The truth about so-called Social Promotion in the U.S. Public schools

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The term social promotion has been misused by the corporate supported, fake, public-education reform movement to fool as many people as possible—the same as they have misused the meaning of teacher tenure.

There is no such thing as social promotion in most if not all of the U.S. public schools that leads to an automatic high school (HS) graduation by age 17/18. To think that social promotion in the public schools moves children along as if they were parts on an assembly line is as foolish as thinking that public school teachers have total job protection through tenure and cannot lose their jobs for any reason—of course teachers can be fired. All a school district has to do is prove that the claims of incompetence are true through due process, and due process cases in court against teachers take place annually across America in every state and some are successful.

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5 responses to “The truth about so-called Social Promotion in the U.S. Public schools”

  1. People believe a lot of nonsense. Telling them the truth won’t help. Their minds are made up — do NOT confuse them with facts.

    1. Once they make their mind up, the facts don’t confuse them. They just ignore the facts and stick to their biased thinking without any facts t0 support what they think—unless they sift through the facts and pick out the few that will help support what they want to believe while ignoring the rest.

      I have an old friend who is like this. We’ve known each other almost 60 years. He didn’t become as bad as he is today until he was in his 50s. Few if any facts will budge him from his biased and prejudiced views. None! And it doesn’t matter where the facts come from: the Census, the CDC, the FBI, the CIA, etc. Nothing counts as a fact to him unless it is a supporting opinion of another biased fool who also refuses to accept all the facts facts or who cherry picks the facts and presents them in such a way that they become a lie.

      1. I have a couple of friends like that too. I have difficulty communicating with them any more. I think a couple of them are actually senile, but don’t know it. That would at least explain why someone who used to be a thinking, intelligent person has turned into a moron.

      2. Yep, dementia would explain it.

        The most common causes of dementia include: Degenerative neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease (a rare inherited disorder), and some types of multiple sclerosis. Vascular disorders, such as multi-infarct dementia, which is caused by multiple strokes in the brain.

        The trouble is that these people still get to vote and many of them still drive.

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