal teams of special education parents represent the A-team. Most school districts do not have A-team type lawyers, so they cave into the unreasonable requests that some special education parents demand. Also, school districts need to come together and sue the Federal government. When the Supreme Court ruled that special education students were to have their academic needs met, the Federal government promised that it would cover 40% of the costs (Worth). School districts must force the Federal government to cover the 30% that it’s not paying.

Crazy Normal – the Classroom Exposé

Before I address the topic of Integrated Collaborative Teaching (ICT), which is the combining of special education and general education students in the same class, I want to thank Mr. Lofthouse for publishing my anonymous guest post on his Crazy Normal blog.  I have read many of Mr. Lofthouse’s blog posts that covered charter schools, Common Core curriculum and other pertinent educational issues, and I appreciate Mr. Lofthouse creating his Crazynormal blog so that teachers can educate the public.

Before I address Integrated Collaborative Classrooms (ICT), here is a brief bio about me.  I am currently teaching at a comprehensive high school in California, and I have been teaching for 26 years.  The reason why I am publishing this post anonymously has to do with the often hostile and combative environment that our public schools have become as reformers attempt to silence teachers through fear of losing their jobs.


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