Pearson Created the International PISA Test for 2015

UK based Pearson—largest education and book publisher in the world—hold US contracts for CCSS tests, publishes CCSS textbooks aligned with those tests, owns the GED, and has its own chain of virtual corporate Charter schools based in the U.S.

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Pearson conquers the world! It holds contracts for Commin Core testing, for textbooks and curriculum Ligned to the Common Core, it owns the GED and a program for assessing would-be teachers (the edTPA), and it owns online charters called Connections Academy. Students are likelier to get higher scores on Common Core tests created by Pearson if they use Pearson texts and curriculum. Have I forgotten anything?

In 2011, Pearson, the world’s largest education publishing company, won the contract to design the 2015 international assessment (PISA), the Program in International Student Assessment. This is the test that gives Secretary Duncan the opportunity to lambaste public schools and teachers every time the results are announced, without reference to the huge and growing income and wealth disparities that account for a large share of the test score gaps between haves and have-nots..

Pearson’s advisory panel includes Andreas Schleicher, the deputy director of the…

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