Word of Mouth Marketing for Authors

Word of Mouth (WOM) is the most powerful promotional tool there is, and Julie Stock reveals the secret of how it works: “The first step is to find people online or offline who share your subject matter. You can do a Twitter (or Google) search for this if you’re starting with an online approach. Then tap into their shared passion. I have met a few people because of my love (with an emphasis on passion and love of the subject) of country music, for example. Once you meet them, let them get to know you and they may (with an emphasis on may) check you out as a result and find that you’ve written a book and hey presto!.”

Did Julie ask anyone to buy and read her book? No. She let them discover the book and make that decision by themselves without any prodding by her.

logoI took part in this year’s online Romance Festival again this weekend organised by Harper Collins and the really wonderful thing was that this time, I was able to do so as an author! I was able to submit an author Q&A for display on the Romance Festival site and I also submitted one of my blog posts entitled ‘5 Things I Have Learnt from Writing my Debut Novel’ which you may have read on my blog recently. They were both viewed and shared many times and that felt really satisfying.

Not only that but from 2 – 8pm on both days of the weekend, there were Twitter and Facebook chats, virtually every half an hour by famous authors and industry people with tips to share, and there were also Google Hangouts with a number of different authors. I learnt so much from all these people but most of all…

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5 responses to “Word of Mouth Marketing for Authors”

  1. I sent this over to the local writing group

  2. Thanks so much for reblogging my post, Lloyd. Word of Mouth has worked for years to tell stories and yet we’ve somehow forgotten it along the way 🙂

    1. You’re welcome. Was this an online event you were part of, and if so, I wonder if there are other high profile on-line events similar to the one you attended for the other genres.

      1. It was an online event, yes, organised by Harper Collins but I don’t know whether there any similar events for other genres. It did cross my mind yesterday that it would be great if other authors writing in other genres were able to access something like it. It’s such great fun and a good way of meeting other authors, new and established.

      2. Maybe someone will identify more events similar to the one Harper Collins organized and set up a data base of some kind. Who knows, there may already be one out there somewhere on the net. That would be great.

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