George R. Stewart, THE YEAR OF THE OATH

the EARTH ABIDES project

After several months, the Earth Abides Project weblog is back. The long “vacation” was necessary as this writer wandered for a time, then settled in to a summer of volunteering as a Camp Host in an isolated Forest Service Campground. But the volunteer summer is ending, so there’s time to write more about George R. Stewart.

The last posts were about Stewart’s magnum opus, EARTH ABIDES. This time, we’ll look at the unplanned book which followed EA soon afterward. It’s a classic study of the battle for academic and personal freedom, entitled THE YEAR OF THE OATH.

EARTH ABIDES ends with a fire sweeping through the post-apocalyptic UC Berkeley campus. It was an unexpected but proper introduction to the events that would lead to Stewart’s oath book. A firestorm of an attack on academic freedom, led by three UC Regents – Bank of America’s Lawrence Giannini, the Hearst papers’ John…

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3 responses to “George R. Stewart, THE YEAR OF THE OATH”

  1. Stewart wasn’t only a great writer and inventor of the disaster genre, he was way ahead of his times as far as equal rights and individual freedoms go. I think I’ve read Earth Abides more than any other book of any kind. I’ve also owned more copies of it because I am forever loaning them to people and no one ever gives them back 🙂

    1. Maybe the loaned copies were loaned out again.

      1. I hope so. That would be a good thing.

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