Campbell Brown’s Selective Indignation with Sexual Misconduct in Schools

Corporate Education reformer Campbell Brown ignores cover up of sexual misconduct in corporate Charters while lying about the alleged sexual misconduct in NY public schools. I suggest you click on the link and read the entire post at deutsch29.

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

In April 2014, anti-union “activist” Campbell Brown was honored at anti-union, New York charter queen Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Spring Benefit. Her 12-minute talk can be viewed here:

At the event, Brown spoke about “the issue that took her from being a supporter of this [charter school] cause to an activist in the fight.” She then states that it was her reading an article in the New York Daily News “a couple of years ago” involving “fourteen teachers who had been found guilty of sexual misconduct with kids, and they had kept their jobs.” Brown says the she “was so horrified by this.”

Brown says that the above is made possible “by this crazy law supported by the teachers union.”

Now, here is where Brown’s indignation hits a snag.

First of all, the “crazy law” is called Section 3020a. Section 3020a is referenced in the United Federation of Teachers…

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