“Sacrifice the earnings of the elderly, or the government will be shut down.” – U.S. Legislators

This is what the GOP is doing to make America a better place for the wealthiest 1%.

Reclaim Reform

The legislative extortion this year is horrible for the elderly, but not all of the elderly. Extortionists divide-and-conquer by promising some that they will not be hurt – this time. Who will be paid what they are legally entitled to since it is their own earned compensation (pension)?

Who won’t be hurt? Retired engineers? Retired lawyers? Retired power company employees? Retired college professors? Who…? No one knows. The bill is too long to be read and studied by the tomorrow’s arbitrary vote deadline. All of the details have not been disclosed. The vague wording will open the door for other groups and corporations who want to claim underfunding.

United we stand, divided we fall.

corrupt politicians throw elderly scapegoats under the bus

Those who have already earned their compensation are the scapegoats, but they are old and cannot organize and gather legal defenses quickly enough to avert disaster. Besides, lawmakers make and unmake laws to suit the needs…

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6 responses to ““Sacrifice the earnings of the elderly, or the government will be shut down.” – U.S. Legislators”

  1. Swell. Just swell. Maybe we can live in our car.

    1. Maybe there will be such a ruckus raised at the last minute, that they will drop that one item. We can only hope and all the people who didn’t vote, have no right to complain.

      1. Yeah, but we DID vote and we still don’t get to complain.

      2. :o)

        We’re complaining now, and if they pass it, more people will start to complain.

      3. I’m not even sure what exactly I’m supposed to object to … or to whom to address objections. The people that were our representatives are gone. We don’t even know these people or have any idea what, if anything, they represent. Not us, I’m pretty sure.

      4. I don’t think “objecting” will work. Instead, because 90% of the traditional media is owned by six global corporations that are in turn controlled or owned by many of the oligarchs that are profiting off destroying the environment through fracking, etc; replacing public prisons with profitable private prisons; pushing for lower and lower corporate taxes and more loopholes for the wealthy to hide their money; deleting public schools and replacing them with profitable corporate Charters, we “inform” as many people as possible of what is going on by using the Internet and social media—-the goal is to activate word of mouth outside of the Internet because it is the most powerful method of spreading information. One informed person talks to others.

        This is a war of information and it is obvious that the oligarchs have bought up most of the media but we still have social networking through the Internet until they find a way to block that information highway. After that, there’s the old fashioned way of walking door to door with leaflets and pamphlets like the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses do to spread their world about their god.

        Maybe we could launch the Church of Progressive Social Justice, and easily find quotes from the Bible to support the foundation of the church. There are a lot quotes about greed and the misuse of power and helping others in their time of need. Then we would be protected under the Bill of Rights so they couldn’t stop us from going door to door. :o)

        Where there is a will, discipline, persistence and dedication, there is a way to resist.

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